Ultimate Wireless Ipod Headset


Introduction: Ultimate Wireless Ipod Headset

Combination of an ipod shuffle and an old pair of headphones. (that's it!) The headphone wires are wrapped around the plastic of the headphones to leave absolutely zero dangling wires.

Step 1: Add Two-sided Foam Tape to Ipod

Cut two small rectangles of two-sided foam tape and place them on the inside surfaces of the ipod - on the "clamp" side of the ipod. The idea is to confine the headphones in a smaller gap, so that the ipod clamps tighter to the headphones. The tape does not fit such that it will stick to the headphones - it just fills the gap. Note that If your headphones are actually wider than the gap in the ipod clamp, then you may be out of luck using this instructable..

Step 2: Wind the Wire and Plug the Headphone Jack Into the Ipod - Done!

Get your old headphones - I prefer the sony walkman kind that fit into the ear and thus stay in place very well. Now just wrap up the slack in the left and right side speakers and plug the heaphones in - no need for any tying devices. The wire from one speaker will cross through the clamp of the ipod. Clamp the ipod so that the headphones are in the gap created in the last step. The ipod should clamp mostly shut and should move very little or not at all. Mine isn't a perfect fit and it wiggles, but has yet to come off, during the most vigorous of workouts (it's so lightweight, that it can't break free). It also does not get sweaty since it is at the highpoint of the body (unless you are super sweaty and your hair is drenched with sweat ).



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    Not wireless :( but still the thought thy counts

     This is really clever. Nice job man! I actually thought it would be wireless though

    What I think would be cooler, would be to get a pair of the big headphones (like what DJs wear) and install it into one of those so know one could see it and It just looked like you were wearing absurdly large dj headphones :P

    2 replies

    or just ear blockers like what construction people use

    have you seen These?
    he uses velcro and puts it outside, but a shuffle could probable fit inside (you just wouldn't be able to control it)
    or you could cut out a hole in the side the shape of a shuffle and place it there.

    It is not wireless. All it does is it makes the wire not visable by people so basicly its not wireless. Im not trying to be mean or anything. By the way cool Instructable.

    creative idea but It seems kind of stupid to be pressing a button on top of your head, I mean would you walk around in public lik that

    1 reply

    I personally don't care about how others view me. in fact, the weirder i look to people the better i feel about myself...

    Dude, add this under a cosplay or halloween hat and it would be so cool.

    I have a pair of on-the-ear Sennheiser headphones that have a plug-in cord with a 2.5mm plug on the headphone end. I found both 2.5 and 3.5 mm stereo plugs and was able to make a short (12") cord so that I could fasten my gen 1 shuffle to the side of the headband with a slip case and Velcro strap. Works like a charm! It doesn't look at all goofy with the shuffle on one side, IMHO. Anyway, I couldn't care less. The sound is great with the gen 1 shuffle and the Sennheisers together.

    haha I can just picture you pressing the top of your head to change the song.

    WOW.... thats pretty clever.... not realy you would look kinda weird with that god idea tho

    1 reply

    it's definitely for those who don't care what they look like (old people). If the wires are the problem - the slack can be cut away,but that would take more work (soldering) and if you changed your mind, you couldn't reuse the old headphones. If the problem is the little unit on top, then there is no real fix - maybe paint it the color of your hair!