Introduction: Ultrasonic Motion Detector Light Starter : THE WATCHER

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this is simple motion detector with ultrasonic sensor. It detects the person and trigger the relay which leads to light for 30 seconds for each trigger.

Step 1: the Components

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1. arduino

2. 5v relay

3. ultrasonic sensor

4. usb wire

5. plastic box

6. 5v power supply

these components are required for the THE WATCHER

Step 2: The Coding

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In this project coding is very easy. You can download the code for the link below and you have to change the distance as your room. keep distance 5 less than the length of the room.

here is the link for my video >>>> <<<<

Step 3: Connections

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the ultrasonic sensor connected as

trig pin -> pin 8

echo pin -> pin 7

vcc- > 5v pin

gdd -> gdd

the relay connections

signal pin (INT) -> pin 3

vcc-> vin

gdd to gdd

power supply to arduino by the usb cable and mobile charger 5v 1amp

*the simulation software ultrasonic sensor has only 3 pin but i have used hc-sr04 which has 4 pin so connect the ultrasonic sensor as i describe above to arduino pin.


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Cool Sensor project.

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