Ultimate Flies and Bugs Trap, How to Make Flies Trap





Introduction: Ultimate Flies and Bugs Trap, How to Make Flies Trap

If your house is often visited by insects. do not panic! quickly make a trap. Easy to make and easy to use!

Step 1: You Need (Look Image)

Step 2: Make a Hole at the Bottom of Cup

Step 3: Put the Cups in the PC Fan and Glue It With Double Sided Tape

Step 4: Test It!

Turn on your trap with 9V battery or DC Power supply, Put food in front of the trap and Voila! Finish.

Look video for full instruction.

Thanks for look my work



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    Its 2240 local time, but I look for some fan :) Thanks.

    Try a small container of red wine (not much, just like a tablespoon) in front of the fan. I've seen wine glass that are left out, and they are infested with drunk drowned flies. or was it white wine... I don't know, I don't drink it, but this should attract some flies to be vacuumed up I think...

    You can use this to catch anything fly, like bugs, mosquito, flies, insect, and anything!