Step 6: Form Links

The sausage attachment will extrude one continuous giant sausage - it's up to you to twist the links into position after you've got your meat tube. We made twists every 6 inches or so along the length of the sausage.
can you say cardiac arrest? that sounds SUPER unhealthy, bro. keep up the good work, but, again, that just doesn't look good for you. and i'm kosher, so no pig for the jew crew
you should watch the documentary fat head
So just cause somethings unhealthy you shouldnt do it? Well there goes all the fun in my life
 Dude, you're missing out.....
it might kill me but i will die with the biggest smile on my face :D
CHOLESTEROL !&hellip;CHOLESTEROL !&hellip;CHOLESTEROL !&hellip;CHOLESTEROL !&hellip;<br>Good God &hellip; <br>this guy must be crazy instead of enjoying poison food once in a while with great delight by having a long breakfast relishing on all those unhealthy good dishes, he packs the up in a lousy sausage to make his breakfast faster and more practical !!!&hellip;<br><br>Please, readers, notice that he has to bring several of his friends to do the tasting and that after 10 pictures thy do not seem to have finished the dish. Wise friends ! &hellip;<br><br>CHOLESTEROL !&hellip;CHOLESTEROL !&hellip;CHOLESTEROL !&hellip;CHOLESTEROL !&hellip;<br>
you should watch the documentary fat head
put this in a jambalaya for breakfast jambalaya =D
You should try to market these. I'm thinking once people had a bite,and tasted it,they'd buy it.<br>And then you'd be a millionaire.<br>And then you'd share the money with everyone that isn't a millionaire...haha :D
Just spotted this on the side feed from the Bacon contest.... These look AWESOME... I would LOVE to give this ago!
not being mean but this honestly doen't look very appetising
most sausages in the raw form look slightly unappetizing but when cooked look fine as you can see in the later photos. These from my perspective look wonderful.
oh noH!!!<br>this won't be possible, you are the most crazy person in the planet!!<br>jaja<br><br>but very brave to.<br>i don't think have the brave enough to eat it, ho ho .<br><br>anyway, congrats, i hope you'l be recognized.<br>;)<br><br>
scramble the eggs and you got &quot;ultimate omelet sausage&quot;
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definately will be making some of that.
I think just the bacon, sausage, and eggs would be enough in a sausage. Then fry up some hash browns in the grease from the &quot;Ultimate Breakfast Sausage Lite&quot;. That would be good breakfast fixin's
this is sooooo gross these pictures are really gross......... im a vegetarian thats probably why... still ....blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
i just want to know if it is safe to cook all of the things together. would the sausage and bacon cook all the way?
You should start a new religion to lead Man into the future of noms.
how bout a deluxe pizza sausage? Or the great american apple pie sausage? Prob need a lot of butter for that one.
Well now.... a very popular link-sausage in Ireland is &quot; Armagh Pork, Sage and Apple&quot; and they are very yummy too, serve them&nbsp;with eggs any way you like, rashers of bacon, Black and White puddings, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, Potato Cake, and Irish white soda bread and real butter, strong Irish tea and you have &quot; An Ulster Fry&quot; a traditional Ulster weekend breakfast or brunch ! <br /> You won't need to eat for days, if you can even move that is !
Those are great sausage ideas! A pizza sausage is perfectly natural since sausage pizza is already well established. Next time I fire up the grinder, I'm going to give pizza sausage a try.
make sure and send me a slice ...or a link
Breakfast of champions :P
No we just need orange juice sauce!
Someone's gonna die young! This actually sounds pretty fun.
You know, Rachel kinda looks like my aunt.
Upload a picture of your aunt so we can run facial recognition software on it.
I don't have a picture of my aunt.
Hahahahahaha... Ok I'll stop laughing. That's funny. Putting the sausages back in the sausauge stuffer.
You're missing the ultimate breakfast sausage in your ultimate breakfast sausage. How could you miss such an important breakfast treat!? (You really need to try stuffing the sausage back into the sausage-maker as it's being extruded... it's some sort of beautiful self-ref or something...)
Look at the lower-right-hand corner of the intro image!
&gt; list ingredients<br/><br/>Ingredients: bacon, egg, hash brown, buttered toast (toast, butter), ultimate sausage(bacon, egg, hash brown, buttered toast (toast, butter), ultimate sausage(bacon, egg, hash brown, buttered toast (toast, butter), ultimate sausage(<br/><br/><strong>Stack overflow</strong><br/><br/>&gt;<br/>
It's like a moibus strip with sausage.
That picture is epic!
You... You just... J-J-Just combined my life into a sausage link... It's... beautiful. And oddly on the fatty side. To be honest, I think your not reaching high enough. Perhaps Bacon Cheese Eggs Hash browns Toast w/butter Syrup Sausage Sausage casings Waffles Pancakes Biscuits Oatmeal Grits Scones and if you want a breakfast beverage OJ Coffe Milk Sugar and there are many others. -RoAr
omg Pillsbury crescent rolls X_x........ drool oh and cinnabuns thats it im trying this
dude. REALLY? you GOTTA try some bran or something! with your diet you must be backed up by a month! haha :D!
Thats 42 breakfast choices.... (14X3=42, I beleive...)<br/>
Don't underestimate the "keep it cold" step. if you don't keep it cold, the fat will melt, and bind up the grinder.
Freaking gross. haha
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Now why in the world would you want to cut his labor of love?
Down the hatch. You could make this once a month and be set.
Mmmmmm you just made me soooooooooo hungrY!!! looks DELICIOUS!!!
Thank you again Noah for inventing my new favorite breakfast!!!!
What kind of sausage casings did you use? Are those sheep, hog, beef, or collagen?
Hog. <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/SXR3GDWFQWVUV42/">More info here</a>.<br/>

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