Picture of Ultimate airsoft Sambucus gun

Hello everyone!

When I was a kid, I used to play with this gun, it is easy to make and very fun to play with.

Sambucus (elder or elderberry) is the type of wood that has a hole through the trunk, this hole is filled with some spongy material which has to be removed for this project, I'll guide you through the whole process of making this gun.

Step 1: Operation principle

Picture of Operation principle

The principle is, you have two caps each on one side of the pipe, when you're pressing one cap close to another one you are compressing the air and then that compressed air pushes the second cap out of the pipe.

lukesh151 year ago
Oh okay well nice instructable
ivver (author)  lukesh151 year ago

Thanks :)

flamesami1 year ago

The fibre is indeed called "plumbers hemp" it comes from the hessian plant (used for hessian bags too). Hemp ain't the same as pot, which has much more THC than hemp (and doesn't give nice "strings" either, I think) Nice instructable :)

ivver (author)  flamesami1 year ago

Well, thank you very much for explanation, I've been searching this for a while. Thanks! :)

lukesh151 year ago
Hemp is pot XD lol
ivver (author)  lukesh151 year ago
I know it is :-P. That what I used are fibers made of something, it is possible that this is some industrial cannabis from which are made those fibers, but I really don't know other English word. :-)
bricobart1 year ago

Long time I didn't see those! At the time, I used to keep a dozen of sambucus/elderberry berries in my mouth and use this pipe as 'spitgun'. It worked extremely well, especially on passing cars ;)

ivver (author)  bricobart1 year ago

Totally agreed! :)
I knew to use peas or green cherries to make caps, they are also great for that if you find right size. Spitgun isn't that strong as this thing can be if you do it on the right way, but still it is one variation which is not bad :)

I plan to make some more instructables about those "once I had that" things because there is almost no tutorials how to make it. :=)

nodcah1 year ago

Awesome project! It's cool how you used wood for the body. =D

ivver (author)  nodcah1 year ago
Thanks! :-)
China is not only place where you can get materials for making something :-)

This is so cool! It's like the natural version of the PVC pipe gun!

Yes, it is.
Thank you :-D