Picture of Ultimate Blacklight BattleShots!
Beer Pong is overrated and has become a bit passé.  I have been searching for a drinking game with a bit more strategy and panache.   Although  I only recently learned of the drinking version of the old Battleship board game, it has apparently been around for a while.  However, all of the adaptations I've seen have left a lot to be desired. And so I set out to create the Ultimate Battle Shots game!  Portable, Black-lit, magnetic, and spill resistant.  Enjoy!
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Step 1: Materials, Supplies, and Tools

Picture of Materials, Supplies, and Tools
1) 4'x8'x.5" sheet of plywood
1) 2"x12"x3' plank of pine
1) 2'x4'x1/16" sheet  of transparent Acrylic (Plexiglas)
OR  2) 2'x2'x1/16" sheets
2) 12"x16" Steel sheets
2) 24"blacklights
4) Small hinges
4) #10-24 x3/4" Machine Screws
4) #10-24 Lock Nuts
1) Door handle
2) Medium U-shaped staples
1) small bungie
100) 3/4"Ø magnets
50) 1 oz neon shotglasses.
9) 1 1/2" wood screws
3) sheets sticky back black felt

Various Fluorescent acrylic paints
3) Cans Grey Primer
1) Fluorescent Spray paint
1) Can Black Spray paint
1) Can Black Furniture paint
1) Package transparent sticky-back paper
1) Tube Clear bathroom caulking
1) Roll 1" Painter's Tape
Finishing nails
Electrical Tape
Wood Glue
Wood Putty
Parchment (or wax) paper
Gin & Tonics

Razor Blades
Drill w/ various bits including a countersink bit
1 1/2"Ø Fostner bit
Wire strippers
Screw driver
Measuring tape/Carpenter's square
T-square or ruler
Table saw
Putty Knife
Band Saw
Corner clamps
Laser Printer

Step 2: Print out plans and templates

Download the PDF files attached to this step.

Print two copies of the Stickyback_8x11.pdf on the Transparent sticky-back paper.

Print two copies of the 11x17Sheets.pdf on (preferably) heavy 11x17 sheets.

Print one set of the Layouts.pdf on regular  8 1/2"x11" paper.
wirenut19802 years ago
Looks Awesome! Great job!!
kaptaink_cg (author)  wirenut19802 years ago

Just ordered the wife an original battleships for xmas and stumbled across this. Bloody lovely work mate, its magical.

MommyAng3 months ago
Wow this is AWESOME! I have a new project for me & my husband to do this week while on vacation! This should. E perfect for our News Years Eve party! Thanks for the clear step by step instructions! ??
I was looking them up & many of them looked like little kids made them so this is TOPS compared to all the others! Not sure what line of work you are in but this should become it! You could make a nice living off of selling these for sure! Thanks again!! Angela
HarmonyE99 made it!6 months ago

Thanks for the fantastic writeup! I made a few changes to your design (different wiring solution for the lights, bigger metal backplate with marker storage areas, different latches) but largely followed along step by step! Also for anyone wondering how long it takes, since the instructions were great, I finished this in 6 days. 6 very, very, very busy days. Allow yourself more time if possible! :)

farmwife241 year ago
I would like to know how much did this cost you to build? I would be willing to pay for one if anyone can build it for me?
ross74491 year ago
This is just amazing. My daughter wants me to make her one for her 21st birthday (October 26). You mentioned it took you a few months to complete. What are my realistic chances of completion by the 26th??
kaptaink_cg (author)  ross74491 year ago
It all depends on how much free time you have to dedicate to the project. It took me so long mostly because I only have limited free time and I was working on it rather casually. Also, figuring it all out and documenting each stage took up a lot of extra time. I think if you start now, you could probably pull it off without too much trouble. Just be sure to order the blacklights early, and test your paint under them before you get too far into it. I had used white paint at one point that didn't react at all and had to redo it.
Have you thought about making that a big product like at Spencer's that would be an amazing sell and lots of cash$$$$
General Zod2 years ago
This is a truly amazing top-notch work of art.
kaptaink_cg (author)  General Zod2 years ago
tfoltz2 years ago
New twist on an old game.
thegrendel2 years ago
Interesting project, but how about repurposing it as a
non-drinking game. Alcoholism is a major societal problem
and encouraging drinking is maybe not such a good idea.
There already is a non drinking version, it's called Battleships.
This isn't going to encourage drinking, if anything it is going to encourage drinkers to pace themselves.
kaptaink_cg (author)  thegrendel2 years ago
You can put anything you want into the shots, tonic water alone works great.
davest2 years ago
What was the total budget on the project?
kaptaink_cg (author)  davest2 years ago
I think I kept it under $150. It was built over the course of a couple months so I didn't keep a close eye on the total cost. It also depends on how many of the tools/paints/etc you have handy and how much you have to buy. In addition I also purchased a lot of stuff at Michael's on return trips with a 50% off coupon. That helped keep the costs down. :)