Introduction: Ultimate Pen/ Pencil Launcher Made From School Utencils!

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This being my first instructable i decided to make an easy one as i am still new to the idea.

In the following instructable i will show you how to make the worlds great pencil launcher by making a cross between

First you will need to gather the following:

1 ballon (3 for insurance if it brakes)
1 thin pencil/pen
and 1 pull apart pen with a decent size hollow tube(you may use any hollow tube/ what ever works for you.)

Step 1: Insert Pen Tube Into Ballon

Picture of Insert Pen Tube Into Ballon

Just what the title says

Step 2: Final Step

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Insert Pencil and Pull Back and Let Go Making Sure that you hand is hold the ballon on to the tube (Just remember when pulling ballon to make sure you still have the ballon in your hand.)

You May want to tie a rubber band around the ballon to fully attach it but i couldnt find one.

From TimCoves

feed back would cool especially if good!


35Timmy (author)2011-07-29

you know that pencil shooter is powerfull enough to shoot right into a wooden door there for treat it as if it were a real firearm

BruceLeeKills (author)2009-09-27

Its funny how your using a tube that says WA Police when at my school you can get suspended for that.

THESTU (author)2009-04-12

Cool Sadly I can find a hollow tube so I'll get one and write again!

TimCoves (author)2008-01-23

lol havent been on here in ages become a digg junky/ playing games from bali (loving crysis but honestly whats with the core chapter!) but anyway that now was a typo it was supposed to be not

xrobevansx (author)2007-04-08

pay attention in school and stop fooling around. It's "utensils"

Mad Cat (author)xrobevansx2007-04-17

Aw come on.. Don't you ever get bored at school?

im_tux (author)Mad Cat2008-01-22

yea its kinda cool we had a teacher who couldent see anything we played with rubbing alachol (the teachers hee) and you can guess what we did. (ill hint ya boom)

unmdec (author)2007-04-26

me and my buddies make stuff like this all the time.are teacher actully gave us the day off to make the best "creation" we could cause we were doin it so much and she couldnt stop us.HA HA HA HA

twenglish1 (author)unmdec2008-01-19

where do you go to school, i always get into trouble for makin stuff like this in school

dezire (author)2007-05-22

You got a baloon at school? I thought that they weren't aloud in school because of the particles in them. Some kids might be allergic to baloon rubber or w/e's in that/those thing/things..oh well,we have diff. schools...5/10. ~DEZIRE @(>_<)@

Sgt.Waffles (author)2007-04-06

This is just essentially a glove gun. Same concept. not a whole lot of difference. Use the search bar. This is on here already, numerous times.

TimCoves (author)Sgt.Waffles2007-04-06

i live in Western Australia now washington cant you tell from the coat of arms and the pen is/ was my dads

Mad Cat (author)TimCoves2007-04-17

And I thought I was the only Aussie here...

bigpinecone (author)2007-04-06

what washington do u live in? pretty good, could use some work tho

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