I was really surprised that there isn't a comprehensive Nintendo DS hacking Instructable here, so I thought it was my calling. I have been researching the NDS hacking scene for quite some time now, and this instructable is the dedicated outcome of all my findings.

As with my other instructables, I have written this one is such a way that it will save you the time of doing the research for yourself. Now you have more free time to explore instructables and come up with other amazing inventions! I thank everyone on this site for doing the same for me!

That said this very comprehensive instructable will seem a little bit verbose, or even selfindulgent at times, so please forgive me for that. My objective is to concatenate about a year's research and thought into this self contained guide to undertanding the NDS hacking scene and from there on making your own hardware and software choices.

These are the subjects I will be instructing on:

1. General information about hacking the DS
2. Product reviews and suggestions
3. Gaming and Homebrew application reviews
4. Emulators for SNES, Genesis and GBA games that run on the NDS
5. Accessories and Instructables associated with the DS.

I will be updating this instructable, whenever I come across some new tips and tricks related to the DS. I am sure this will end up being a pretty long instructable. I decided against splitting it, so hope you guys and girls appreciate having everything in one place.

Disclaimer Type Statement:You will not find direct links to DS game roms on this instructable, for obvious reasons. These are very easy to find on your own if you choose to do so. You can only download DS roms if you own the orinignal game and want to keep it safe from hard. The NDS can be modified freely to enhance its abilties through homebrew applications and games. Some are so amazing you will not believe it when you see them!

In the next step you will find some general information about the NDS >>

Step 1: The Need to Hack the Nintendo DS Lite

I recently took the plunge and tried out mobile gaming and my life will never be the same.

I chose the NDS Lite over the PSP as my initial purchase simply because I wanted to explore the features available through the touch-screen. This adds greatly to the gaming experience, which is in balance with the more & mature titles that the PSP enjoys, such as FFVII and Gods of War.

After some research I discovered a wide range of custom applications that can be run on the Nintendo DS ranging from homebrew PDA like applications, video, audio, image viewers and even an online browser and a very very fascinating wifi applications.

Last but not least, you can collect all of your games on one memory card and play your game backups without the need to switch out cartridges! You will have to own the original cartridge of course, which you can leave safely in its original case, on your shelf. It took me breaking 2 and loosing 3 of my game cartridges, to realise that I need another way of storing my games.

So what you'll find here are tutorials and reviews of the NDS homebrew scene, NDS hardware and peripherals and of course instructables on other things you can do with or to the NDS.

In the next step you will find information on flashcarts - your portal to unlocking the NDS >>
<p>verry informative thank you i will definately look back over this again. maby some time ill mod my ds lite and explore what all they are capable of.</p>
<p>it is still very overwhelming, looking at the plentiful choice.</p><p>I just need something that has NES, SNES, Genesis, MAME with save capabilities. </p><p>no homebrew, no mp3, no videos</p><p>Which one should I go for ?</p>
just so you know dude they are not called flashcarts, they are called flashcards. just had to say since every time you say the word flashcarts a red line show up under it. But you must not have seen it all the times it showed up. just wanted to let you know.
<p>recklesskiba, the term &quot;flashcart or flash-cart&quot; dates back decades. It originates from cartridges that were &quot;flashable&quot; where they could be erased and loaded with a new ROM. The technology has gone from carts that can hold one game, to carts that can accept removable media that holds many games.</p>
The two terms are interchangable. The term &quot;Flash-Cart&quot; was left over from GBA accessories which accepted a game CART you would FLASH and hack. <br> <br>Interesting you get red lines under main text in a webpage... thought those only come up in editors. <br> <br>Thanks for commenting. Anything to contribute to the DS scene? I've been out of the game for a few months,
I kind of just assumed that cart was short for cartridge, and this whole time I thought the term flashcart was right. lol <br> <br> <br>on a more serious note, thank you so much for this walkthrough! you rock man
The link for The EZ3in1 Rumble Ram is dead could you please provide another one in which we can buy it from off of a legit website
<p>You can find it here: <a href="http://www.3dscardshop.com/ez-3in1-extension-kit-slot-2-card-black-for-nintendo-ds-lite.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.3dscardshop.com/ez-3in1-extension-kit-s...</a></p><p>I can say from experience 3dscardshop is a legit site. It used to be dsflashcards.net, which is where I got my Acekard 2i from.</p>
<p>AHHHHH OVERWHELMED WITH HACKING!!!!! Oh just wondering does this do anything to the nds?</p>
<p>ummm, I have a sd card adapter and i would like to know if i would work instead of a usb adapter</p>
<p>micro sd adapter that looks like a sd card but it can use a micro sd in the top slot that i can read on my computer</p>
<p>its a crucial micro sd adapter</p>
<p>Sould i get an iEdge or Edge i have a ds lite and a dsi</p>
<p>would this work on a DSi instead of a DS lite? </p>
ds scene is dead.....
Great instructable!!! Keep using it for reference.
four words on emulators; <br>DO<br>A<br>BARREL<br>ROLL!
Emulation is completely legal. You just gotta own legit copies of the games.
try zhuzhuchina.com way cheeper than yours and free shipping
Do you know where i can get an acekard 2i in the uk, my r4 broke so im looking @ getting a new slot 1 flash cart<br><br>I don't particulary want to buy from america/china/japan<br><br>thx if you can help
how do you get a internet browser?
Can i colaborate? i have some more infomation for the stuff
sweet, i'm an r4 guy myself, i like the built in cheats and the preinstalled moonshell.
Great Instructable! If you want to make your homebrew apps more powerful, <a href="http://www.modd3d.com/articles/item/overclock-your-nintendo-ds-lite" rel="nofollow">consider overclocking your DS.</a>
Epic Instructable - 5 stars!<br /> We have a DSLite with CycloDS but it's a while since I&nbsp;checked out what's available on the homebrew scene.&nbsp; I see things have moved on.<br />
Godd posting.&nbsp; thank you. I got r4i flash cart from gamehouse88.com. I Think this artice is good for me.<br />
Nice 'ible. Thx for sharing. Now I have some new games for my DS. I had already bought the R4 Revolution card like, 4 months ago.&nbsp; Thx again.

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