Introduction: Ultimate Case Painting Guide PART 5

This is the final video in the series.


acornstu (author)2008-08-27

LMAO!!! nice work!! speaking of witch, between here and i'm now late for work. Take care and thanks!

joey2542667 (author)2008-05-25

I LOVE your videos. except, you really need to get a better video camera cause it's lagging so that your voice is ahead of the actual video.

slimguy379 (author)joey25426672008-07-05

that doesn't necessarily mean his camera, it could do that due to down sizeing of the original video

joey2542667 (author)slimguy3792008-07-06


skygerobrian (author)2008-04-24

Thanks for the great tutorial.

Threeshirts (author)2008-03-14

I have been painting and modding for a while now and I see why my results could not compare to professional. I was not spending near enough time in finishing. Great video, very pro editing. Thanks for the instructable!

gamer (author)2008-02-04

like you said, im gonna track you down and shoot you. :P. very nice project, im thinking about the type of thing, but i dont have a computer to paint, anyways. very well made videos! -gamer

Rob K (author)2008-02-04

Looks great. Those are expensive cases though. Probably could turn around and sell it for 2 or 3 times what it is worth.

sumguysr (author)2008-02-03

Great tutorial, thank you for doing this. All your vids are wicked. what do you do if you don't want as glossy a finish?

AirbrushTricks (author)sumguysr2008-02-03

You can do two things: - Just don't buff the clearcoat as much. - Or use a Matte clearcoat and don't buff it. Whatever you do, you still want to use some type of clearcoat. The clearcoat is what protects your paint job.

sumguysr (author)sumguysr2008-02-03

Almost forgot, what are the differences between painting a plastic case and a metal case? Is the process the same?

AirbrushTricks (author)sumguysr2008-02-03

The process is exactly the same. Make sure to use primer.

Aar000n3y (author)2008-02-03

That is a friggin' nice case right there (and expensive). My friend has one. But nice job on the case, it looks good.

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