Step 5: Adding an Amplifier (optional)

Picture of Adding an Amplifier (optional)
I realized that the speakers I was using had low output volume due to the fact that there is no built in amplifier for it. So I bought a BN9 RAMSEY SUPER SNOOP AMPLIFIER KIT from Amazon.com. The kit cost 15$, and you must solder together the amplifier.

I did solder together the amplifier, and since the kit was made to have an input microphone and an output for a speaker, I had to do some modifying.

I wanted to have an input 3.5mm socket and an output 3.5mm jack. To do so, I cut the microphone output from a spare headphone, and a jack from a 2 way 3.5mm splitter.

I stripped the wire off the microphone output, and found a wire on the inside covered by copper wires (around the inner wire). the outside copper goes to the negative (-) output and the inner wire goes to the positive (+).

For the 3.5mm Jack, I stripped the outer housing and found a red wire, a white wire, and copper wires around the other two wires.
The red and white wires are your left and right speaker inputs, you should solder them together and place them in the positive (+) input. The copper shrouding should go to negative or ground (-).

After hooking up the amplifier I noticed the sound quality was garbled, and the music would build up and suddenly stop, then repeat again. I have no clue why it did this, so I went ahead and left out the amplifier stage.