Ultimate Instructable Costume Resource

Welcome to the Ultimate Instructable Costume Resource Guide!  The first time I created a project using instructables I was not sure if I could actually pull it off.  However, with a fantastic instrucable on creating an Optimus Prime Costume I was successful.  I have been hooked on the site ever sense creating projects from amazing users like you as well as posting a few of my own creations.  I’m a huge fan of Halloween and how your imagination is the only limitation to an amazing costume.  My hope is by creating a guide of the truly amazing costumes created in this community and updating it often you too will be able to make something fantastic or spark your own creativity!  Enjoy!
Optimus Prime Costume style
When first beginning my search for the most AWESOME Halloween costume ever created, I first wanted to pick something I've always loved... this lead to my childhood amore for Transformers which eventua...
How to Create an Affordable Mascot Head style
You will learn how to create a mascot head on a limited budget.
Making An Animal Mascot Head (Fursuit) style
All about how I made an animal mascot head, in the shape of a black and white cat. Features taxidermy eyes and re-rooted hair.
The Making of a Zombie Cat Mask style
I am an artist based out of Montreal, Quebec. My current practice involves making masks using techniques I learned while working at a mascot production company. I documented most of the steps of my la...
Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland style
Chesire Cat costume crafted at home. The head was made of upholstery foam and plasic mesh to form the shape and covered in fur fabric then airbrushed to create the blue stripes. The nose and teeth w...
RATCHET AND CLANK: costume for halloween / cosplay videogame style
This will be full instructions on how I made Ratchet and clank with his wrench and the goldfish sonic eruptor burp gun weapon. I wore this to Anime North in Toronto May 30, 2010. Requirements: Mat...
Yoshi Mascot and Baby Mario Costumes for Toddlers style
This is going to be a lengthy instructable, but hopefully worth the read.I am going to break it down into the major components:1. Yoshi Mascot Head2. Yoshi's suit and shoes3. Mario suit and hat4. Bask...
Making a King Koopa suit style
A few weeks ago I was invited to a video game-themed party. Since I knew the hostess would provide so much more than your average run-of-the-mill-party I too wanted to come up with something extraordi...
How to make a Yoshi costume style
For my school's sports carnivals I like to dress up, and as green house captain this year, I had to do a good job. I made a Yoshi costume for the swimming carnival, and I think it worked pretty well. ...
Mega Man Costume style
This year I wanted to build costumes for my family from scratch. Since I am a Retro Gamer, I wanted to make a cool costume for my three year old. The Original Mega Man from the NES was what I had de...
Proto Man Costume style
This year after talking it over with my sons we decided to continue with the Mega Man theme costume.  My youngest wanted to wear the Mega Man costume, and my oldest wanted to help me build a Proto Man...
Pac Man and the ghosts costumes style
My kids decided that wanted to be Pac Man and the 4 ghosts for Halloween.  So that put me and DaDee on task of creating all 5 costumes. 
Giant Chomping Pacman Costume style
This was my Halloween costume for 2009. It took about a month and a half of planning and work. I built both a Pacman and Ghost, but this writeup will focus on the Pacman. The suit has a functioning ...
Make Your Own Link Costume! style
This will be a tutorial on making your very own Link costume from the Legend of Zelda game. This will assure your child gets cult nerd status on Halloween night as we learned when we went trick or tre...
Make a Link Costume! style
This instructable will show you how to make most of the components to a Link costume, from the Legend of Zelda. With what I had, this wound up being a hybrid between the Link from Ocarina of Time and ...
The Littlest Link- Kid Legend of Zelda Costume style
My husband, being a long-time avid Nintendo fan, noticed that our 20 month-old son could look a lot like Young Link from The Legend of Zelda. A Halloween costume project was born! I have to say, this ...
Big Daddy from Bioshock style
     I made Big Daddy for the Metrocon 2010 Anime Convention here in Tampa Florida. I used items I had around the garage as much as I could. My local Home Depot was fantastic in having any of the odd ...
The Diary of Tetris style
Old-School Gaming Costumes.Sucka!
Cardboard/Fiberglass Halo 3 inspired Master Chief Costume style
I made a complete Halo 3 Master Chief Halloween costume for my Son out of cardboard and fiberglass. I started with the helmet. Here are the steps I followed. A small action figure and images found on ...
Using Paper, Resin, and Fiberglass to be the Master Chief! style
Be Master Chief for a day with your own handmade armor! Follow this tutorial to make fiberglass pieces, and you can be a Spartan II to pwn all your friends' costumes. ***********Work in progress. I ...
How to make your own Fallout 3 helmet prop! style
 Today I`m gonna show you how to make your very own Fallout 3 Power Armor helmet prop! If you follow theese steps you should have a very nice looking prop!
Silent Hill Nurse Costume style
This is my first instructable, so wish me luck. c:Basically, this is how to make all of the components of a Silent Hill nurse costume; so that includes shoes, tights, dress, mask, hat, and makeup. Any...
Realistic, Animatronic Lion Mask with stereo night vision and amplified hearing style
This is the full step by step on building a realistic lion mask with moving jaw with stereo night vision/color vision system, and amplified hearing augmentation. This system was first line prototyped...
Werewolf costume style
Update 9/22/2011:   Thanks for checking out this tutorial! I get a lot of questions about this every year around this time and they are usually the same, so let's clear up a couple things. -Where to ...
Pyramid Head costume style
This is a scratch built costume I made for a friend of mine for Halloween. The head is made from styrofoam and some random parts collected from hardware store to dress it out a bit. The gratings on ei...
Cartoon Violence (The Costume) style
This is an update on a the Teddy Bear Assassin costume I made last year (this can also be viewed on Instructables). I had a little more time this year to improve the mask and create a more durable bas...
Shrub (Bush, Plant) costume style
Pretty simple really, my son had an idea to make a bush costume and this is how we did it. It turned out pretty cool. Everyone who saw him out trick or treating in it was taking pictures of the costum...
The Magnificent Sofa Suit! -Halloween Contest Entry style
Are you tired of the dull life of the average sentient being? Have you ever wanted to sit back and ignore the problems of the world surfacing all around you?Have you ever wanted to be a couch?Of cours...
Toilet Costume style
I was inspired to do this costume for my daughter because she was in the process of potty training at the time. Luckily her size was roughly proportional to an actual toilet. She really enjoyed wearin...
toilet paper costume style
This costume will not take you longer than 30 minutes. You will be a roll of toilet paper. People will laugh. It will cost you around $35.
Make a Paper Doll Costume style
I loved playing with paper dolls as a kid, and so the idea of dressing up like a life-size paper doll made me smile. This costume is easy to make, even if you don't think you can draw. It's super chea...
iPod Dress style
Rock out this Halloween in this fun iPod dress! If your looking for a cute and simple Halloween costume this year look no further.  The iPod takes 30 minutes to make and will look adorable at any par...
Create Real working iPod Costume(s) style
On a Brides Wedding Day...it's ALL about the dress, but on Halloween...it's all about the costume.  So I wanted to find something both my kids could agree on before the slow & strategic torment of the...
Ghostbusters Ghost Costume style
Introduction Hello Everyone, First, I would like to thank you for viewing my instructable. And, if you enjoyed it, please give me a vote! Thanks.... When Ghostbusters first came out in 1984. I just...
Box of Wine Costume style
Looking for an Epic but Easy costume to make for Halloween? The Box of Wine Halloween Costume will make you the life of the party...LITERALLY. This costume is a fully functional wine dispenser. Just t...
Mirrored Disco Ball Halloween Costume style
Want to be the Discobelle of the Ball? This mirrored creation will be a crowd favorite!Create a mobile party that will keep people dancing around you all night! (Photo courtesy of Joshua Targownik)
Sock Monkey costume for toddler style
This is an easy project for someone with minimal sewing skills. And it's super cute and cozy for chilly trick or treating!
Lego man style
This years halloween costume! The body and head are made out of polystyrene and cardboard covered by paper mache, paint and card.
Lego Indiana Jones Costume style
Last year I saw a great "ible" about making an adult lego costume. I loved the idea of the big minifig head so I proposed this to my six year old. He immediately agreed but upped the ante. "How about ...
Lego Robot Minifigure Costume style
This is a costume I made for my 4 year old son. It's mainly made from cardboard and foam.
Lego Man Costume style
As many costume party's come up i always think of something original and the lego man is one i had not seen before so i set you to do it. It was fairly tricky to work out an idea as it has some comple...
Make your own Crayon Halloween Costume style
A couple of years ago was my first foray into the whole DIY Haloween costume realm. I saw that great DIY post a few years ago about how to make a working Operation costume that gave me enough courage ...
Star Wars LEGO Halloween Costume style
Hello everyone at instructables, Every year at Halloween my company has a department costume contest. Every year is also a challenge, as we can never agree on what to be as a group. While searching...
OPERATION - The Halloween Costume: TAKE 3 style
A fully "OPERATION-al" Halloween costumeInspired by the original created by Felix Jung (http://www.avoision.com/portnoy/2004/october/29.php) in 2004 and somewhat by Jack W. Bell's take in 2005 (http:/...
Realistic Rubik's Cube Costume style
This costume aims to look more realistic by creating the illusion that it can twist. This illusion is achieved by the exaggerated clevis between the tiles. Although this subtle detail requires a lot o...
Make a
In this instructable, I'll teach you how to create a "plinko" board for prize giveaways. Alternatively, you can use it as a tribute costume to the Price is Right, like I did! For those not in the kn...
Etch a Sketch Costume (Functional!) style
This year my family decided to be "Classic Toys" for Halloween. The Etch a Sketch was always one of my favorite toys, so that's what I decided I had to be! A real Etch a Sketch is filled with alumin...
Super Mario Yoshi Rider Costume style
This is my Super Mario riding Yoshi puppet! I prefer to call it a puppet rather than costume. With fake Mario legs on the puppet & my own legs inside the Yoshi legs, It gives the illusion that you are...
Luigi and Princess Daisy Costumes style
Every year, our school has a Halloween celebration for the kids in the community. We pick a theme and decorate one of the girls' dormitory buildings accordingly. The kids get to come in with their pa...
LEGO Man Costume! style
Playing with LEGO's is past time for many and I decided to make my very own life-size mini-figurine costume for Halloween. When I planned this costume, I was making two for myself and a buddy so I sta...
LEGO Halloween Costume(using recycled materials) style
Do you love Legos? Do you want to be one? Well now you can be one. I made these for halloween last year and it was a BIG hit. People are still taking about it. All you need is a few things from around...
Building WALL-E and EVE Out of Mostly Recycled Materials. style
So my 4 year old said to me one day in September- "Daddy, I wanna be WALL-E for for Halloween". Not sure quite how to respond-- not wishing to fork out over a hundred dollars to the mouse empire for ...
Flintstones Halloween Costume style
You can't miss this special halloween costume of The Flintstones! Very easy to do, as always! Enjoy it!  You will need. About two yards of orange fabric One XL T-shirt Scissors Pins Chalk One...
Faun / Satyr Costumes for Two style
My girlfriend came up with this idea for faun costumes and we know it's been done before but we thought we would give it a shot. We looked at hundreds of pictures on google image search along with rel...
How to build robot halloween costumes. style
These costumes were a year in the making for the brainstorming, sketching, and designing followed by a three day cram session to get them built in time for our Halloween party. We always tend to go ov...
Alien Warrior Costume from Aliens style
I had made a Power Loader and an Alien Queen. They would be displayed and featured in an event in Salt Lake City for Halloween. I figured I'd want a costume for the event that I could, you know, actua...
Full-Size Power Loader Costume from Aliens style
Shortly after I started making my life-size Alien Queen statue (http://www.instructables.com/id/Life-Size-Alien-Queen-Statue-from-Aliens/), I began to wonder if it would be possible to make a Power Lo...
Homestar Runner Costume!! style
Hey Everybody!  (Everybody!) This instructable will show you how to make one of the coolest of the cool costumes ever - a full Homestar Runner Costume! Seriously, you guys.
Creating a Demon Costume style
I'm a costumer and like to challenge myself. Frequently, I try things that I'm not even sure will work. This costume was one of those times that it did work out rather beautifully. This costume of ...
IRONMAN 2 suit (mark 4 & 6) style
Here's the DIY of IRONMAN 2! This is my first experience doing something like this and I want to share it, 4 long months working all weekends. This is the pepakura method, so you need a lot of patienc...
You, as Tony Stark, as Iron Man style
Have you ever wanted to feel like the greatest technology based superhero of all time?  Then look no further! This Instructable will show you how I made my Tony Stark / Iron Man costume based on a par...
How to make an Ironman Costume using the vinyl and foam method! style
There are quite a few Ironman costume tutorials out there, but most of them require sculpting, molding or Paperaku.  All these require sanding down your costume and painting it.  We all know Ironman h...
Iron Man DIY style
This Mark 3 Iron Man costume is very accurate to the movie's. I spent lots of time trying to get all the details in. It is mainly made of Poster Board, Foamies (arts & crafts thin foam sheets), a to...
Iron Man 2008 helmet style
This is my as movie accurate Iron Man helmet from the 2008 movie. Lots of reference photos used to model the helmet on. Based on a Pepakura model to start with from card which needed some editing o...
Giant Etch a Sketch Costume style
This instructable details the steps I went through to create the giant Etch a Sketch costume for Halloween 2008. See the finished costume below.Each year, our family does a theme costume, and this yea...
Kidnapped Mermaid Costume style
Why choose between dressing as a sexy mermaid or a scary pirate when you could be both! For Halloween this year my friend wanted a costume with the same kind of wow factor as the Headless Bride costu...
where the wild things are KW and Carol style
 We Loved "where the wild things are" characters so much and my twin daughters really wanted to be them for Halloween. I went to work on it  with cardboard, old fur coats, fur remnanats, an old leopar...
Six-armed goddess Kali Costume style
Who doesn't love a huge cumbersome Halloween Costume? I'm here to contribute my 2007 Halloween costume, Kali. Some of you may be familiar with my last year's costume; Headless Marie Antoinette from M...
Cupcake Costume with a Cherry on Top style
Cupcake Costume hot off the sewing machine... Thanks for looking! You can read the entire story behind this commission on my blog : http://apatchworkworld.blogspot.com/2011/10/kokoleo-kind-of-cupc...
Sushi (Nigiri) Costume with Headpiece style
As a long-time lover of sushi, I decided it was high time I made a costume to celebrate this tasty food. I was inspired by some images I found online, but most of them were baby costumes and store bou...
A sweet costume idea style
This costume will work for any kind of candy. It is simple, fun and inexpensive.
How to make the Jigsaw Killers headtrap for next to nothing style
This is my second build themed around the 'Saw' movies for our halloween party. It details the construction of a replica head trap as worn by Amanda in the first saw movie. This costume is for my fian...
Canon Camera Costume style
Disclaimer: I apologize for the lack of real detailed instructions on how to build this project as I never thought I'd be writing an instructable on it. I do think it gives you enough idea to how to ...
epic ipad 2 halloween costume style
1) get yourself a white t shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt 2) cut a hole on each side of the t shirt ( or just one hole in the front if you only have 1 ipad) 3) decorate the hole with red paint to simu...
The SOLO CUP Lobster! style
Here's my lobster costume for Halloween ... for under $25!
DIY Girl Pirate Costume HOW-TO style
Do you feel that the Girl Pirate Costumes you find in the stores are too expensive and not original? Well, Threadbanger presents another episode of Halloweeny Wednesdays, to teach you how to make yo...
How to Make a Mummy Costume style
This is so much better than using a roll of toilet paper! Using old clothes and sheets you have laying around the house, or buying some from the thrift store, follow Rob of Threadbanger to make your ...
MIB Halloween costume style
Be a MIB agent for Halloween! It's a simple costume to do but to really make some impact you'll want to pull out the "big guns."
Roman-esque soldier uniform - from cardboard! style
This instructable will show you how I made a Roman-esque Centurion/Legionnaire/soldier outfit.Some background: I previously made a version of this costume in about 5 hours with some tape, cardboard, a...
Crochet Girl's Peacock/ Vegas Showgirl Costume style
Halloween doesn't have to be spooky or scary to be fun. Its also a perfect time to be beautiful in ways you couldn't be any other time of the year. I crocheted this costume for my three year old daugh...
Buzz Lightyear costume style
My wife's creativity begins and ends in the culinary realm. What that means for me is that I'm the one left to do all the sewing and Halloween costume-making. This arrangement works out well--she like...
Toy Story vs. Chucky Halloween Costume style
I drew some sketches, but I can't find them. That's always the first step. Now, instead of making a mock-up out of cardboard, you can skip right to building if you model your idea precisely in a 3d mo...
Sam Flynn Suit from TRON Legacy style
Okay all... so more than a few people have asked for this Instructable.  I hope I am able to explain enough.  Sadly I didn't completely document the whole process, but here it goes!
8' Jack Skellington Puppet style
Inspired by the recent 3-D re-release of the Nightmare Before Christmas and a photo of a similar puppet, this 8' Jack Skellington puppet was actually a last minute costume idea my wife and I put toget...
kermit the frog clone style
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Wild Thing Headpiece style
For Halloween in 2007, my kids were characters from the book "Where the Wild Things Are." The headpiece for the Wild Thing provided some interesting challenges. I wanted it to be at least recognizable...
Baby Princess Leia Costume! style
My friend and her husband wanted a Princess Leia costume for their daughter. She's a few months old and teeny tiny, and they couldn't find any costumes small enough for her. So here we go!Obviously no...
Ultimate WW2 Captain America Costume style
Since seeing some of my old Captain America comics, my 4-year-old has been pretending his frisbee was a shield as he valiantly battles the forces of evil.With Halloween approaching, I decided to make ...
The Justice Lego League of America saving the world, one Lego block at a time. style
This is my entry to the video category of Instructable's Halloween Contest! The Justice League, unite!
Lego Man Costume for kids style
I saw another lego man costume instructable (http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Justice-Lego-League-of-America-saving-the-worl/ ) and I just HAD to make it for my kids. I found an AMAZING site with l...
How to build a MYSTIC from THE DARK CRYSTAL style
The Dark Crystal is a 1982 Jim Henson Movie. It featured a power struggle between the evil Skeksis and the gentle Mystics. The Mystics were natural wizards with four arms and rustic lifestyle. For Hal...
Samurai Costume style
A samurai costume I made using Sintra (PVC foam board). This costume did take about 3 weeks of construction to complete, and could be even more time consuming for some. I had an interest in making thi...
cardboard Jaffa serpent gaurd costume style
This is a good costume of a jaffa serpent guard from stargate sg1 made out of card board. there are 4 parts: the helmet, the chest plate, the belt, and the shin guards.
Darkness costume style
This is a costume i built of the Darkness character from Ridley Scott's classic film "Legend". The horns are carved from styrofoam and coated with foam putty and then sanded and painted. The rest of t...
Halloween 2008 - Monster Cereal Franken Berry and Count Chocula (inspired by and thanks to pokiespout) style
They say "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" and I hope he sees it that way. From the first time I saw pokiespout's Frankenberry mask slideshow I knew I had to do it myself for this Hallowe...
Halloween 2007 -
Inspired by the 1984 hit. It took about 3 weeks to make.
LEGO MAN style
I have had many requests on how to make this costume. So, I'm going to attempt to walk you through the process. I'm sure you might be able to find easier ways to create it, but this is how I did this ...
The human LEGO brick Halloween costume style
What LEGO fanatic doesn't want to become a human LEGO brick? In this Instructable we'll walk you through the steps we took to transform a cardboard box and some circular boxes into a human LEGO costum...
Baby Care Bear Costume style
What do you do with a baby-sized Care Bear? You skin it and make a baby-sized Care Bear Skin Coat, obviously! Whether you use this as a costume or as instant toy store camoflauge, you're going to ge...
Yip Yip Costume style
Whether you loved them as a kid or hated them for giving you nightmares, there's no denying it's fun to go around freely and anonymously shouting "yipyipyipyip" to those around you. Here's how to make...
Kid's Stormtrooper Costume style
This is my cheap attempt at stormtrooper costumes for my 4 and 6 year olds. It's made to be lightweight and flexible for comfort but still hold true to the movie armor and look cooler than the store-b...
Giant Robot Costume style
In this instructable I will show you how to make a giant robot costume on a budget.  In total, the suit costed roughly 30-50$ and was made almost entirely out of cardboard.  It took me over two years ...
How to Make a Robot Suit style
Hey Guys!Have you ever gotten the overwhelming urge to build a freaky robot suit to scare your loved ones but just didn't know how? Friends, your troubles are over! We have a great tutorial here to cr...
How to make a LMFAO robot head
The Ultimate Dinosaur Costume style
This Instructable documents the construction of Jamie Price's dinosaur costume.  It is over 10 feet tall and 14 feet long!  There are over 140 individual parts that were created.  It is built from a f...
Oogie Boogie Costume (Glows) style
You're jokin'! You're jokin'! I can't believe mah EYEZ!" I made my husband into Oogie Boogie as a last minute costume for the LACMA Tim Burton/Dead Man's Ball, that we ended up missing and I cried. (W...
Transformers Soundwave Costume style
First off, I need to thank my wife for being patient with me as I transformed our apartment into an utter mess of cardboard pieces, stinking it up with burning glue and paint and long hours of me talk...
Working Thor Hammer style
"Whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of...THOR"   Hi, welcome to my instructable. For me, super hero movies were always an inspiration. I always wanted to ...
Captain America Halloween Costume style
True Believers! You know that America needs a real hero, and next year for Halloween, you, too, can be that hero! With just a few easy steps, you can become Captain America and impress your family, fr...
Less than $20.oo WWII Captain America Shield style
Halloween is coming close and I was trying to think of a costume. I have a leather jacket, some cargo pants, brown boots and can find an Army helmet to paint NATO blue with an "A" on it. I need a sh...
HULK costume style
This is a costume I did for 2010. I made it with huge hands and arms(the arms have a clothes dryer metal hose at the elbow joint for movement and a wood rod inside to move the arm), tall feet and l...
Giant Monster Hands (now with action video!) style
This is an instructable that follows the construction of my Giant Monster Hands. They are a Halloween accessory designed to be worn with the Horror Head. This project was light on preconception. I ...
Angry Bird costume style
Here is an Angry Bird costume made for my two and a half year old. This was inspired by a Nemo costume my son wore last year. I liked the style of costume but couldn't find anything comparable so we ...
Bumblebee style
Here is my attempt at the Transformer Bumblebee, The suit is made for my little girl who is 4. This build took roughly 30 hours and i'm very glad its finished. Well almost, I have to draw an Autobot s...
Creepy Creature quad Stilt style
I have dreamed about becoming a creature like this since I saw "The Dark crystal"( landstriders scene) when I was a child. Way into my adult life now I went to see circ de soleil, while watching the b...
Scary Mask style
Make this scary mask! It's easier than it looks.
Halloween gargoyle Costume style
My 2010 costume.  I used inspiration and advice from IndyMogul and gryphern to build it over a period of 3-4 months.
Werewolf Costume 2010 style
This is my Werewolf costume for 2010. My inspiration was "American Werewolf of London" meets "Underwold". The head and legs were sculpted and cast in latex using a kit from Monster Makers. The stilts ...
How to Make An Asari Latex Headpiece. style
For Halloween 2008, I went as Dr. Liara T’Soni from Mass Effect. I decided to make a mini comic about how the costume (well, the latex headpiece) was made, so others can see how its done, and hopefull...
Facebook Halloween Outfit style
Hello my first Instructable! I have entered this project into the "Make It Real Challenge" I would really appreciate if you could cast a vote for my Facebook Outfit. Thank You!  Basically Halloween ...
Recycled Lady Gaga Halloween Outfit with Larissa Riquelme style
This Halloween you can't miss dressing like the diva everyone is talking about! Crazy outfit and hairdo like Lady Gaga! Thanks to @Lari_Riquelme for modeling!
Sexy Mystique Costume style
Okay boys, this is what you've been waiting for. No leggings, skinny tops, tights, or other skin covering devil. Let's WATCH. (If you liked the Mirror-Man costume, here's the 'ible) http://www.instr...
Simple (yet effective) Edward Scissorhands costume for kiddos style
When my son told me that he wanted to be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween, I knew that we were going to have a blast making the costume for him. Everyone in the family had something to add - my son o...
How to make what nightmares are made of costume style
I have dreamed about becoming a creature like this since I saw "The Dark crystal"( landstriders scene) when I was a child. Way into my adult life now I went to see circ de soleil, while watching the b...
Medieval Gargoyles Perched on Stone Pedestal Costumes style
For Halloween this year, we dressed as ancient stone gargoyles. We’re perching on stone pedestals, also known as plinths. We recently flew off a cathedral in France and arrived in America to celebrate...
Jack and Sally costumes style
So this is my take on Jack and Sally from nightmare before Christmas. I wanted Sally's dress to be more brighter than in the movie. After looking on the internet for costumes I couldn't find any I li...
Make an award-winning costume in one night with packing tape and newspaper style
O the powers of packing tape. Make this fancy tree, or any other sculpted costume, in no time with little investment. The results are lightweight and easy to wear, while being unique and award-winning...
Iron Man Costume style
For those of us who do not have a Stark-load of money or time, I've designed the poor man's Iron Man Costume. I know I promised this a long time ago but I do have other priorities. I never expected th...
Headless Horsewoman style
Watch out to all of the Ichabods out there, the headless horsewoman is back! In this instructable you will learn how to turn a papier mache pumpkin into a fearsome costume head and how to turn a dres...
Lady GaGa Bubbles style
I love the Lady GaGa bubbles costume that she wore in San Diego at The House of Blues, and knew I had to make one just like it!  This bubble costume looks like it would be revealing, but the bodysuit...
Lady GaGa Red Lace Costume style
Lady Gaga rocked an awesome red lace dress at the VMAs.  Whether you loved it or were completely baffled by it, it was definitely an awe-inspiring outfit.  I knew when we decided to make our own Lady ...
Lady GaGa 'Video' Glasses style
I made these quick and easy glasses for my Lady GaGa Halloween costume. They use 2 digital picture frame keychains on a slideshow setting to replicate the effect seen in her performances (here is a vi...
Awesome & Cheap Cyborg Costume style
Have you ever wanted to be a cyborg?  Well, that technology is still a long time away, but using some current and older technology, you can at least dress like one! The plan for this costume is for...
BECOME A MAD CYBORG... part human, part dead computers (UPDATED!!!) style
  M.C. Langer was an ordinary DIY artist until a bizarre accident (papercut printing an instructable) crippled him physically and mentally. Now, he had to rebuild his damaged body with d...
Cardboard Armor style
I made this for protection during cardboard tube tournaments ( http://www.tubeduel.com/ ). It protected me well; I took second place and I believe I would have won had the final match been allowed to ...
Lady Gaga Soda Can Rollers (Telephone Video) style
Gaga Sings: Hello? hello? baby you called? I can't hear a thang..... You probably couldn't hear anything because that outfit is so loud.  But you gotta give props where props is due, and therefore I'...
Lady Gaga Caution Tape Costume style
"Hello, hello, baby, you called? I can't hear a thing..." We're GAGA for Lady Gaga at Instructables.  This caution tape costume is for the brave and daring souls....just like Gaga!   Special thanks ...
Lady Gaga Cigarette Glasses style
Want to be lady gaga this Halloween? One of the most interesting costume props in the lady gaga universe is the cigarette glasses featured in her "Telephone" video. The glasses she used are actually o...
Make an Abominable Snowman Mask. style
I came across a really great deal on some old rabbit hides this Spring and didn't know what to do with them. They where headed for the garbage can but but I made an offer and the farmer handed them ov...
Smoking & Erupting Volcano Tiki Costume style
This year for Halloween, I created a costume I have never seen executed anywhere else before...a Tiki-inspired volcano god. To take it that extra step from 'unique' to 'epic', I wanted to add some d...
Jack-in-the-Box Costume (Halloween 2011) style
Concept and process instructable for my Halloween 2011 Jack-in-the Box Costume! ALIVE! Induce nightmares in your friends and family by becoming an unnatural toy come to life! SEE! how I built a box t...
How to: Caulk a Bloody Brain Cap style
Make and wear your own bloody brain cap using a couple of tubes of latex caulking and a fitted ball cap! I wrote this project originally for Craft: http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2011/10/project_g...
Eggs and Bacon Costume style
Here are two adorable and funny costumes you can easily spin out of one project, Eggs and Bacon and Breakfast of Champions. Want to include your small-fry? I show you how to scale down the measurement...
Shredder & the Foot Clan Costumes style
Just because you're a female Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, doesn't mean you are stuck dressing as April O'Neil. Both of these costumes are quick and cheap to make and will have you terrorizing t...
Bebop & Rocksteady Costumes style
Everyone's favourite mutant rhino and warthog! Who wouldn't want to be the bad guys from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween?!
Han Solo in Carbonite Costume style
As a kid who always loved Halloween, I was fortunate enough to grow up with a Maker father who humored my every creative thought. Not only has he always been good at electronics (he worked at Bell Lab...
Conehead Zombie Costume (Plants vs Zombies) style
My six year old, like most little boys, loves video games. One of the games that he likes to play on the computer is Plants vs Zombies, where you save your house from a zombie invasion by planting dif...
The Birds Costume style
I made this costume last year, very last minute. It is very easy to make and very cheap. I love the movie "The Birds", so I decided to throw something together from the movie. My costume is the Melan...
Halloween Crow Costume style
This halloween I had a pair of black wings kicking around and rather than going as a lame "dark angel" I went as a monster crow. The mask has a moving jaw and is made out of recycled cardboard and pap...
Mach Hare Madness...for cheap (around $35) and in 5 days! style
For spirit week we had to dress up for Disney day, so I chose to go all out for my senior year. I wish I had taken pictures along the way, but hope this will help until my first 'REAL' Instructable. ...
Cheshire Cat Costume - Tim Burton style style
Hi! This is my first Instructable, so any useful feedback is helpful. For 2011, I decided that I would make a Cheshire Cat costume for a convention, as other members of my group were doing Tim Burto...
The Muppet Man Project style
Hey all, since Halloween is just around the corner I thought I'd share the steps I took to make my "Animal Head Mask". I have added a wee list of all the items I used to achieve this - feel free to us...
How to make a Scary Scarecrow Mask (With Moveable Jaw) style
This is my first instructable so bare with me please. Ill do my best to explain each step carefully and I hope this gives some people ideas or inspiration for other things.
DIY Heart Surgery Costume style
Moderately challenging, but immensely rewarding. Materials: -Upholstery foam -1/4" PVC pipe -Sheet steel -Duct Tape -Hot glue -Ping Pong balls -Red latex paint -Glad Press and Seal -Vaseline -Picture...
Wearable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume style
This year I wanted to try something a little different then my usual mash-up costumes. I decided to go big or go home and what better way to make something big then to inflate it. So this year I am go...
Wolverine Claws style
Want to make some super amazing Wolverine claws on the cheap? I made some for 5 dollars! Tools I used: Acetylene Cutting Torch (dremel or grinder would work) Bench Grinder Welder (I used an arc welder...
Youth Totoro Mascot Costume style
When asking my sons what they wanted to be this year we went through many possibilities. They both fixated on one of their favorite movies "My Neighbor Totoro" by Hayo Miyazaki. If you haven't watched...
Angry Birds Costume style
What happens when you have a college student, and friends who work? You get people with no lives and plenty of spare time on their hands. Well we found a couple Angry Birds costume online and we were...
Voltron Costume style
Voltron! Defender of the universe!  Definitely one of my favorite childhood toys.... so this year I decided to go big and try my hand at building a costume and also doing an instructable on it. First ...
Epic Mario Costume style
When I made this I didn't document it but I will still give you some information. If there are any questions afterward leave a comment and i will try to answer them. Also, please vote for me and le...
How to create a Slinky Dog costume! style
I have been an artist for years and I love to create and push myself beyond my limits! I have made original costumes in the past, but this year I really wanted to go all out! I am a senior art major a...
Plants vs. Zombies Costumes style
This Halloween my son Peter went  as a Threepeater from the game Plants vs. Zombies with a costume I made with my wife Terri. His pea shooters shot little green balls and he collected candy in a plant...
Man-eating shark costume style
I thought this might make a good first Instructable after the amazing reception it got at Spiders Nightclub's Halloween Party. I'd wanted to do something like this for a couple of years but never got ...
Yoda Costume for Baby style
There are lots of Star Wars costumes out there for babies. But they are expensive. Also, they're lame...like this one.  And it's more fun to make your own. The hardest part about making a baby costume...
The Flintstones Family Halloween Costumes style
I'm one of those mother's who LOVES for the family to dress up together! I also LOVE to make the costumes myself :) I thought I would share how I quickly (and inexpensively) put these family costumes ...
Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars, the Clone Wars style
My daughter really wanted to be Ahsoka Tano from Star wars, the clone wars, for Halloween. To get some idea's I looked around the Instructables website and found an Instructable here on how to make a ...
Wee Gnome Halloween Costume style
This is an adorable boy/girl costume that is quick and easy to whip up using things from your child's wardrobe.
How to put together an awesome pirate costume for Halloween! style
Avast there Mateys, so you want to be a Pirate!? Or rather you want to dress as a pirate for Halloween. Don't be tempted by those trashy looking ready made pirate outfits that cost a fortune and fa...
How to make a Hot Air Balloon Costume style
I was looking for a good Halloween costume this year. I wanted something original and hilarious. I think I accomplished both.
How to make an Anglerfish mask style
I wanted to make a Halloween costume that I could scare all the little Japanese kids with, and that I could take off quickly when dealing with stoic Japanese businessmen. So I needed something that wa...
1st project I ever made using Instructables style
I had looked at the site before and looked at all the amazing projects, but one day I decided I would give dannyeurena's  Optimus Prime Costume a shot.  Not only was it a fantastic 'able but I realize...
Coca-Cola Costume style
I painted everything, including a bar code, on the red fabric to look just like a bottle of Coke, then pinned it to a plain brown dress. The green mesh fabric is supposed to look like the classic gree...
This Instructable shows how to sculpt Princess Zelda's crown with Fimo clay!
Samurai on a Dime! A Construction Paper Samurai Costume~ style
This is a costume I made for my school's Hoops for Heart day, where whoever wore the most red got a prize. I was given a short amount of time and limited resources, so I did what I could and ended up ...
Gundam RX-78 Costume style
**If you like this costume, please vote for me in the instructables Halloween Contest! I will love you forever and give you a cookie!** Transformers are way too mainstream. So I made a Gundam Costum...
Samurai Armor (Total War: Shogun 2) style
In this fine Instructable i will be showing how to make a full suit of samurai armor that i got the idea off of the game Total War: Shogun 2 The Armor i built was a fairly simple design but due to my...
My daughter loves The Wizard of Oz, and wanted to be Dorthy. I thought it would be fun to take things a step further and add a flying monkey. I have to admit that flying monkeys, with a perma-grin are...
Cats Musical Costume style
Hi everyone! This is a costume I made based on the musical Cats. I made it by painting a unitard with fabric paints, knitting the arm and leg  warmers, tying the yarn onto a cord base to make the tail...
Cheshire Cat Costume style
Hello, everyone. Just wanted to show off a few 'action' poses for my Cheshire cat costume. I have a full Instructable, in case you are interested in making your own awesome costume. You can use the...
Bioshock..Big Daddy, Little Sister and Splicer style
So what do you do when you ask your 6yr old daughter what to be for Halloween, and her reply is.. for me to be Big Daddy, her the "Little Sister" and the mom a "splicer. I guess you better get buildi...
How to make a Dragon Skull style
I have to do a Dragon body paint next month and I wanted a nice interesting Headpiece. having very little money I thought I would make one. here's how i made mine. It would probably be possible to m...
Predator Bio Mask - Pepakura (updated) style
I made a Master Chief Helmet from Halo a couple of years back for a space girl shoot. I didn't really finish it to a high standard, just painted it up with all the facets still in place. Seemed to loo...
Foam Predator Mask style
Having made the plasma caster and the Bio helmet, I next wanted a full (and realistic) Predator mask. The normal way that these are made is to sculpt in clay, take a mould of the sculpt and then cast...
Foam Predator Mask style
Having made the plasma caster and the Bio helmet, I next wanted a full (and realistic) Predator mask. The normal way that these are made is to sculpt in clay, take a mould of the sculpt and then cast...
Spartan, Greek or Trojan type Helmet style
I had some materials left lying around the workshop, so I though I might have a go at making a Greek style helmet. I'd seen the ones from the Film Troy, and 300 but a search of the interweb threw up L...
Spartan, Greek or Trojan type Helmet style
I had some materials left lying around the workshop, so I though I might have a go at making a Greek style helmet. I'd seen the ones from the Film Troy, and 300 but a search of the interweb threw up L...
How to make an armour mask style
I wanted to make a mask / helmet for a fancy dress ball. The method used here could construct any rough and battle damaged type of helmet, from ancient Sparta and Greece to Roman or even Medieval or ...
Cast latex backbone and a scorpion SFX design. style
This will be my final Instructable on using liquid latex for costume design. For two part mould casting I tend to use gelatin ..... but that's another 'ible. We are going to look at casting raw latex...
Making an SFX Headpiece style
I have been asked to produce an Instructable on making the headpiece I used for this promo costume. It's not difficult and you could adapt it to suit a number of different types of headgear. This one...
Effective prosthetics for your YouTube videos style
This Instructable will show you how to make effective prosthetic SFX for your pictures, Halloween or Role Play costumes, or YouTube videos. The main material is liquid latex, so a few words of warnin...
How to make a Darth Nihilus mask from the game KOTOR (knights of the old republic) style
   This mask can not only be used for a Darth Nihilus mask but also just a mask for Halloween.There are quite a few suplies and here they are. -paper- -tinfoil- -spakling- -flour- -water- -fiberglas...
Fallout 3- Brotherhood of Steel Helmet style
In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a helmet based on the Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout 3.  The finished helmet is comprised of a main body and a series of numerous attached accessori...
Cardboard Samurai Armor That Looks Authentic style
I have to give credit to a lot of people for this instructable, particularly Atrophius for his award winning instructable, which was my inspiration. I actually wanted to create a whole set out of sint...
How to scratchbuild a Boba Fett costume- using cardboard! style
This Halloween I wanted to make a really cool costume but I had a very tight budget. So I looked around the garage and I found a couple of sheets of cardboard, some blue foam, plastic sheet, some bro...
Halloween Halo Project on a budget style
Last Halloween I wanted to do something really epic. so I decided to try and build pepakura halo armor, but after i did some research i realized i didn't have the dough i needed to build a really nice...
Pikachu costume/cosplay! style
I threw this costume together with virtually no planning beforehand and finished it four hours before I was supposed to be at the party. I originally fancied making an instructable for it, but I think...
Creating Helmets and Armor from Videogames for Fun and Profit! style
This Instructable will present my somewhat peculiar method for creating replicas of helmets and armor from video games. Admittedly I'm not the world's greatest sculptor, and to make up for my lack of ...
Here's how to make a low budget Iron helmet from the Elder Scrolls V... ~An entry in the Make it real challenge~
Optimus Prime style
Foil tape, duct tape, stryrofoam, spray paint, and metal flashing...yup, that pretty much sums him up :)
Arduino-controlled, Aluminum Archangel Costume Wings style
I have always loved the Marvel character Archangel. When my brother, (Shameless plug alert) budding comic book artist David Fernandez, showed me pics of a cosplay convention he went to I thought "woul...
Deepsea Murloc Hat style
Deepsea murlocs appeared in Azeroth after the Cataclysm.  They can be found in the depths of the Great Sea in areas like Vashj'ir, just off the coast of Khaz Modan and Stormwind.  Unlike their amphibi...
Make your own Arkham Batman Cowl style
Create your own batman costume using similar, if not the same steps as I myself use. I've had a lot of batman fans ask if I can make them a "batcostume" of some form, my response is usually "make it ...
Grimlock Cosplay/Costume style
So I went and made a Grimlock costume. It's all cardboard and krylon spraypaint. it was quite the experience to make.  I wanted to make a very exciting costume for a recent convention that involved T...
How to make a pair of Angel Wings style
In this Instructable I will explain how to make a pair of wings which could be used to dress up as an angel, bird, or anything else with feathered wings (for example certain species of dragon).  My bl...
EVA Foam Armor - Helm style
First off, thanks for checking out my tutorial! I'm always open to suggestions and discussion about my process, so please feel free to comment below. Also feel free to comment if you have questions re...
Octopus Mask style
This is an instructable on how to make a masquerade mask octopus style. This was not the planned project for this valentines day, but was much better than my actual idea so I squashed my efforts in a ...
How to make a cardboard costume helmet style
Here's how to make a low cost costume helmet using cardboard. Helmets are usually one of the hardest and most expensive parts to make for a cool Halloween costume so here's a simple method I use. The ...
Homemade ancient war clothes style
It's my history project ( I decide to make my room museum :D) this is ancient uniform with litorax, shield, sowrd!  It's made with carboard and can be wear, you can decorate your room too... Things y...
How to make a kids Halloween Musketeer costume style
Here's a really simple childrens Halloween costume. My 2 1/2 year old son had a blast wearing it! He kept dropping his sword in his quest for candy.....
How to make ancient helmet ( + video) style
This is macedonian ancient helmet, from the time of Alexander the Great. It's made of carboard and can be wear, you can decorate your room or on Halloween! I made video to show you how to make it â–º ...
Ancient helmet style
It's from carboard on eazy way, it's not so important the final look, can be wear! If you want fun just do it!
Super Stilts style
Ever had the desire to be really tall? or be able to dunk a basketball? or to see what the world looks like if you were tall? Well for all you short people here's the answer! All you gotta do is build...
Predator Latex Mask and Bio-Helmet style
So you want to be Predator for Halloween, for a movie, or just because. Great. Don't we all? Where to get a good mask? Mass-produced ones look like crap, custom-made ones cost a small fortune. Just ma...
Latex Mask Part 2: Molding the Sculpt and Casting Latex style
This is part 2 of an Instructable which will show you how to make a latex mask. In Part 1, we made a 2-part plaster mold of our head and used it to make a clay copy. Now, we will be taking the clay sc...
How to make a shark costume style
This is a guide to making a great white shark costume, out of foam. 
How to Create a Kevin Costume (The Bird from UP) style
As many of you know me from my Slinky Dog Costume of last Halloween 2010, I would like to still introduce myself. I am an artist and graphic designer who has currently graduated with a B...
Corporate Tyrannosaurus Rex Halloween Costume style
"Bronto-belly futures are up?! Buy! BUY!!" If dinosaurs ruled the earth, how would it be different? My Halloween costume is a study in the corporate dinosaur. He's still ferocious, although more so ...
Harry Potter Death Eater Costume, with
Here's a project that's been in the works for a while, but is now finally complete. It's a full Death Eater costume based on the designs from the later Harry Potter films If you like the final cost...
Werewolf Stilts, digitigrade legs. style
The epic costume requires much preparation. Inspired by the designs from supernatural themed movies these stilts are metal and plastic which makes for a safer and longer wearable appendage. All of t...
Jack Skellington Puppet/Costume style
I wanted to dress up as Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas for Dragon Con '07. However, it is impossible to make a good Jack costume because his proportions are so drastically diffe...
$10 Halloween Costume style
Here is an idea for a fun, inexpensive halloween costume.  The costume is good for groups... of up to 52!
Predator Helmet style
Turtle shell motorcycle helmet cardboard (pizza box) frisbee water hose duct tape rope light weight clay hot glue gun
     Ok this costume came to me in my sleep actually it chased me for about 8 hours, it was a long night!      For the Arm and Leg extensions I picked a Werewolf but this instructable will work for...
Optimus Prime Transformers Costume style
An Optimus Prime costume I made in 5 days for about $20. Mostly made from lots of cardboard, cereal boxes, velcro, hot glue and superglue, among other things. I took it out to a midnight showing of...
Plants vs. Zombies style
My boys love playing the "plants vs. zombies" video game so I decided to make their costumes. For the Zombie: I paper mached a 12" balloon and added dimension by using newspaper and masking tape. I p...
Zombie Makeup style
Transform a victim into the walking dead.  Loads of fun for parties, photo shoots, or just hitting the drive thru. Superawesomeamazing photos: Raphael Leib. Kind and patient model: Gustavo Bimbela
building an Eve costume from Disney/Pixar's Wall-E style
My 9 year old daughter wanted to go as Eve (from Disney/Pixar's Wall-E film), but there were no costumes for sale. So we decided to build one. It took a few evenings, but was a big hit.For this Inst...
How to make a Corvid costume style
I can't remember why, but having a Halloween party coming up I decided to dress as a monstrous-Crow / Raven (big black bird) The best thing about a self-made costume is you can be fairly certain no ...
Bowser Costume style
Hello there! Bowser was my first choice to put up on instructables.com because it’s one I can easily access photos and video right  now and I tend to get the most questions on. Though I’ve learned t...