Picture of Ultralight Gas Bottle Stabiliser
This is my first instructable so please be nice!

There are many lightweight backpacking stoves available on the market where the burner unit is mounted on top of the gas bottle. While they are lightweight and powerful they all suffer with a common problem, instability.

This instablity is due to a top heavy design with a high centre of gravity. It could be knocked over by a stray foot for blown over by the wind in particually extreme weather. I aim to fix this design flaw.

This is even more of an issue when the stove has up to 1kg (1 litre) of water balanced on top in a pan for boiling.

This can easliy be solved with a quick, cheap and lighweight solution.
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Step 1: What is currently available

Picture of What is currently available
There are commercially available options such as the MSR Universial canister stand (shown). While making a gas bottle more stable it does come with the heafty price tag of £13.00 RRP. It is also heavier than my creation weighting in at 34.4 grams while mine is less than 1 gram!!!

Step 2: What you need

Picture of What you need
A gas bottle of the required size
3 150mm cable ties
3 100mm cable ties
A pair of scissors

The cable ties are better in a bright colour so you can spot them easily.

Step 3: Make a loop of cable ties

Picture of Make a loop of cable ties
Take all 3 150mm cable ties and attach them together to make a triangle.

Take your gas bottle and fit them over the top.

Tighten them until you get a firm fit but loose enough to slide them up and down the gas bottle. They will not slip off the bottem due to the rim at the base of the bottle.

Step 4: Wrap the remaining ties around the triangle of them.

Picture of Wrap the remaining ties around the triangle of them.
Take the remaining 3 100mm cable ties and wrap them around and tie them on too the triangle. The smaller the better but large enough to effectivly hold the bottle down.

Step 5: Cut off the ends

Picture of Cut off the ends
Take your scissors and cut off the end of each cable tie an it is ready to use!

Simple, straightforward and it works! Brilliant idea. Well done
Great and simple idea! Do post more ideas!
gcc_mtl2 years ago
Love it
Good job
Barefootjoe2 years ago
This is such a great and simple solution to a problem that lots of campers have! I'm defo gonna make this before my next camping trip!
onemoroni12 years ago
Good first instructable. Great idea and application to solve a problem. Thanks for sharing.
I set myself on fire with one of these stoves once, so anything which encourages people to treat them with respect gets my vote!
This is totally a smart idea! Thanks for sharing this.
siegeking8 months ago

great simple cheap idea !!

daveski2 years ago
Great idea, but what happens when the gas runs out and you need to use a new cylinder? tie wraps don't expand very easily!
a-dog501 (author)  daveski2 years ago
Hi Daveski
When I loop them together I make it that they are tight enought to not fall off but loose enough to slide on and off each time it is used. After I am done using it I remove the ties from the bottle which is as easy as pushing them up to the burner end as long as they are not done up too tight. This is helped by the fairly slippery surface of the bottle.
Hope this helped
you can expand a tie wrap if you want: (or buy a new one...)
a-dog501 (author) 2 years ago
Thank you for the support guys and I'm glad to be of service!