Ultrasonic Headtracker Mouse





Introduction: Ultrasonic Headtracker Mouse

I recently rebuilt a headset for a head tracker mouse for a paraplegic chap.

This instructable contains a bit of information that might help anyone else trying to do the same.

The unit that this headset works with is the PRC Headmaster, Prentke HM-2P. Its a fairly old design but it is based around ultrasonic transducers and time of flight calculations.

Step 1: Print the Headset

3D printed using PET+ (tough and flexible).

STLs on Thingiverse or attached

Step 2: Electronics

Quite simple electronics

16mm SQ40R ultrasonic transducers

RJ11 connector

Nokia headset wire to add a flexible bit at the end (turns out they use 5 cores).

PSF 100A pressure switch (lowest pressure version)

Bits of ribbon cable to join it all

Connections numbered in the diagram

Step 3: Assembly

Mostly push fit.

Add a bit of heat shrink to protect the headphone wire.

Velcro and foam to add some padding.

Sugru to protect the exposed electronics.

Step 4: Updates

I have built a second one of these headsets, it which includes a few modifications.

.STL slightly updated for the wire to be connected up the top not side.

Parts sourced from CPC:

**SN36228 Ultrasonic reciever 40 kHz 16mm, 400SR160

**NOTE the headsets made with these ultrasonics only worked on one of the two control boxes, these may not be the best ones to use!

SN36427 Pressure Switch 0.004-0.018 PSI PSF100A-0.5



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    4 Discussions

    Does anyone know of a switch that can do left and right click please I need right click aswell as left click

    Are all three 16mm SQ40R ultrasonic transducers transmitters or receiver types?

    Very good to support those who need this resource! Thanks !!!

    Wow it looks really great, and it's such a good cause. Well done figuring out the complexities! Thanks for sharing!