K'nex Gearbox: Make Your Motor 6x Faster/slower!





Introduction: K'nex Gearbox: Make Your Motor 6x Faster/slower!

About: I make instructables. I also have a YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/Lowneification!

Make your battery or mains or even wind up motor more than 6 times faster than it's normal speed!



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    Also check out mine, i dont mean to take peoples attention away from this great gearbox but i was wondering if anyone could encase mine for me

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    sure I'll check it out

    thanks, thinking of making an ible for you, might even show people how to put this into a car :)

    Thanks, but don't worry about it: I think this slide-show is enough and it's not the most practical gear box either. Maybe you should make an improved, more compact one :)

    Ok. Check out my gearbox. I made a pickup truck with my gearbox . should i post


    Why did you post the same comment 3 times with slightly different wording lol? Anyway it looks kinda nice, but the body could do with a little beefing up, and the resolution of the images is quite low there. There are some great car instructables on this site to give you inspiration! I have a couple of tank designs on my instructables page too but I don't know how possible it is to modify those designs to allow for this gear box. These pictures look like a good first prototype though!

    i dont now how that happened lol

    oh yeah and btw; it hasnt got enough power. let me mod it and ill post when im done; oh yeah and what do you think of my gearbox

    Oh yeah, I was going to put a comment but I forgot! It's nice, pretty compact and such. If I had to suggest an improvement then maybe the stand could be made a little bit less skeletal but overall it's pretty good

    lol; didnt i write its for use without the stand

    Hey Lowney, check my gearbox: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-gearbox-2/

    It has just been posted!

    I know you problably won't like it because you can not see how it works, but I just wanted to show 'ya it (:

    It's made for functional purposes.

    The design is so basic it doesn't really warrant a full instructable, however, if you're struggling just pause the video, and there are some photos in the comment section :)

    Yeah, this is compatible with all the motors, but they all have varying torque levels so you could have more/less levels than mine :)

    put vegetable oil on it it makes it a ton more faster i did it with mine which is heavily modified with a huge motor attached to it and it went at least as fast as 7000 rpms

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    awesome, if you put a video up on youtube or something then that would be cool. My youtube is "Lowneification" so you could send a link to my inbox there if you upload it :D
    Check out my Youtube channel too, it's got some cool non-k'nex stuff there :P

    Cool, I guess your motor has more torque than mine, mine could never power a gearbox that big XD