Ultralight Shaving





Introduction: Ultralight Shaving

Remove Hair from your face with just the disposable blade cartridge part of a razor.
Lighten your spaceship by doing without handles and shaving lotions.

Step 1: The Grip

Some blade cartidges have little hooks on the back you can grip with the nails of your thumb and index finger.
This particular off-brand blade cartridge has no such hooks, so grip it like this.

Step 2: Scraping the Jaw, Scraping the Jaw Aw Aww!

For shaving cream, swish some water in your mouth and rub it on your face.
That will make the process lots less itchy and painful.

Continue til you are RICO SUAVE.
Be sure to check yourself in the mirror, say the rearview mirror of a parked car if you are shaving on the sidewalk.

re: the implications of using saliva and water for shaving cream, Rachel Norman has this to say:

so in saliva you have immunoglobulin A2 which is secreted by B cells but i am not super clear on
B cell location and tranport of IgA2 - something to look into for you. you also have a host of
enzymes in saliva - such as lysozyme - which begin digestion - and this is also bad news bears
for bacteria and other agents of infection that try to enter through the mouth.



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    are those safety glasses your wearing?

    I cant honestly say I like this method? Ok so I have never tried a "water saliva" mixture, but I have tried it with water and no cream / gel, and I have tried doing this whilst just holding the blade without a handle.... boy did I get cut up bad. I went biking after, and sweat got in all of the cuts... never again.

    Handles FTW lol i ALWAYS shave without cream but I do find that it gets irritating a bit, and sometime you get cuts that feel like paper cuts especially on the chin where no blood comes out and are pure agony... I trys this and got a cut on my cheek and when I ate something my cheaks would bulge when I chew which forced the scab to break and bleed again...

    Be glad you're a dude. You don't have to know the horrible pain of the ankle paper cut. *cringe* Then it rubs up against my chucks all day :( All sorts of things can go wrong when shaving legs.

    i second that! and guys don't even really have to shave. women do since it's apparently against the law of society to have hairy legs.

    yes,creams,gels,foams, whatever... they all make your hairs stand on end making it easier to shave, if you just shave with water you wont realy be shaving much and you would have to press down harder, therein lies the nicks and cuts

    If you want something cheap, use soap, just make sure it's nice and pasty with only a little water in it.

    Actually the human saliva is host to more bacteria then a dogs saliva. The poverful enzymes in saliva just keep the multitude of bacteria at bay, if the bacteria in the mouth got into a cut, they would be in bacteria heaven. Bad for you, since it means infection, you would be smarter if you used hot water and grease.

    yea. i wonder if people back in the old ages died because of lack of water filters in their rivers and oceans. and because they swapped spit with their lovers, or kissed boo boos without brushing their teeth, because of no toothpaste inventors.

    That makes no sense, none of that includes an open cut You will be pleased to know that even a minor cut in the middle ages resulted in death from infection