Ultimate Wally World Smartphone Rig





Introduction: Ultimate Wally World Smartphone Rig

No more cumbersome than typical camera belt case

1. Camera - HTC EVO 8 meg w/ 16 gig (6) SD card ($10 EBay)
2. Case - Swiss Mobility ($25) came with “C” hook – superglued “J” hook from $4 holster
from Big Lots– much more secure
3. Tripod - $4 Big Lots – doubles as hand held frame and string monopod attachment
4. String Monopod - $0.02 (made from Inscrutable post)
5. Motorola Bluetooth - $25 came with keychain hook
6. 8X lens w/ tripod adaptor - $10 EBay, white lens cover from medicine bottle
7. Lens case – Old Blackberry sleeve – to attach used Velcro strap that passes through both
sleeve and holster, can be detached
8. Macro / Micro lens - $8 EBay – attached by looped lanyard
9. Headset splitter - $5 (on sale) BB&B
10. Headsets – 1 from Wife’s HTC Shift black (best headset w/mic I’ve tried), 2nd white - RCA?
11. Spare 3,500 mAh battery – 2 batteries w/ charger $20 EBay
12. Holster has room for business card (if lost) and money

Phone case modifications - vent holes to reduce heat buildup – added steel ring opening for Micro / Marco lens – also have spare back with 5vdc USB PhonePhan (not a winner in USB contest) for viewing photos, watching movies taken with camera or GPS use.



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    Can you give some more detail on your case modifications? I'm especially interested in the steel ring.

    The steel ring came with the Micro/Macro lens. Lens has magnet in it. Can get washer from hardware store. Use double sided tape not glue.