Picture of Ultimate Guitar/Sound Kill-Switch Pedal
Do you need to be silent sometimes? Maybe do some Tom Morello style scratchen' on your guitar, but with both hands free? What about a damper pedal for your electric piano or a control pedal for your Boss or Roland gear that can be momentary or push-on push-off? This guy can do all of that.

When used with guitar, this foot-pedal kill-switch will momentarily silence your guitar if you step on it lightly, and stay silent if you step on it fully. Once it's fully silent, stepping lightly momentarily pulses your guitar on. Simple enough, but the uses are limitless.

You can use it as an on/off for your guitar, or strum a chord with it off and pulse the chord to the beat of the music, or tap it while it's on with some feedback and make your sound cut out  like it was sliced up by a DJ, all live, all with your foot, all with no batteries.

You can use this to pulse any sound source such as turntables, microphones, samplers, keyboard, and especially noisy circuit bent stuff, and give it rhythm hands-free.

You may even be able to build it with parts you already have.

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Step 1: Check out the schematic

Picture of Check out the schematic
Creepily symmetrical right? One of the switches is momentary and the other is not. One or the other can short the signal or unshort it. This will do everything we're asking. Now we gotta find a case to put this magic in.

Step 2: Find a case

Picture of Find a case
For this example I chose an old sewing machine pedal I bought from the thrift store. Hopefully I didn't ruin the value of some old sewing machine somewhere.

You could put this in anything, and you don't necessarily have to mount the switches like I did either. If they are durable enough to step on directly, you could have both switches just next to each other in a box. Again I was determined to use scavenged parts and not buy anything.

ritchie565 months ago

I like the physical implementation however, with an active bass or guitar, using a simple switch will cause a loud pop due to DC bias.

rkal7 months ago

Is there a video of how this works? I'm trying to decide between adding a killswitch to my guitar, or making a pedal to do that instead.

simdude2u4 years ago
is this an old sewing machine foot petal?