Picture of Ultra Pistol 2
The best knex pistol, period.

The Ultra Pistol 2 is easier to use, stronger, more reliable, faster firing, has better sights, is equally powerful, ranged, and accurate, and accepts more types of ammo than the original.

It can fire blue, yellow, red, and gray rods (yellow fires the best).

-DSman's DD-27 Assault Rifle
-Jollex's DD-27 Pistol
-KILLERK's Pistol

NOTICE: The handle is right handed. If you are left handed, build it flipped.

Video: www.youtube.com/watch
Review: http://www.instructables.com/community/Ultra-Pistol-2-Review/

Step 1: Handle

1: Build three of these.
2: Attach with a blue and gray rod as shown.
3: Build this.
4: Build this.
5: Build this.
6: Attach 3-5.
7: Attach to handle.
8: Build this.
9: Slide in as shown.
10: Wrap a tiny elastic around the blue rods as shown.
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Inventor X4 years ago
As you said Oblivitus, The best knex pistol. Period.
Oblivitus (author)  Inventor X4 years ago
Thank you.
Perk1ns5 years ago
If you're using that metallic blue connector to keep the firing pin inside the barrel, wouldn't you need to weaken it, so that the firing pin can still slide easily?
Perk1ns Perk1ns5 years ago
Finished it. Indeed the best k'nex pistol. 5 stars.
Oblivitus (author)  Perk1ns5 years ago
Thank you. :)
Oblivitus (author)  Perk1ns5 years ago
ol9879865 years ago
this gun is probly the best pisto.l on the site, better than KILLERK's (no offense)
really accurate too
Oblivitus (author)  ol9879865 years ago
Thanks a ton.
instruct394 years ago
what kind and how many bands did you use?
the knexman4 years ago
are the ball point sockets male or female?
Do you need the ball socket in pic 7-8?
bigt46165 years ago
i just figured out the most amazing thing. this gun has great power and distance already... but... take two of those long balloons that you used to blow up with that little pump when you were a little kid, you know, the ones that clowns make animals out of. snip off both sides, tie each side to the other balloon. and tadah. you got a super rubberband. this came purly out of nessessity... and it shot into the woods in my back yard with an odammo yellow rod. i just looked at amazement. my yard is at least a good 80 feet long. i had to do a second one just to make sure i wasnt dreaming XD.
okay, maybe a bit too strong, just split a red rod in half that i was using as a pullback O_O
Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
I built this for the third time, and a added a fore grip to it. Now it shoots way more percisly.
H1T4TCH15 years ago
 do u have 2 sharpen it?
Oblivitus (author)  H1T4TCH15 years ago
I think so.
You dont need too. Just rem0ve that piece at the front-inside of the barrrel at first but then only shoot parralel. Put it in if your gun works,
ah thanks man
 yeah i wanna be sure cuz i dont wanna sharpen or break knex pieces...
 i know its a great pistol but i only have one black rod and sharpen it would be... yeah you know... not good.
bugjojo5 years ago
Note on step 2 of this you need to remove the green pieces
Oblivitus (author)  bugjojo5 years ago
What green pieces?
Which is better This or your beast pistol?
Oblivitus (author)  uberrobodude5 years ago
The UP2.
Is there any way to save two black hinge pieces, I'm a noob, and no good at modding.
Actually their green but you know what I mean
I only need one

Scratch that , I need two. Srry.
Please help!
Never mind, I dont need any. srry.

 Actually, if you still need help, I have an alternate trigger assembly (no hinge peices) posted on the Beast Pistol instructable. The Beast Pistol assembly is mostly the same as the Ultra pistol one, and is easily adaptable.
On pic 7 what is the blue thing above the ball socket? is it a metallic blue end piece?
I hope it is cuz i already built it.

Merugop5 years ago
 can i replace the metallic blue tan with summthing else?

Oblivitus (author)  Merugop5 years ago
Not likely.
whos on ibles on krimbp day???
Oblivitus (author)  ol9879865 years ago
I'm on everyday. :)
ol9879865 years ago
rrr675 years ago
do the rods in pic 1 have to be grey or can they be white
ol987986 rrr675 years ago
sorry for l8 reply but yes they can be white, grey iis the retro version of the piece.
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