Picture of Ultralight Bottle Cap Stove!
This is an Ultra Light stove made with bottle caps. This is easy to make and it weighs next to nothing!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
2 Bottle caps
a nail
a hammer
rubbing/isopropyl alcohol
a match or a lighter

Step 2: Let's get started!

Picture of Let's get started!
bottle cap stove 003.jpg
Use the pliers to bend back the rim of one bottle cap.

Step 3: Make the Fill holes

Picture of Make the Fill holes
bottle cap stove 005.jpg
Hammer the nail into the other bottle cap about four times the create the fill holes.

Step 4: Hammer it down

Picture of Hammer it down
Use a hammer to create a "divot" in the bottle cap so the fuel can drain without it spilling.

Step 5: Put them together

Picture of Put them together
Fit the holed bottle cap inside the other one to finish the stove.

Step 6: Try it out!

Picture of Try it out!
You just made the world's lightest camping stove!

To use it:
Pour some isopropyl alcohol in the fill hole. Using a match or a lighter, light it!

my troop is 125

dim202 years ago
ILLER5 years ago
dim20 ILLER2 years ago
if u put fiberglass or some cotton inside to suck the alcohol it will last for umm 10 mins
dim20 ILLER2 years ago
if u put fiberglass or some cotton inside to suck the alcohol it will last for umm 10 mins
mason0190 ILLER5 years ago
prolly bout a minute :)
Krimm3 years ago
Bravo! I'm impressed... I could heat up a MRE or my hot cocoa mix in the field using my canteen cup.
bsaboy133 years ago
you can use it to prime a regular alcohol stove duh
eulaliaaaa!5 years ago
Hey!  558 is my boy scout troop number!  Great 'ible by the way.
mine is 645 socal
mine's 54
woody558 (author)  eulaliaaaa!5 years ago
rfisher23 years ago
It works as a quick pre-heater for stubborn lighting hobo stoves. There are a multitude of uses for this design. You cant think outside the box until you can define its purpose! I like your design bud!
mattbomb4 years ago
if it only burns a minute, its useless you can't cook any thing on it
actually i think it can be used to fire something bigger, i'm going to try it because no one know XD
Human Being4 years ago
dude this is freaking awesome. haha XD great 'ible
jacksteal45 years ago
It would be perfect for cooking something in an altoid-tin pan XD.
woody558 (author)  jacksteal45 years ago
Just like altoid bread. Mmmmmmmmmm!
wiillii5 years ago
for what? isn't too small to use for something?
woody558 (author)  wiillii5 years ago
You could use it for starting a larger fire to keep you warm while you are camping.
there is some more options. i maked something else. i can feed this little fire. one cup will boil in 10 minutes. its enough for me. thanks for basics
no offense it would probably be easier to start a fire without it but good instructions anyway
Children could have fun roasting marshmellows over it, even in the urban jungle where substantial fires are not allowed. On second thought, i would. :]
brunester5 years ago
how long does it burn for? it cant boil water right?
woody558 (author)  brunester5 years ago
It burns for about a minute.
A minute wouldn't be enough to really boil a significant amount of water. This would really be good as a fire starter though.
PATSY0015 years ago
It would be nice to see a photo of this in use. I'm having a difficult time imagining how this could be used as a stove.
Kiteman5 years ago
This is quite clever, but it's hard to see the details. Do you have a macro setting on you camera? If you don't, you can take the images further away, in focus, and crop them to size.
woody558 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Sorry, I don't know how to stop the flash so it glares a lot. Thanks for the tip! woody558