Ultimate Sander





Introduction: Ultimate Sander

Have you ever wanted a sander,but is too expensive??
Now you can make one much more cheap.
By hacking you can make one under 10$.
Behold the ULTIMATE SANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For POCKET SIZED don't see steps 4 &5.
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Step 1: Parts

 1. Anything that reads CD/DVD
 2. Battery holders
 3. Batteries
 4. CD
 5. Cardboard Box
 6. Cardboard
 1. Sissor
 2. X acto knife
 3. Soldering gun
 4. Screwdrivers
 5.Gorilla Glue
 6. Gorilla tape

Step 2: Hack

Hack the CD/DVD head

Step 3: Hacking Again

Remove the optical head of the CD drive.The optical head is the part in the middle of the hacked CD drive.Identifiable features-lens,moves on a worm gear,connected to a secondary smaller motor.

Step 4: Battery Pack

 First strengthen the edges of the box to make it tough.
 Also add gorilla tape.
 Now Solder the battery holders together.
 Then solder the switch.
 Then make 2 large wires extend out.

Step 5: Connections

Connect the CD head motor to the battery pack .

Step 6: Cardboard

Cut cardboard strip the size of the space in the optical head and attach.

Step 7: Sand Bit

Cut the CD such that only the white optical part does not get damaged. Then cut the sand paper such that it fits on cut CD strip. Then glue together the cut CD & Sandpaper cutout.

Step 8: Let It SAND!!!

 Now to sand attach the sand bit with the sandpaper side on front.

Step 9: Mod

If wanted you can attach a small battery holder on the back & make it portable, because you would use less battery power i would advise to change the motor.



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we can make a sander with a plain old small dc motor because , i cant break my cd/dvd player ,,

can we???

Neat! How much load can it handle?

The motor said 2500 rpm & start time 30s.i'm not very sure about what you ment by load i'm only 13

Alright, here's what we can figure out. Some of the first things you should know to figure out how 'strong' this sander is are the speed of the device by itself, the radius of the device (center of motor to outside of blade), the amount of mass the sander can handle (try attaching different amounts of weight and find out the least amount of weight needed to stop it when the sander's circular face is pointing toward you and factor gravity in). Using some of these numbers we can figure out just how much torque the sander can exhibit. Torque is basically the rotational force (how hard the sander pushes at an angle) and can be used to calculate how 'strong' your sander is. Now I'm not going to try to explain it all, but it would benefit you to visit the Wikipedia page on Torque. It probably won't be that strong, as the motor is made for lighter objects, and of course the wider the blade, the weaker the force it can exert (basically leverage)....

Basically what I learned is that since it is a cd motor the torque is less.So for better results try sanding near the center.This is because- Torque=force*distance. Here the torque is constant and with a decrease in distance the force increases. But with an increase in distance the total force decreases.

In this case you can think of load as resistance. If you were sanding something you are causing a resistance to the plate spinning, causing the disk to slow down. If you apply too much load to your motor it will slow down and eventually stop.
Commercial sanders compensate for this by having a high torque on the motors they use, since the motor used here was never intended to be impeded I'm wondering how much load it can be under and still effectively work.

As it was a CD/DVD player it will have enough power to spin a CD/DVD. And probably not much more. No high torque here. Just enough to get a still CD to move.

the motor said 2500 rpm and start time 30s.i'm not sure what you meant by load??

Cool idea Mr.Chandrahas Aroori. Keep posting creative & ideas, i will try them with my kid.