Little intro into this. 
Pacman, space invaders, namco chair.
this took about 4 weeks, lots of work.
i wanted a chair to put in my room for when i play my playstation and stuff.
i looked online and i couldnt find any chairs the suited my taste. i wanted a chair that showed my love for video games.
the closest thing i could find was a large pacman chair that was about $5000, i thought. 
i could make a better chair for much less then that. and know you can too!!
materials you will need.
-Large sheet of Primed MDF board. (sides, front, top, armrest)  
-plywood. (sides, top and front)
-striaght wood (i used about 70mm x 50mm i think) about 15 - 20meters.
-non primed mdf board. about 600 x 600 (seat)
-about 30 metal 90 degree elbow joints.
-gloss black 2 pack paint.
-oil or water based paint, light blue, dark blue, red, orange, yellow.)
-red vinal.
speakers and a sub.

Step 1: Step 1 !! Design!

i made the chair exactly to my size. i used a computer chair to find out how much lean i like to sit at. 
measured the size of my legs so i know that my feet would be flat on the floor but still having my legs on the chair.

i used a computer to draw up exactly what i wanted. i wanted pacman sides, namco front and space invader middle.
i origonaly wanted Nintendo at the front, but realised nintendo didnt do any of them so changed it to namco.
after hours on the computer i knew if i had too much on the sides then it would just look way to crowded.
and with the odd shape i designed would be hard to get pacman level to fit in.

so you have to make sure you know what all the measurements will be to match your size the best. 

<p>awsome man</p>
<p>Awesome great job!!!</p>
pac-man and space invaders is not nintendo
Yeah I know, hence why I didn't put Nintendo on the chair and put namco instead :)
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, now that is a thing of beauty. Many kudos!

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