Ultra Pistol 2





Introduction: Ultra Pistol 2

The best knex pistol, period.

The Ultra Pistol 2 is easier to use, stronger, more reliable, faster firing, has better sights, is equally powerful, ranged, and accurate, and accepts more types of ammo than the original.

It can fire blue, yellow, red, and gray rods (yellow fires the best).

-DSman's DD-27 Assault Rifle
-Jollex's DD-27 Pistol
-KILLERK's Pistol

NOTICE: The handle is right handed. If you are left handed, build it flipped.

Video: www.youtube.com/watch
Review: https://www.instructables.com/community/Ultra-Pistol-2-Review/

Step 1: Handle

1: Build three of these.
2: Attach with a blue and gray rod as shown.
3: Build this.
4: Build this.
5: Build this.
6: Attach 3-5.
7: Attach to handle.
8: Build this.
9: Slide in as shown.
10: Wrap a tiny elastic around the blue rods as shown.

Step 2: Barrel

1-3: Build this (the two black connectors are ball sockets)
4: Build this.
5: Build two of these.
6: Attach the parts from steps 1-5.
7,8: Build this. (the black connector is a ball socket)
9: Attach the two sections together.

Step 3: Trigger

1: Build this.
2: Build this.
3: Attach 1 and 2.
4: Slide a yellow rod in as shown.
5: Build these.
6: Attach as shown.
7: Cut a green rod in half. (optional)
8: Attach to the orange connector. (optional)

Step 4: Assembly

1: Build this.
2: Attach the handle, barrel, and trigger together.
3: Read the notes.

Step 5: Finishing Up

1: Build this. Trim the edges on the tip of the black rod slightly with scissors or a pencil sharpener.
2: Attach one trigger elastic to each side of the gun.
3: Add duct tape to the firing pin pull.
4: Attach a metallic blue connector to firing rod to the noted area. Attach elastics as shown.
5: Gather 4 of these.
6: Attach to the rods at the end of the barrel. (these act like a funnel to make rods easy to load)

Step 6: Finished!

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    As you said Oblivitus, The best knex pistol. Period.

    If you're using that metallic blue connector to keep the firing pin inside the barrel, wouldn't you need to weaken it, so that the firing pin can still slide easily?

    Finished it. Indeed the best k'nex pistol. 5 stars.

    this gun is probly the best pisto.l on the site, better than KILLERK's (no offense)
    really accurate too

    what kind and how many bands did you use?

    are the ball point sockets male or female?