Ultimate Phone Camera Hack.... Increase Zoom by Almost 10x





Introduction: Ultimate Phone Camera Hack.... Increase Zoom by Almost 10x

Have a broken Laser lying around? Well, Then use it to enhance your phone's zoom.... A laser pointer has a very powerful lens that can be zoomed to magnify images up to 10x.... This is an amazing camera hack that provides mind blowing pictures after....

You can watch the video of its making here....

If you don't want to, Read on...

It's reeeeaaaally easy.... With only Two steps...

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Step 1: Requirements....

Just 3 requirements :-

1. Pliers

2. Broken Laser

3. Hairpin

That's it!!! Let's get started...

Step 2: Open the Laser...

Take your Pliers and open your Laser.... We're Looking for a really small lens... Find it and keep it aside.

Step 3: Unite the Lens and the Hairpin ;-)

Insert The Lens in the Hairpin as shown in the pic and Tape the pin on your Phone's back such that The Hairpin Lens falls directly over the camera's lens....

Viola! You're done!!!! Go try out the camera for yourself... You'll be surprised by its magnification....

Tips : Keep the camera close to the object you want to click... Wait till the image is clear and focused....

Step 4: Some Clicks...

Here are some clicks taken using the Hairpin-Lens Hack... It's really simple, Affordable and can be made easily in any household. So, What're you waiting for? Go Try it out ;-)

(Psst... Zoom in to see the ant's eyes and yes, that's paper...)

I really recommend that you watch the video...

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A cd-rom / DVD-rom lens will be better.

nice tutorial.

Yup... Any small and powerful lens would work. I chose Laser Pointer because it's easy to obtain the lens from :)

Actually works better than expected lol

I think this would be great if it could be incorporated into a case via 3d printing


Unfortunately, I don't have access to a 3D printer :(