Ultimate DIY Camera Crane


Introduction: Ultimate DIY Camera Crane

This detailed tutorial demonstrates how to build a very professional camera crane for around $40. I know there are a ton of great DIY videos on camera cranes out there, however I found that many of them didn't actually use bearings, which lowers the performance quite a bit. So instead of shelling out $500 for a commercial camera crane or settling for less than I needed, I came up with this design here.

Thanks for looking!



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    Is this a dead tutorial? The video isn't showing up

    I made a list from the video. Don't shoot me if I got something wrong!


    He said he got the large pieces of metal from local welding shop

    7' Aluminum square tube Outside 1.25" approx 0.125" thick

    3' Aluminum U channel 0.25" thick 1.5" tall 3" across

    1' Aluminum angle 1" x 1" x 0.25" (guessing - not specified)

    18" 1/4-20 all thread rod

    quick release plate and 1/4 20 bolt to attach it

    10' of aircraft cable

    4 cable clamps

    2 turnbuckles

    2 roller blade wheels

    1 turntable bearing approx 3"

    10-15 lb counter weights

    large bolt, washer, nut to secure weights

    6 ovalhead countersunk 10-24 2" screws with locknuts

    8 M4 x 5mm round head screws -- used to secure turntable bearing

    so need to be low profile so they don't rub

    4 ovalhead countersunk 8-32 3/4" screws

    4 1/4-20 nuts and washers

    locktite (red)



    Grinder with cutoff wheel

    Dremel with cylindrical bur OR hacksaw and file

    Cordless drill or drill press


    counter sink

    Phillips screwdriver

    Various wrenches

    Tape measure




    Center punch

    1/4-20 Tap

    8-32 Tap

    3/8 Tap or other to match tripod

    M4 Tap

    Safety gear -gloves, eye protection, ear protection, etc

    Could You post a list of Parts and where you got them. That would be great.