Picture of Ultimate Straw Rocket!
What is the "Ultimate Straw Rocket"?
Answer: A very easy to make rocket made from a drinking straw, and launched using air pressure.
Almost everyone will be able to make this, it does not require any hard-to-find items, but also can it be made in very little time. Therefore will the rockets themselves be very easy to mass produce.
They will fly HIGH up in the air, and then land on the ground, completely safe!

Okay let's get started!

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Step 1: Gathering materials

Picture of Gathering materials
As first said, the items are very easy to get, and you probably already have them lying around your house.
You will need to print following document to continue, though:
Download this .doc!

The rest of the materials are descriped in the picture.

Step 2: Making the rocket

Picture of Making the rocket
Cut a 6cm piece of a straw.
Put a dot of hot glue in one end of the straw making sure it's air tight.

Step 3: Attaching fins

Picture of Attaching fins
Now cut out a pair of fins from the printed document.
Then fold and glue the fins together. Stippled lines means "fold backwards", whereas straight lines means the opposite.
You can use hot glue to glue the fins together, but I find that white glue (Elmer's glue or wood glue) works well.

Then glue the backside (the white side) and attach it around the straw, approximately 1-1.5 cm from the open end of the straw.

Step 4: Launch it!

Picture of Launch it!
The rocket is finished now! Wasn't that easy?
Now for launching it:
Insert it all the way down in the nozzle of the bike pump, and give the bike pump a good, fast pump! Now enjoy your small flying rockets...
I had my rockets to go as high as ~10 metres!
Don't forget goggles, you don't want the rocket in your, or everyone else's eyes.

Thanks to Peter Hald for inspiration.
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austin4210 months ago

ever tried making it a dart

Hey, I'm comment # 100!!!!!!! Awesome project
monkeynuts2 years ago
cool idea, I just made one!
an11533 years ago
can you use anything other than a hot glue gun to air-tight the straw?
Calk, or gum may work.
Eh i'm puttin mine on the air compresser!!
LOL i think it will reach space!
Puck134 years ago
IS it posible to use anything oter than straws?
just go to mcd's or somewhere and get one
Echo20006 years ago
print document of the wings in
hjjusa Echo20003 years ago
I used Open Office to open it, it is a very handy free progam that will open most anything, free download online
JudyT Echo20004 years ago
thanks so much for this site. I'm a Preschool teacher doing an Outer space unit and think this is a super idea for little kids. Makes it so much easier to get ALL the details! Thanks again from Montana!
i tried this and it is really cool
tionge3 years ago
I was a foreigner. I like this website
it's the best airrocket to make at home! It's just way too awesome!
nhackenberg3 years ago
on the first step
jtalvy3 years ago
It's at the bottom of step 1
ilpug3 years ago
I will make this... but super size it of course, to be powered by compressed air.
asli insan4 years ago
TSC4 years ago
Sweet cool!!
lunius4 years ago
I'm gonna make one that's a bit longer that includes a fire cracker for a warhead XD

Put a small hole with a needle for the fuse to com out of, light and launch, and watch the fireworks!!! >:D
really good and creative
on youtube look up straw rocket
Godhan4 years ago
Gratz you made an exelent job.
Love the "ible"! Gave an extra star for including a fin template.=)
can you make a launcher for it?
Duckman1234 years ago
wheres the fins (author)  Duckman1234 years ago
USsoldier5 years ago
Soooo... About that 'Fin' printout... Where is it?
3M52645 years ago
where we print the fin
Sgt Fenix5 years ago
i'm going to try to use my 3000psi air tank
Show me video of you doind it! LOL
marc927 years ago
I shot these with an air compressor at about 90 psi and they worked quite well
Epeoples marc926 years ago
an air compresser? wow, isn't that a little extreme? anyway, can the straw be longer? would it go higher?
there are two major parts (with other little things) to a rocket: stability and thrust. to get a better stability make it longer. the more surface area the better stability. to get higher you need more force which means better aerodynamics. so longer doesn't usually mean higher. except for the fact that it can hold more air, and thus a higher psi and thus longer in this case does equal higher. if you want more detail on how to get stability and thrust message me. im not an expert but i do know a thing or two about physics.
sharlston5 years ago
you can put glue in the end to stop the air escaping
thorn6 years ago
Nice work. The FIN template would be good in PDF though.
where is the print document of the wings?
Where can I find the document of printed wings?
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