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I know, odd title...but it's true.

I'm a big fan of knots and rope-work in general, so when we recently got a new kitten in the house I couldn't help but make her some toys.  It just so happens that when you make a handheld toy with dangly parts (which as we all know cats *loooove*) it also ends up being a nice little flog (for you...knotty...folks :)

If you are already familiar with knots, braiding, and rope crafts this is a fun and relatively quick project.

If you are not familiar but interested in learning, this will definitely help you along as it uses two very useful braids that can be used for many other projects.

I will try to approach this in a way that even absolute beginners should have no problem!

Please comment and rate! I would appreciate any feedback! Questions welcome! (It was trickier than I thought to explain the knotwork!)
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You will need:
                    - or other tool suitable for cutting rope
                    - or other flame source
                    - Totally up to you, I used two colors of polyester rope.  Anything with a decent thickness will be fine (1/4" and up)
                    - For beginners I would recommend two colors, as it makes it easier to keep track during braiding.  Plus it looks nice :)

*Before we begin, if common sense is used there is very little risk for injury during this project.  However, keep in mind when searing the ends of synthetic rope to prevent fraying the tip will be *very* hot and the molten plastic will stick to your skin and can cause a blistering burn.  If desired, keep a cup of water handy to dip the seared tip in to cool it immediately.
EmeryGP3 months ago
jenise200011 months ago
The knotting is the same as a circle scooby
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Aww, I bet they would! You can use most any rope, in fact the type I used here was very cheap and not the best for projects like this. You probably wouldn't want to use anything much thicker than what I show here, but even that isn't impossible...just bulky. If you go smaller that's fine as well, more of a personal preference. The only issue would be if you use an all cotton rope or something non-synthetic as you can't melt the ends to prevent fraying. But, since it's only a pet toy, fraying isn't all that terrible!

Sorry to reply so late, hope this helps!

How did you finish off the half hitch knots?
XxZombiexX (author)  midnightphury1 year ago

Better late than never to reply I suppose!

In this case I just melted the ends to secure the end and prevent fraying/unraveling.

ChrysN3 years ago
Cool idea!
XxZombiexX (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Thank you!