Picture of Ultimate K'nex  Grenade- With Pin!
a modification to a famous knex grenade by halo99. except without the shrapnel, and with 3 rubber bands.


16 red connectors
8 yellow connectors
2 white connectors
2 single slot connectors
a yellow rod
a grey spacer
a Y black connector


Step 1: The Pin

Picture of The Pin
This is the most simple thing in the world, second to rocket science of course.
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nice guitar dude
I was building this and when I put the rubber band on the grenade imploded!
jmiester4 years ago
Dude i had to wrap my bands around twice, and when i tested the pin, it actually crushed in the middle a bit, so it was bent inward. however, when i reinserted the pin, it went back to normal. VERY POWERFUL WEAPON!
POB!5 years ago
 What guitars do you have?
willdel545 POB!4 years ago
I got an electric-acoustic.

legogunman6 years ago
this was so hard lol
thats what she said
Derpancakes4 years ago
Love it!! Easy to build, awesome range and lots of shrapnel!! *****
MP 425 years ago
please layout your instructions
TheName5 years ago
 I looked at the knex website and apparently you can order knex parts individually. If I were to buy the parts for this grenade, it would cost me a grand total of $5.48 US currency. That's kinda expensive.
 yup, which is why you ALWAYS buy in bulk
Mudbud5 years ago
is there anything inside it
afleticwork5 years ago
ok some one needs to make a knex gernade that has a timed delay
Viccie did.
asteinhorn5 years ago
 built it, it completely rocks! I give it 9/10, -1 because sometimes it can be annoying to put together.  But it definitely works, doesn't use up too many pieces, and can be made in less then 5 minutes.  :D
halo995 years ago
lol nice mod to my grenade! nice job
~Z~5 years ago
Im CoNfUsEd CaN yOu PoSt MoRe PiCs?
lewismarsh6 years ago
do you click em in other wise is so hard to keep em there??
The Jamalam7 years ago
i like the grenade, but what is the rollercoaster in the bg?
custom with screamin serpent parts. glad i could help!:)
f U N
im building a jurrasic park knex rollercoaster!
Favourite movie
lost worlds my favorite(the way us americans spell what you guys spell as favourite)
cool, will the roller coaster have like a track like the movie, or will it be a dinosaur themed mayham park
well... i kinda let my second motor to power the t-rex into my sisters view. shes five, but shes wrecked lego models, knex stuff, and a nerf gun(at least dad got me another recon).wouldnt be a whole lot of fun to watch without it. its still in the design phase, too. oh, are you going to see the fourth one thats comin out soon???
you bet! It won't be very good though, what I liked about the first one was how there was the guy who hates kids with the two kids, andhis girlfriend was trying to save them, but they wrecked it in number 3, with his girlfriend marrying someone else.
The Knexpert (author) 6 years ago
If it doesn't work you are doing something wrong... Thanks for the comments!
salemance256 years ago
This gernade rocks and hurts
Hiyadudez6 years ago
Is that a custom caoster from the scremin' serpents roller coaster set in the background?
osi6 years ago
lol, on every single website my user is the knexpert, except for this one.
olim6 years ago
When I tried to put on the y clip, the grenade kept falling apart.
spacecappa6 years ago
do the rubber bands have to be tight
rootbeer966 years ago
nice gernade dude
The Knexpert (author) 7 years ago
Millennium force.
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