Introduction: Ultra Cool Modded Knex 5 Elastic Band Crossbow.

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Hi this is my knex crossbow that uses 5 elastic bands to fire including a large one. it uses about 250 parts. If  you have a 3ds or 3ds xl , I can trade friend codes with you.


Totally disagree with Dr. Richthofen. Doesnt need anything new. looks fine man!

hawk45 (author)2013-03-07

Also you could replace the gray rods at the bottom with another set of yellow connectors and green rods.

knex dude 2000 (author)hawk452013-03-08

Do you mean the blue rods On the new one.

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-03-07

Yeah like dr. richtofen said, the body needs some work.

Check out the new one.

knex dude 2000 (author)2013-03-07

Thanks , no offence taken but i am trying to make it better.

dr. richtofen (author)2013-03-07

No offence, but your work could use some extra work on it before it's posted. You have almost 60 posts in little over 2 months, among which are some good ones, but a lot of mediocre, to be honest. This particular one could use a lot of work. Like a proper handle, stronger bow, stronger overall body etc. Take a look at the body. See how it bends? Fix that, and put some extra work in the bow limbs. It could be a great gun, but this version is mediocre

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