Picture of Ultimate Firestarting Kit
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Step 1:

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Step 2:

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Step 3:

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Matches in waterproof container

Step 4:

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Tissue paper

Step 5:

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9 volt battery (for steel wool)

Step 6:

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Magnesium bar, flint and steel, and a pocketknife

Step 7:

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Steel wool

Step 8:

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Cotton balls soaked in Vaseline, Popsicle sticks , paper, etc.

Step 9:

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Keep all contents in watertight container, put in pack for camping hunting fishing survival, etc.

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DiverMedic1 year ago

I'd recommend spreading the contents into multiple containers, so when (not "if"!) you lose the container, you'll have backup items elsewhere and won't be stuck on a cold day/night. Keep the containers in different areas (i.e. pack, pocket, tent bag, etc.)