This detailed tutorial demonstrates how to build a very professional camera crane for around $40. I know there are a ton of great DIY videos on camera cranes out there, however I found that many of them didn't actually use bearings, which lowers the performance quite a bit. So instead of shelling out $500 for a commercial camera crane or settling for less than I needed, I came up with this design here.

Thanks for looking!
<p>Is this a dead tutorial? The video isn't showing up</p>
<p>I made a list from the video. Don't shoot me if I got something wrong!</p><p>MATERIALS</p><p>He said he got the large pieces of metal from local welding shop</p><p>7' Aluminum square tube Outside 1.25&quot; approx 0.125&quot; thick</p><p>3' Aluminum U channel 0.25&quot; thick 1.5&quot; tall 3&quot; across</p><p>1' Aluminum angle 1&quot; x 1&quot; x 0.25&quot; (guessing - not specified)</p><p>18&quot; 1/4-20 all thread rod</p><p>quick release plate and 1/4 20 bolt to attach it</p><p>10' of aircraft cable</p><p>4 cable clamps</p><p>2 turnbuckles</p><p>2 roller blade wheels</p><p>1 turntable bearing approx 3&quot;</p><p>10-15 lb counter weights</p><p>large bolt, washer, nut to secure weights</p><p>6 ovalhead countersunk 10-24 2&quot; screws with locknuts</p><p>8 M4 x 5mm round head screws -- used to secure turntable bearing</p><p>so need to be low profile so they don't rub</p><p>4 ovalhead countersunk 8-32 3/4&quot; screws</p><p>4 1/4-20 nuts and washers</p><p>locktite (red)</p><p>TOOLS</p><p>Jigsaw</p><p>Grinder with cutoff wheel</p><p>Dremel with cylindrical bur OR hacksaw and file</p><p>Cordless drill or drill press</p><p>bits</p><p>counter sink</p><p>Phillips screwdriver</p><p>Various wrenches</p><p>Tape measure</p><p>Square</p><p>Sharpie</p><p>Scribe</p><p>Center punch</p><p>1/4-20 Tap</p><p>8-32 Tap</p><p>3/8 Tap or other to match tripod</p><p>M4 Tap</p><p>Safety gear -gloves, eye protection, ear protection, etc</p>
Could You post a list of Parts and where you got them. That would be great.

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