Ultrasonic gesture based TV remote control

This is a fairly simple project that is designed to introduce key components to a new Arduino user. I created this in a few hours of tinkering using existing Arduino libraries and a SainSmart starter kit. Real world applications could include users who have difficulty using remote controls or are in food preparation areas etc.

The IR code is configured for use with a Sony TV, the library is courtesy of
I also took some IR codes for the TV from here:

Everything else uses the built in Arduino functions and libraries or my own work.
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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1. An Arduino UNO.
2. An HC-SR04 ultrasonic module
3. An Infra-red LED
4. An appropriate resistor for your Infra-red LED (I used 220R but the signal is quite weak!)
5. An RGB LED (and resistors if they aren't built in).
6. A breadboard and wires.

Step 2: The Electronics

Picture of The Electronics
The configuration is straight forward.

1. Connect the IR LED to pin 3 via an appropriate resistor, and then connect the cathode to GND.

2. Connect the ultrasonic sensor to 5v and GND where the pins specify. Connect the trigger pin to pin 8 and the echo pin to 7. You can configure these pins in the sketch.

3. Connect the RGB LED to GND and pins 11 (red), 10 (green), 9 (blue). These pins are also configurable.
NOTE: Make sure your LED module has built in resistors or you will damage the LED.


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