Ultimate M4 Barrel





Introduction: Ultimate M4 Barrel

This is almost exactly the same size as a real one and it can be used on a working gun. The red connectors prevent it from collapsing.

I've decided to make my own M4 to go with this barrel. You can still attach it to your own, just give me credit for it if you post it on a slideshow or instructable.



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with mlcad sorry for late reply. search mlcad knex in google and there should be alink to an 'ible about it.

I'm making an M16A4 and'll probably use this hadguard, but my initial design tells me that the handguard needs to be bigger... Any ideas on how to extend it?

ima put this on an untangle. i destroy and rebuild the untangle so much that my fingers start to lose feeling... this barrel looks easier on my fingers.. D:

Pretty good........ pretty good. VERY original. Not bad at all. 4 stars, and good night to all :).

not that original

this is just an interesting take on mine (sigh, and motabois) M4 barrel...

but nice also..

Oh wow, I just looked at yours and didn't realize that there was one so similar, I'd never looked at the structure before. This one's still a bit better though.

the main reason is better is because its wider, and the hole in the middle can easily fit a bullet, where mine was a tighter squeeze...

plus Oblivitus` is easier to connect to a barrel and the connections arent flimsy;what i mean is if u took long grey rods and put them down the 4 holes in the middle of the half snow flake connecters u can easily add a snow flake to the end of it with a better connection and it looks better because the barrel isnt tilting downards

i think mine suits an M16a3 model better also, to put this on my m4 would make the rest of the gun seem smaller.