This recipe requires only five ingredients, it's quick and filled with deliciousness.

1 Cup Flour
1 Cup Milk
4 Tablespoons Butter
Dash of Salt
6 Eggs

Cast Iron Skillet
(or two Pie Pans)
Mixing Bowl

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Farenheit, place butter & pan in the oven. While the butter is melting, combine Milk, Flour, Eggs, & Salt. Whisk the mixture until well blended and smooth.

Carefully remove pan from the oven, and pour the mixture over the melted butter. Cook the Pancake for 20-24 minutes.

Drizzle melted jam over the pancake and add some fresh fruit. It's a fantastic meal!


finally got around to trying the recipe. Rave reviews all around the table. :)
I'm glad it as enjoyed! :)
this looks very similar to the Yorkshire pudding my mom used to make when i was a little kid.<br> <br> I think the only difference is that she would use the drippings from the roast to make the Yorkshire pudding.<br> <br> don't let the &quot;pudding&quot; in the name fool you. It is more of a light fluffy bread consistency, and it is soooooooooo yummy.
Yes... I agree. Nice custardy, puddingish, breadalicious... oven thing. Homey and wonderful.
That is amazing! I have heard of Yorkshire pudding, but I have to admit that I picture instant cold puddings when I hear "pudding." I like the name :) That thing sure comes out big when it's done!
It's also how we make Yorkshire pudding!
Yes, it has many names. I prefer calling it a pudding, but most people don't know what I'm talking about. Americans typically think pudding is the 'Instant Cold Puddings.'<br><br>I couldn't think of a name for all they types... so I just chose &quot;Ultimate Pancake.&quot; Not very creative... but good food.
Also known as a &quot;Dutch Baby Pancake&quot;.<br><br>Ditto and the &quot;deliciousness&quot;. My wife makes these from time to time, and it's always a hit with visitors.

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