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    What is an otg?
    Please define.

    I never thought about the usb otg charging, its a great idea and as someone who always carries two phones extremely useful - youve got a vote from me just for that :)

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    Thanks for your support buddy.
    Hope you enjoyed this instructable.

    I bought a usb-hub with a external power IN. now I can use my wireless mouse, mini keyboard, usbsticks all with each other atbthe same time and charge the phone at the same time. great for the mini-office abroad.
    to access the usb-sticks, I use total commander for Android with the usb-plugin.

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    That sounds like a great portable setup! I'd love to see how it runs!

    That's really great Orngrimm seems you are using your phone for productive purposes.
    Thanks for sharing your idea.