The square circle skirt is quite popular. The tutorial for it is all over the sewing/ crafting websites. But I couldn't find any tutorial for it in instructables, so I thought of taking the opportunity! I never thought that sewing skirt could be sooo easy and fun! I'm a beginner in sewing but still I find this skirt sewing ultra easy! You don't need much, only 6 materials and you'e ready to go.

Don't wait, make one funky square skirt right away :D

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this skirt you'll need:

1) Cotton fabric - 1 yard, for the bottom layer,
2) Net fabric - 1 yard, for the top layer,
3) Elastic,
4) Matching thread,
5) Sewing machine,
6) Pins,
7) Scissor.

The skirt I made is short, if you want it to be longer you'll need to use more than 1 yard. But I think it looks cute if it's short and even cuter if you wear it with leggings.
<p>i'm going to make this for a school disco, i can't wait to see if i can actually make it.</p>
<p>wow so easy. I will try one day </p>
Hi! This skirt is super cute! I'm wanting to make it but I wasn't sure if you used 45&quot; or 60&quot; fabric for it. Just curious. Thanks so much! This is a great tutorial. :)
<p>Thanks! I'm not quite sure, it was probably 45''. Post a picture of the final product, I'd love to see it.</p>
Wow! That's so much easier than I thought it would be!
Awesome! I think I will try this as soon as I can find some suitable fabric!
Thank you! glad to know that :) hope to see your square skirt.
For a beginner this is a great job.keep it up.
Thank you Ayesha! really, that means a lot to me :)
Thanks! sewing is really easy and fun, I'm a beginner in this field! you should give it a try :)
i&quot;ll try...actuly i d&quot;nt sew ever,,bt ur way iz so easy ...i also dnt like jewlry..bt aftr seeing ur nacles i made 3.n a cmplete set 4 my niece braclete pins nackles..1st 1 was not good,closen part iz a bit technical..bt nw i can handel easily..
Looks like a Tina Faye fashion.
Yap, pretty much! :)
Voted! though i can't make it or wear it but still like it :p lol
that's really sad! :p thanks for the vote Zadiac!
cool idea!
Thanks! :)
So Cute!!!!!=P
Thank you Hannah!
you're welcome. =P
Beautiful!! This would have been perfect for the Fashion Contest!
Thank you! didn't know I could sew during the fashion contest! but I'm participating the dream it, draw it, wear it contest now :)
This is wonderful!! I hope you win the contest :)
thanks! hope it gets accepted very soon!
So Cute!!!!!=P
very nice...
Thank you! :)
Beautiful and it's PINK!
Thanks :D the cutest color!

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