Introduction: Ultimate Easy BLT

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You will need

Three Slices of bread of your choice

8 slices of Bacon, streaky, Back, Canadian, Smoked or Unsmoked.....again....your choice

1Tomato thinly sliced and Microwaved for 30 seconds bought or home made, light or full fat.....

Black Pepper

About a third of a head of crispy lettuce finely shredded

Step 1: Start to Assemble

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This is NOT about how to cook the Bacon.......lets face it, some like it pink, some crispy and others with a little brown and some "oink" left in it!

I like a little oink left in......

Spread the mayo on the bread, add a touch of black pepper, then stack on four rashers of Bacon,...MMMMmmm

Step 2: First Floor...

Picture of First Floor...

Add the lettuce in a thick bed, with four slices of microwaved tomato......the microwave softens the toms, and brings out the flavour.....

Step 3: Second Floor

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Before adding the Bread on top of the already delicious sandwich, spread Mayo on the second slice of bread and put it on, then add more Mayo and four more slices of Bacon....

Step 4: Keep It Coming!

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you got it! more lettuce, and the rest of the Tomato...the add more Mayo..and top with the last slice of Bread


Step 5: Nearly There!

Picture of Nearly There!

at this stage it should look like the picture......but wait!..before you try and cut gotta press it down "just a little"

Step 6: Slice That Baby in Half! (Said Solomon to the Guard.....)

Picture of Slice That Baby in Half! (Said Solomon to the Guard.....)

Well........slice, and enjoy!

Step 7: MMM......mmmmmm Ghrmpg!

Picture of MMM......mmmmmm Ghrmpg!


WARNING! it is NOT possible to enjoy fully without getting messy maybe not ideal food for a first date....


Yum! This looks epic and delicious!

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