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Introduction: Ultimate Loft Bed

I made this Loft Bed to take advantage of a very small room in my house. It features a built in shelf unit and a loft night stand. the desk in some of the pictures is puchased not built there are some new ideas to Instructables in this design but I took Instruction (Mostly inspiration) from these instructables:

Loft Bed
Big Sturdy Loft Bed
Pipe Loft Bed



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hey great instructable! i just had an idea tho! since you seem like an expert on the loft bed experience, i decided to drop you a line here--ok so instead of this, the bed will be totally connected to the wall and not the floor, ie. bolted the wall without leg supports and rope/chain from the wall to the other end of the bed, sort of like the baby changing stations, where it folds, except no hinges! haha not sure if you got that _

Look up 1 legged loft bed, it is sorta what you are talking about.
Otherwise Hanging loft bed exists too.

Finally, the ultimate loft bed that I have ever seen is at someone I know's house:
They have the top floor studio apartment with high cielings - and there are steel support bar thingies on top: The bed is attached to the steel rafters, hanging (And it is *really* high up!)

Sorry if this makes no sense :D

I think if you did it right, your idea would turn out looking AWESOME!

this is really cool. is it a twin bed? I wanna make this for my bed but its a queen size i wonder if it will work

 i have a loft now, and i thought making it 6 feet high would be cool, because i have 10 foot ceilings... as it turns out, the ceiling is 9.5 feet, and my mattress is too thick... i will cut a foot or two off of the bottom. so as a note, measure your clearance first! 

that's actually not really necessary unless you plan on standing on top of the bed, i build myself a loft last weekend for my king size bed, the original plan was only to have it 3 ft off the floor for some shelving and whatnots, but ended up making the bottom of the mattress 4 feet so i could put my computer down there, i've still got plenty of room between my mattress and my 8 foot ceiling, just over 3 feet, i could use less, still have plenty of room to sit up and climb in and out of bed

 I have that same alarm clock!!!!!!!!... haha that aside, i'm definitely going to make a loft bed now! heck yes :)

how high is the bed off the floor? how big is the room 10 x 10, 8 x 10? thanks for sharing your instructable. i made a loft for my son as well. it was a short one 30 inches off the floor. My son loves it and plays underneath.

I will try and get some for you in the new year