Ultra Cool Modded Knex 5 Elastic Band Crossbow.





Introduction: Ultra Cool Modded Knex 5 Elastic Band Crossbow.

Hi this is my knex crossbow that uses 5 elastic bands to fire including a large one. it uses about 250 parts. If  you have a 3ds or 3ds xl , I can trade friend codes with you.



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    Also you could replace the gray rods at the bottom with another set of yellow connectors and green rods.

    Do you mean the blue rods On the new one.

    Yeah like dr. richtofen said, the body needs some work.

    Thanks , no offence taken but i am trying to make it better.

    No offence, but your work could use some extra work on it before it's posted. You have almost 60 posts in little over 2 months, among which are some good ones, but a lot of mediocre, to be honest. This particular one could use a lot of work. Like a proper handle, stronger bow, stronger overall body etc. Take a look at the body. See how it bends? Fix that, and put some extra work in the bow limbs. It could be a great gun, but this version is mediocre