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We build a pair of helping hands  and station to assit us with our soldering projects. Sorry for how fast our video goes but we had to compress 2 hours worth of video into 80megs of video so it was difficult.

We used the top cover of a Projects box to place our hands onto. The rest of the video is explained to be best of our ability in a low time schedule, enjoy the video and as always leave us some comments, suggestions , and visit our site to show your support :)

Greate DIY!<br><br>I hardly dare to suggest:<br><br>This is mainly for a soldering station. So, why not include a plug for the soldering iron and, drain from it the electricity for the led lamp? With the proper diode and resistor, it would save using the battery.<br>Also, instead of copper wire, I&rsquo;d probably try steel cable from an old bike brake. It would be more flexible, and the tension from the four arms would make a stable hold, still allowing some downward flexibility, should you use too much pressure with the iron.<br>
Great result considering materials used. ALWAYS use a resistor with the LED!&nbsp;
best DIY helping hands ive seen so far. A+
lol @ &quot;A+&quot;<br /> but hell yeah.. nice instructable..i'm making my helpings hands like heese right now.. thx HM--Innovations
Nice instructable.&nbsp; Lots of good ideas.<br />
Sorry guys, but the ULTIMATE helping hands is the one where you put all your components infront of it, go and make a coffee, then when you get back it has built your circuit for you!<br /> <br /> Your next Instructable, perhaps?<br />
Oh, by the way. Nice Instructable!<br />

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