Picture of Ultralight Shaving
Remove Hair from your face with just the disposable blade cartridge part of a razor.
Lighten your spaceship by doing without handles and shaving lotions.

Step 1: The Grip

Picture of The Grip
Some blade cartidges have little hooks on the back you can grip with the nails of your thumb and index finger.
This particular off-brand blade cartridge has no such hooks, so grip it like this.
webbhost7 years ago
I cant honestly say I like this method? Ok so I have never tried a "water saliva" mixture, but I have tried it with water and no cream / gel, and I have tried doing this whilst just holding the blade without a handle.... boy did I get cut up bad. I went biking after, and sweat got in all of the cuts... never again.
Handles FTW lol i ALWAYS shave without cream but I do find that it gets irritating a bit, and sometime you get cuts that feel like paper cuts especially on the chin where no blood comes out and are pure agony... I trys this and got a cut on my cheek and when I ate something my cheaks would bulge when I chew which forced the scab to break and bleed again...
Be glad you're a dude. You don't have to know the horrible pain of the ankle paper cut. *cringe* Then it rubs up against my chucks all day :( All sorts of things can go wrong when shaving legs.
i second that! and guys don't even really have to shave. women do since it's apparently against the law of society to have hairy legs.
yes,creams,gels,foams, whatever... they all make your hairs stand on end making it easier to shave, if you just shave with water you wont realy be shaving much and you would have to press down harder, therein lies the nicks and cuts
If you want something cheap, use soap, just make sure it's nice and pasty with only a little water in it.
SecondSun7 years ago
Actually the human saliva is host to more bacteria then a dogs saliva. The poverful enzymes in saliva just keep the multitude of bacteria at bay, if the bacteria in the mouth got into a cut, they would be in bacteria heaven. Bad for you, since it means infection, you would be smarter if you used hot water and grease.
abnor SecondSun7 years ago
yea. i wonder if people back in the old ages died because of lack of water filters in their rivers and oceans. and because they swapped spit with their lovers, or kissed boo boos without brushing their teeth, because of no toothpaste inventors.
SecondSun abnor6 years ago
That makes no sense, none of that includes an open cut You will be pleased to know that even a minor cut in the middle ages resulted in death from infection
abnor SecondSun6 years ago
Not at a constant rate no, but yes it happened. My point was that human saliva isn't as dangerous as SecondSun pointed it out to be.
SecondSun abnor4 years ago
Did you forget me saying this?
"The poverful enzymes in saliva just keep the multitude of bacteria at bay"

agis685 years ago
Man this is a huge damage for your skin. Are u in jail or you like the pain???
abnor7 years ago
i can help but think taking tweezers is a better idea than this. i mean, same painful time consumption, whynot?
austin9 years ago
god i hate shaving when i go back packing or other outdoor venture which is the only time i nedd to pack this light then i just dont bother shaving
abnor austin7 years ago
i love your sarcasm
It would not look good in Clint Eastwood cowboy movies or homemade films. The old cut throat razor has far more presence. Very creative though , I am writing a book about thinking. Maybe there's lot of things we could leave behind on holidays. Shorts take less space than trousers, short sleeve shirts, short socks. Cut toothbrush handles down. Break your hair comb in half. Hey! Why take anything?
rofl. you're being too practical now, and everybody would hate you for being smart... but it made my day --
TimAnderson (author) 9 years ago
My saliva is really great for shaving. Maybe I could be a spit donor to help you people with deficient glands. I could have a siphon in my mouth so drool could run out into a bag taped to my crotch (near my center of gravity, so it wouldn't disrupt my bullfighting career.) When the bag was full it could be airlifted to the place of greatest need. We'd need to recruit rich philathropists to underwrite the effort, so it's not too expensive for those who are suffering. In the future gene-replacement therapy will let people fix their glands with my superior DNA. Then everyone can share the incredible genetic wealth that causes relief from shaving pain to gush from my salivary glands.
You, sir, are a magnificent and, dare I say it, most magnanimous member of the gene pool. And yet I would not want to disrupt your lifestyle of the gods by removing too much of your life-giving saliva. Think of the children and place some of these saliva packets near the most injury-prone organs upon your body so that if a bull should pierce your skin (forgive me if this insults your bullfighting skills) the healing saliva would rush in to help. And I do not mean your own children, but the world's children for if this golden goose was removed, then all humanity would suffer and lament.
bruc33ef7 years ago
Lighten your spaceship further and just grow a beard.
0gre bruc33ef7 years ago
Sorry, bruc33ef. No beards on the spaceship. When the seals blow out after a Kilrathi missle strike and your oxygen mask won't seal against your face, it'll be too late to shave it.
What about the weight of the beard? That'd have a serious effect on fuel consumption over a few light years.
Peanut butter works too, keeps the skin nice and smooth with the oil in it.
pocketwatch7 years ago
This is kinda weird but I guess people w/o access to water use personal lubricant- can't vouch for it though!
jakee1177 years ago
I just shaved for the first time five minuites ago (I'm 13 yrs old)
chuckr448 years ago
If you're packing ultra-light you should have a small bar of soap. Just wet it and rub on your face. It's better than nothing. I've done it before at home. Now you know why "aftershave" has so much alcohol in it, to sterlize all those stupid cuts you get!
lemonie8 years ago
If I'm travelling light I don't bother shaving at all. Either you leave the handle on, or leave it at home, surely?
i didn't realize this was unkown...it was how i shaved the first 3 years of my shaving life minus the whole saliva/h-twenty shaving cream.
spinach_dip9 years ago
Ouch. I think my facial hair must be a bit thicker than yours--when I try to shave dry (not without-water-dry, without-shaving-cream-dry) I nick and get razor burn all over the place!
Got to agree, without water this would fail totally for me, as the razor would simply stop on the hairs, and even the firmest grip wouldn't pull it through them. I've pulled the heads off of razors with changable heads before now on dry hairs, and a lot of them get pulled out, rather than cutting, so using just the blade would not work. The obvious answer is to grow a beard. The slightly bulkier answer is to buy an electric razor.
kenneth12479 years ago
I never pack this light!
supertodda9 years ago
One option is to use King of Shaves, or some other shaving oil that is compact in case you're in a desert and you don't have saliva.
radiorental9 years ago
I keep one of these at my desk at work. I generally shave bleary eyed in the morning and invariably miss a little tuft. Cool idea
jridley9 years ago
I can't shave dry or I get cut up. However, I never use any special product, I just wet my face when I start, then wash my hair while the facial hair gets wet, then use a bit of soap to lube my face and shave like that. Letting the water sit on the facial hair for a minute or two does make a difference, for whatever reason.
I agree. Warm water and a little bit of soap are all I need while travelling. This method would leave me a bloody mess.
lybones9 years ago
That's just GENIOUS! = )