Introduction: Umbrella Teepee!!!! :)

Picture of Umbrella Teepee!!!! :)

Don't know what to do with the loads of plastic umbrellas in your house?!

Well, then let's make a teepee out of it!!

It's simple, cheap, and fun!!!

And it's foldable and compact too!! So you can carry it around :)

Step 1:

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Step 2: TOOLS

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  1. 3 plastic umbrellas
  2. duck tape
  3. plyers
  4. hook

THAT'S IT!!! :)

Step 3: Vocabulary

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Heres the names of the umbrella parts.

They will show up often in this instruction!!

Step 4: Cut Off Umbrella Handle.

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Using the pliers, cut off the crook handle of all 3 umbrellas.

Step 5: Stop the Umbrella From Opening Up.

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**Only do this for one of the umbrellas!!

Decide how wide you want your teepee to be, and fix the umbrella using duct tape. Tape the upper part of the the runner structure. (like the pink tape in the photo)

(If you tape the bottom part of the runner, you won't be able to fold the teepee, so be careful!)

Step 6: Separate Steel Ribs and Plastic Cover.

Picture of Separate Steel Ribs and Plastic Cover.

**Use the leftover 2 umbrellas (other than the one in Step3.)

Take the plastic cover off. It comes off easily just by pulling off the tip.

Cut off all 8 of the ribs as well, using a plier.

The ribs would have a stretcher on it, so cut off the strecher as well. As a result, the ribs should be a single steel stick.

Step 7: Stick Steel Ribs Using Hooks.

Picture of Stick Steel Ribs Using Hooks.

For the end of each umbrella rib, stick a steel frame of another umbrella, using the hooks.

(the hooks need to be purchased)

By doing this, we extend the teepee's height!! :)

Ta-da? This will be the structure of the teepee.

Step 8: Tape the Plastic Cover Onto the Metal Frame.

Picture of Tape the Plastic Cover Onto the Metal Frame.

In Step5, we separated the plastic covers of the umbrellas.
For this step, we tape those covers onto the structure from the previous step.

You can cut and paste the covers any way you want!! Customize your teepee into an original one!! :)

(I suggest you use a clear duct tape!!)

Step 9: Stand Up Teepee.

Picture of Stand Up Teepee.

We used a water bottle, since they can be found anywhere, and is just the right size and weight.

But, really it can be anything else, as long as it is stable.

Tape that to each of the extended ribs.

Step 10: COMPLETE!! :):):):)

Picture of COMPLETE!! :):):):)

Now, your kids have a new and exciting toy to play with!!


:D :D :D


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