Ultra-bright Emergency Waterproof Torch DIY (Rechargeble)





Introduction: Ultra-bright Emergency Waterproof Torch DIY (Rechargeble)

This is an Ultra bright torch Which is maximum recycled.
This can be used for camping,Halloween,pool lights,night light, camera flash light,blackouts etc.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

1] DC Socket (Recycled Parts)
2] BL-5C (Recycled Parts)
3] Switch (Recycled Parts)
4] 3W ultabright led (Recycled Parts/old ac led lightbulb)
5] IN4007 Diode (Recycled Parts)
6] Red led (Recycled Parts) (any colour will suit)
7] Wires (Recycled Parts)
8] Magnets (Recycled Parts)
9] Clip (Recycled Parts/Old headphone's microphone holder)
10]330 Ohum Resistor (Recycled Parts)
11] Small airtight container (tupperware for best quality)

Step 2: Gathering Tools

1] Soldering Iron
2] Hot glue gun
3] Tape

Step 3: Making Led Indicator

in order when we are charging we need to know that the circuit is complete and its charging

Step 4: Hot Glue These Things on the Battery

1] led indicator we just made
2] Switch
3] 3W ultra bright led

there should be a fix foundation so the parts wont move

Step 5: Solder the Wires and Diode

Just follow the circuit diagram and u will get it

Step 6: Hot Glue Clip & Tape the Magnets

you can use use the clip to use the battery hand free clip it in your pocket or on your shirt.
I cant hot glue the magnets they always slipped out , so i taped them

Step 7: Tape for Extra Protection

this is the finished project if you have any ideas for the casing leave it in the comments below

Step 8: Charging Test

It takes about 1 hour to fully recharge

Step 9: Add in the Tupperware Container to Make It Water Proof

1] its  waterproof
2] it can stick to any metal
3] you can also clip it any where

+]the best use just stick it onto a umbrellas metal rod to have an umbrella light

Step 10: Casing Update

Clay mold used for casing and taped it after wards

Step 11:



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    To make it waterproof, use some neverwet from Lowes or homedepot. its a two part canned waterproofing. Then you can get rid of the tupperware!

    this is my first instructable. i wanted to keep it low cost and built maximum from scrape. but its a great suggestion

    i am trying to made it and give with low price as.

    for poor people



    the idea is good, but I feel is very unsafe. first, as @samalert pointed, the heat sink shouldn't be touching the battery. And second and very important, you're using a Li-ion battery, which requires a specific charging circuit. the diode is good for other types of batteries. remember that the electrolyte inside the Li-ion battery is flammable. ( that's why they have a third pin, to sense the temperature).

    and i've hot glued the led at the gap of about 2mm.isn't that sufficient if not please leave your comments below

    you can use this for charging

    Is the LED upside down in your schematics? It looks like the LEDs anode is connected to the negative terminal?

    the second closeup image is correct