Ultra-Portable Smartphone Charger!!!




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Introduction: Ultra-Portable Smartphone Charger!!!

The charger!!

Step 1: Get the Things Needed-

You'll need-
1: An LM7805 5v voltage regulator
2: A 9v battery (or anything you have between 6-12v, rechargeable or non-rechargeable)
3: A micro-usb male cable
4: Two electrolytic caps. 1uF and 10uF
5: A portable plastic box for your charger.

Step 2: The Circuit Diagram.

Make connections as per the diagram. You can either use solder, or heat shrink tubes, or whatever you wish. Just make sure of no short circuits.

Step 3: Polarity and Connections

Your usb cable might have two wires- one red and another black/white. The red one is positive, that is current enters through it. And the caps. already have markings on them.

The 9v battery's +ve will go to the 7805's input. The output will go to the USB's input(red).
Both the grounds will be connected to the base(center) of the 7805. The caps. are in parallel.

Step 4: Here You Go!!¡¡!!

Connect your phone and you are ready!!!!



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    The capacitors are used to block any fluctuations in voltage which otherwise might damage your phone.

    superb idea.. thanks a lot.. it helped me in my 12 science project

    1 reply

    Great! I'm happy that my project helped you.

    Two remarks : 1st capacitor (10µF) isn't needed, input voltage have to be 1.5V higher than regulated output, in this case 6.5V minimum.

    can u make the circuit diagram more clear to me

    Try using a buck converter, you will get more efficent charhing

    1 reply

    thanks for your suggestion!!

    Yeah. Anything between 6-12 v would work fine..