This is a fairly simple project that is designed to introduce key components to a new Arduino user. I created this in a few hours of tinkering using existing Arduino libraries and a SainSmart starter kit. Real world applications could include users who have difficulty using remote controls or are in food preparation areas etc.

The IR code is configured for use with a Sony TV, the library is courtesy of http://www.righto.com/2009/08/multi-protocol-infrared-remote-library.html
I also took some IR codes for the TV from here: http://www.openremote.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=15532260

Everything else uses the built in Arduino functions and libraries or my own work.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1. An Arduino UNO.
2. An HC-SR04 ultrasonic module
3. An Infra-red LED
4. An appropriate resistor for your Infra-red LED (I used 220R but the signal is quite weak!)
5. An RGB LED (and resistors if they aren't built in).
6. A breadboard and wires.
<p>sir we already made the sensor works but how do we know if the IR LED is sending signal?</p>
You can actually see the light from an IR LED if you look at it through a video camera (smartphone camera would work), but it has to be on long enough for you to see, which this might not be. You could set up an IR detector with another arduino and output the results to the serial monitor.
<p>thanks sir! We managed to make the IR Led flash now, but the problem is we cannot make the TV work using it, how would we know the ir codes in our remote Tv?</p>
I don't have a list of codes for all TVs I'm afraid, but most are available online if you search for them.
<p>thanks for the response sir! :) we already made it out of nowhere haha idk but i just downloaded the IR Library then included in the arduino IDE. It is now working :) but the problem is it's working only in our tv at home, we're gonna exhibit this project in our circuits fair at school, will it work in other tvs?</p>
Typically each brand of TV has different codes so I would suggest you test beforehand or take the TV with you to make sure it will work.
<p>hi ! i have a samsung smart tv, where do i find that specific code just like you did for sony ?</p><p>Please give some idea about that.</p>
Hi Devi, I'm afraid I don't have any special access to codes. It is just a matter of searching the internet. Sorry I can't be more help!
<p>hey i have a ir led but its clear not black, will it work ?</p>
<p>hai mr, I want to createa tool likethis, butI havedifficultyin finding thecode forSHARPtvprogram,could you give mesome help tosource code,thanksbefore:), you can sendit to email : guen_ter@yahoo.co.id</p>
<p>hello sir i have onida tv , so i cant run the code which u have given can u please send me the code please give me replay </p>
<p>hi i want to control dslr cameras with ultrasonic is this possible </p>
<p>Hey! I wish to do this project, but I own a LG TV..can you tell me what all changes i will need to do? and i wish to change the gesture for the same like, i wanted the volume to change on rotating the finger clockwise and anti clockwise, change channel on swiping with entire hand(like in mobile phone's gallery),so what changes do i make for this?</p>
<p>Hi, You would need to get a hold of the LG sending protocol and codes which may be available on the internet. As far as rotating your finger to change the volume: the sensor is one dimensional by definition, I don't see a way that you could do that without adding additional sensors and calibrating them to detect that precise motion. Have you considered a Leap Motion controller instead?</p>
<p>and can I use it with my arduino board in the same way? like, just replace hc-sr04 with leap motion controller, and use the same code(with LG sending codes?)</p>
<p>Well, no I actually have no idea about leap motion controller..can u please brief something about it? Also, can I remove my arduino IC and use the programmed IC on a circuit of it's own? (kinda stand-alone?) thank u :)</p>
<p>The code shows an error, check the attached photo. </p>
<p>The error indicates that you have not included the IR remote library from https://github.com/shirriff/Arduino-IRremote correctly.</p>

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