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Like the title says, this is probably the most simple "ball machine" yet on instructables.

Basically the chain lift pulls the ball up the slope, and then the ball falls back down.

This is also the shortest ball machine at 4 1/2 inches tall. It is also 6 by 8 inches length and widthwise.

It doesn't use very many pieces, so no need to take apart anything to make it.

Finally, if anyone has any helpful tips for me (I'm new at making ball machines), that'd be greatly appreciated.

Step 1: Pieces Needed

The List of Pieces are needed as so...

1 Red rod
7 Yellow Rods
2 Blue rods
15 White rods
14 Green Rods
6 Dark Gray Connectors (1 slot)
1 Light Grey Connector (2 Slot, or 45 degrees)
5 Orange Connectors
5 Red Connectors (3 slot, or 90 degrees)
1 Yellow Connector (5 slot, or 180 degrees)
19 3D Purple (180 degrees of 4 slot) Connectors
9 3D Blue (360 degrees of 7 slot) Connectors
2 Red Gears
7 Chain Links
3 Blue spacers
2 Gray Spacers
2 Tan Locks (AKA Tan Clip Connector)
4 Metallic Blue Clip Connector
1 Motor
1 ball (and no more!)
2 Black rod +Connector

and the total number is....a whopping.......108 pieces.

Step 2: Base Section 1

Picture of Base Section 1

Pieces Required:
4 Green Rods
11 White Rods
2 Blue rods
14 3D Purple (4 slot or 180 degree) Connectors
6 3D Blue (7 slot of 360 degree) Connectors

Pic 1 is of the bottom part of section 1. Its a basic rectangular prism, where green rods are the height, and white rods are the length and width. Pic 2 is of the front of the bottom part.

Pic 3 and 4 is with the top part attached on. Picture 3 is the side, while picture four is of the back. It is basically a triangle, with the white as height (white as base already attached), and a blue hypotennuse.

Step 3: Base Section 2

Picture of Base Section 2

Pieces Required
6 Yellow Rods
3 White Rods
6 Green Rods
5 Red Connectors (3 slot or 90 degrees)
2 Dark Gray Connectors (1 Slot)
1 Yellow Connector (5 Slot or 180 degrees)
5 3D Purple (4 slot of 180 degree) Connectors
3 3D Blue (7 Slot or 360 degree) Connectors

Picture 1 is of the first part of section 2. It is basically a green rod height, then a white rod height. The width is yellow rods. In addition, there is a dark gray connector on the middle yellow rod. Picture two is the first part attached to section 1.

Picture 3 and 4 are of the second part of section 2. It is a spinoff of a rectangular prism with green rod width., yellow rod length, and green rod height. Like part 1, there is a dary gray connector hanging from one of the yellow rods.

Picture 5 is of Section 2 fully connected.

Step 4: Gears and Motor

Picture of Gears and Motor

Pieces Required
2 Red Gears
2 Tan Locks (Tan Clip Connectors)
2 Gray Spacers
3 Blue Spacers
1 Motor
2 Green Rods
2 Metallic Blue Clip Connectors
2 Dark Gray Connectors
1 Red Rod

Picture 1 is of the red rod the motor is attached to. In this order from left to right it goes...(with metallic blue clip connectors at each end), metallic blue end clip, dark gray connector with green rod attached, blue spacer, tan clip connector, red gear, red gear, tan clip connector, gray spacer, gray spacer,motor (side attachment), blue spacer, blue spacer, dark gray connector with green rod attached, metallic blue end clip. (what a mouthful)

Picture two and three is it attached to the base. Basically, if the pictures are to blurry to see, attach the green rods with the dark gray connectors on the base.

Picture 4: Not necessary, but I found it convenient to tuck in the battery pack into the empty space.

Step 5: Extra Stuff...

Picture of Extra Stuff...

Pieces Required.
2 Metallic Clip Connectors
Two Orange connectors
1 White Connector
2 Black Connector + Rods

Picture 1 is where to attach the two metallic blue clip connectors. As shown in picture 2, add them right in front of the dark gray connectors on the base, and push them all the way back.

Picture 3 is of the thing (white rod with a brown connector on either side) needed to make and picture 4 where to attach it (near the hypotenuse of triangle on part two, section 1 of the base).

Picture 5 is a digram of showing where to attach the black rod + connectors. Place them about a 1/2 inch to 1 inch away from the nearest connector.

Step 6: The Chain

Picture of The Chain

Pieces Required
7 Chain Links
1 Light Gray Connector (2 slot of 45 degrees)
3 Orange Connectors
1 White Rod
2 green Rods
2 Dark Gray Connectors (1 slot)

Picture 1: Build these two items as so. The one on the left is the lift, and on the right is the stopper.

Picture 2: Attach onto the seven chainlink string as shown. They are facing each other and goes in this order; orange connector, blank chainlink, chain lift.

Picture 3 is the chain attached onto the gears.

Step 7: Conclusion and Final Tips

The Machine is ready to rumble!

Tips when using this ball machine.
-Must use on flat surface
-Occasionally may need to readjust the black rod + connectors
-Occasionally re-push back the metallic blue clip connectors.


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Oblivitus (author)The Jamalam2009-05-25

Why doesn't everyone just jump on the wagon and copy me? XD

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Why doesn't everyone just jump on the wagon and copy me? XD

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I feel stripped of my originality. :( Lol.

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I feel stripped of my originality. :( Lol.

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I think I will just keep this going.

j-chode! (author)Oblivitus2009-06-21

I think I will just keep this going.

Oblivitus (author)j-chode!2009-06-21

I think I will just keep this going.

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Oblivitus (author)The Jamalam2009-06-29


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I was being different.

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Hi. I posted to make it longer.


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It can go further!

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Sorry, but I really don't see any point in this. I won't rate it, I'll wait for others though.

why just cuse yours is not as small

Lol, isn't that a good thing?

ok but i have something smaller

I wouldn't go any smaller if I were you.

why not? it very very small

Whats the point??

"That's what see said" *click fingers like a ghetto girl*

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To be honest no ball machine in the history of the universe has ever had any point to it. It just looks cool!

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AngelCutums (author)2009-05-25

Basically, it was a record breaker (unless bartboy's beats it), and my first ball machine. I didn't really get how to do the lift system when I made this. Eventually, I looked more closely at some guides, and I ended making a much larger version of Project N. Anyways, I think I'm just going to try to go larger/more complex from now on.

Bartboy (author)AngelCutums2009-05-26

Mine is smaller and simpler, but I think this one is better! This is a real ball machine, where is mine is about 95% a ball machine.

haha you have yet to see my revange

I_am_Canadian (author)2009-05-25

Cute :-D

haha you have yet to see my revange

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I see a point in it. I mean ya it is simple but it shows newbie’s how to start off on ball machines.

haha you have yet to see my revange

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its the Lil cutie of bawl machines!

haha you have yet to see my revange

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Hmmm. This looks far too simple. Like Jamalam said, I really cant see any point in this.

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