Ultimate Fishing Rod Holder





Introduction: Ultimate Fishing Rod Holder

Yes it’s a bold statement but anyone who loves fishing knows

how good fishing and beer go together. I saw this rod holder ages ago on the net and thought I’ve got to have myself one of those.

Trying to stick your rod into sand whist your beer sits precariously nearby is a situation that most fishermen have faced at some time. Never again I say!

This is a very easy project to make and all you really need in the way of tools is a drop saw to make this beauty.

I recently tried it out and it works a treat.

Step 1: Parts and Tools


PVC Piping

1 x 32mm 90 degree bend

1 x 32mm PCV Tee

1 x Invert Level Taper 50 x 40mm

1 x 65mm Coupling

1 x 32mm PVC pipe (length 1.5m)


1. Dropsaw

2. PVC glue

Step 2: Cutting the Rod Holder


1. It’s best to make the end of the rod holder into a point as it will go into sand etc much easier. Place the PCV tube onto the drop saw on a slight angle.

2. Carefully make the cut.

3. Next decide how long you want to make your rod holder. There are no specific or ideal lenghs, just work on the premise that 1/3 will be buried in the sand.

4. Cut the PVC tube to length

NOTE: PVC pipe can shatter so make sure you are wearing safety gear like gloves and eye protection

Step 3: Adding the Tee and Elbow


1. Add some PVC pipe glue to the inside of the tee and push onto the PVC tube

2. Next, you need to add a piece of PVC tube into the top of the tee. Grab the piece that you cut off, trim if necessary and glue into the top of the tee

3. Glue the 90 degree elbow to the other end of the piece of PVC pipe you just added. Remember though that you will be sticking the rod holder in at an angle so you want to make sure that when you do, your beer will sit straight. Work out what type of angle you want the rod holder and attach the elbow so it is vertical.

4. Lastly, glue another small piece of PVC to the other end of the tee. This will form the top of the fishing rod holder.

Step 4: Add the Beer Holder

The level insert taper that you attach to the 32mm PVC tube is actually 40mm so the fit is a little loose. This won’t cause any issues if you add some extra glue to the joins.


1. Add glue (make sure you add some extra due to the loose fitting) to the inside of the level insert taper and push onto the PVC pipe.

2. Next, add some more glue to the inside of the coupling and push this onto the level insert taper

3. Leave to dry for a few hours.

Step 5: Enjoy

That’s it!

Go to your favourite fishing spot, grab a few beers and test out your new fishing rod holder. If you wanted to you could paint it as well. As it’s only going to be used for holding your rod, I didn’t bother.

How to make it even better!

- You could easily add another T PVC section and use this to make a bait holder. Actually, this could be a multi use section where you could add attachments like a small table, tackle box etc.

- Adding a way to keep the beer cool inside the PVC would be beneficial too. Maybe a small cooling system with fan which blows cool air under the beer.

- Having the beer section be able top swivel would also be a good idea as well. this way you can always be sure that your beer is not on an angle. Not really necessary though as you can just ensure that the rod holder is correctly angled into the sand.



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    I will actually hang the bait bag on it too -- no need to bend when i replace the bait haft eaten by the crabs. Well, only when it doesn't question the part BEER's playing in my life.

    Corona and a fishing pole, the only way to live.

    I see the problem..... It has to be that you are not drinking BEER, rather some pissed down mexico water that you should avoid. Montezuma is watching for you!!!!!!!

    I don't know man...there's nothing like a ice cold Corona with a slice of lime on a hot Summers day to quench my thirst. Might not be the most manly beer granted but def does the job.

    This is a real utilitarian design......

    Yep - simple, cost effective and functional

    Brilliant. We've all made rod holders out of a piece of pipe, but the beer holder add-on is sheer genius! Your beer cooler, while tongue-in-cheek, could work, solar powered, evaporative, yada-yada, but what Aussie lets a beer sit long enough to warm? Not this little black duck... :-D

    Exactly! especially on a hot day under the sun.