Picture of Ultra-Light Alcohol Stove
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Step 1: Gather the Materials

Picture of Gather the Materials


  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Thumb Tack
  • Needle
  • Exacto Knife Handle
  • Exacto or Utility Blade
  • Book(s)
  • Paper Hole Punch
  • Two of the same kind of soda cans
  • Cat food or bean dip can for the primer plate

Step 2: Cut and Score

Picture of Cut and Score
Cut one can 1 7/8″ from the bottom by the “Scoring Method.”
(Scoring Method – Set a utility blade on a book about the size you need and rotate your can against this. If you have a sturdy platform, you may rotate it around your can once or twice and use this score line to make a clean tear or just use the mark to guide cutting with scissors. http://zenstoves.net/ConstructionStep3-Trimming.htm)

Step 3: Add filler holes

Picture of Add filler holes

On the second can, put four evenly spaced holes with a thumb tack, pin or sewing needle into the bottom. The very bottom where it makes contact with the table if it’s sitting upright on one. These are the filler holes. (Do not cut this can yet).

Step 4: Score the second can and press in place

Picture of Score the second can and press in place

Score the uncut can that you just put the four filler holes into 1″ from the bottom (do not cut this can yet).

Press the uncut can into the cut can. I use a small block of wood and lightly tap it in. Press the cans together to the 1″ score line you made earlier. Tear the can at the score.

Step 5: Breather and Burner Holes

Picture of Breather and Burner Holes

Take a paper punch and punch four holes directly above the four filler holes about 1/2″ from the top of the stove to the bottom of the holes.

Make a line 1″ from the top of the stove (the part you just cut). This is where the burner holes will be put. This is one of the most important measurements for the stoves efficiency because it will determine how far the pot sits above the flame.

Make 24 holes on this line with a small sewing needle. (I use a needle put it into a exacto knife handle to make it easier to push in.)

The overall stove height should be around 1 7/8″.


amniup4 years ago

Some time ago I've (re)invented a stove that is very similar to your stove (and to the peyo revolution...); it only have one thing I don't like: if I let it burn WITHOUT the pot over it (in real life it can happen), the top of the stove melts...

Have you ever had this problem with your stove?
robanna (author)  amniup4 years ago
Never had one melt. Are you using Denatured Alcohol for fuel? I've heard other fuels burn too hot and will melt the aluminum.
amniup robanna4 years ago
Thank for the answer!

Yes, I'm using denaturated alcohol (90% ethilic alcohol).

But please confirm: have you ever tried letting the stove burn all the alcohol (in my tests, about 20ml) WITHOUT THE POT over? (it usually makes no sense, but it is a good test for the durability of a stove...)

With the pot over, my stove has no problem...
seamaas5 years ago
can you use a soup can?
robanna (author)  seamaas5 years ago
No soup cans. Soda/beer cans. Soup cans would be too thick.
seamaas robanna5 years ago
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