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Introduction: Ultimate Weed Removal Tool

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I was tired of crawling through the lawn on my hands and knees using a hand-held weeding tool because I DO NOT like using chemicals on the lawn with pets, kids, and wildlife also being on it.  I saw a similar tool at the BigBox store with a telescoping handle that would get me off the ground, but they wanted $11 for it.  I knew there was a better (and cheaper) way.  I was inspired by Clint's Dandy Digger!  I had part of an old crib frame that would provide the angle iron, but I wasn't sure I could weld the foot peg on just like they did for the dandy digger.  After starting to cut the extra parts off of the frame I saw the answer...

Follow along as I create an awesome weeder that can be used standing up.

***This instructable involves power tools (welder, reciprocating saw, drill, & grinder).  Please make sure you wear safety gear and know how to use a power tool before you attempt this instructable.***

Step 1: Find Materials

I had an old crib frame in the garage and thought it would be perfect to supply the angle iron for this project.

Step 2: Cut to Size

I cut the end off of the frame that had a 90* bracket welded to it with a reciprocating saw and 3-in-1 oil to cool things down and preserve the blade.  This bracket ends up being reused.

Step 3: Sharpen Tool End

In order for this tool to dig easily into the ground you need to cut an angle on one end of the angle iron.  I attempted to cut a 45* angle but really I just eye-balled it.  You just need it to be "pointy" enough to penetrate the ground but not so steep to make grabbing the roots difficult.  I used the reciprocating saw again for this cut but then finished it with a grinder equipped with a cut off wheel (the grinder is MESSY but much easier and faster to make cuts with).

Step 4: Grind Paint Off

I used the grinder to remove paint on the angle iron and bracket.  I ground the paint off from about 4" from the point to 7" from the point, and all surfaces to be welded on the bracket.

Step 5: Clamp Together and Weld

I used vice grips to hold the to parts together with the bottom of the bracket about 4" up from the pointed end.  Using a MIG welder I welded around on each side (sorry for the lack of pictures of this process).

Step 6: Attach Handle

I just happened to have an old hockey stick in the garage but I am sure with some ingenuity a round handle could also be used.  I clamped the handle to the weeder with a C-Clamp and quick-grip clamp then pre-drilled the holes in the metal (again with 3-in-1 oil) and using self tapping screws attached the handle to the weeder.

Step 7: Take It for a Spin

Before getting too far I tried it out on the weeds next to the garage.  Place the tool in the ground with hand power (or use the foot peg if the ground is hard/rocky), pry back and wait for the *pop* of the root.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

The only paint I had around was white (i would have preferred black or something florescent) but anything to prevent rust is necessary after all the cutting, grinding, and welding.

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    Boiling water certainly does do the job. I've invented a new weed killing sprayer using hot water and acetic acid (mild solution - about like lemonade). If you have the time, please check it out and tell me what you think. www.gardenhotshot.com



    Boiling water on dandilions scalds the leaves, but will the deep taproot be killed? I spent a lot of money heating water and pouring it out once and was not sure it the cost return ratio was worth it; compared to the time for pulling (at zero cost). Can you give more details please? Thank you!

    Yup, kills the root too. I used it to destroy some mega weeds that invaded my old yard. stalks 2x as big as my thumb.

    Thank you. Does it take a flooding, water sits on the root in a boiling puddle for 60 seconds, or what? Application specifics might be making all the difference for you. :)

    I just boil water in a kettle and go out and dribble a bit on the base. 1/4 cup? A bit more if it's mega big but honeslty not much. You can see the root die in under a day.

    Maybe hubby will make one! It sure would help my back! Nice instructable and thanks for sharing!

    Nettles and dandelion are insanely versatile in their uses - don't throw them away! Have fun discovering dandelion printing, dandelion salad, dandelion wine, tea, syrup, jelly, and the many, many pharmaceutical uses. Oh myyyy!

    2 replies

    Mentioning nettles cause where I live, dandelion and stinging nettle are the #1 weed enemy and are purged and exterminated with vicious hatred. Ironically, the stinging nettle ist even more useful and versatile than dandelion. Maybe one of the coolest plants right after hemp and such.

    So true. It kills me when I see people throwing them in compost or worse yet, spraying them with herbicide!

    No disrespect to the OP though. This is a cool tool which doesn't have to be used on any medicinal plants.

    This is awesome! Definitely making this over the summer.

    They make a great salad green! Not to mention dandelion wine from the flowers. Unfortunately many of us are keeping up with the neighborhood norms.

    5 replies

    I didn't know you could make dandelion wine… sounds good !…
    Any link by chance ?

    new to me too, but interesting :)

    have a look here:

    Very nice of you
    Thank you !

    Thanks for posting the link. If you have home brew equipment for beer or wine it's even easier!

    I would pay the $11 if it was tried and true, but the builder/maker inside me won't allow spending money on stuff that can be made from salvaged products.

    Love it! Now to find a old bed frame....