I like the look of bandsaw boxes, but I didn't have a bandsaw at the time I made this. I wanted to see if I could make something that emulated a bandsaw box anyway. It's not emulating the more familiar drawer style box, but the kind with the removable lid. All you absolutely need is a jigsaw, drill, router table with flush trim bit, and some sandpaper.

Step 1: Make a Template

  • I sketched an irregular shape on some 3/4 inch MDF.
  • I rough cut the outside of the shape with my jigsaw.
  • I drilled out the center and cut out the inside with the jigsaw.
  • I used a sanding drum on my drill press and a disk sander to do final shaping of the template.

Step 2: Make the First "ring"

  • I traced the template shape on a 1/2 inch piece of poplar.
  • I cut out the outside and inside of the poplar as with the template, leaving about 1/8 inch or less on the waste side of the line.
  • I applied double sided tape to the rough shaped poplar and attached the template to it.
  • I used a flush trim bit on the router table and used it to transfer the shape of the template to the poplar.

Step 3: Make the Other Rings

  • I traced and roughed cut the next ring.
  • I glued the rough cut ring to the finished ring.
  • I also tacked it on with a few brad nails.
  • I shaped the rough ring on the router using the previous finished ring as the template.
  • I repeated for all the rings, not using the brad nails on the top ring as it would show.
  • I used some sandpaper taped to a dowel to smooth the inside and outside of the rings, while wished I had a spindle sander.

Step 4: Make the Top

  • I sketched the inside shape of the box on some 1/4 plywood for the lid insert.
  • I cut it out with the jigsaw.
  • I finished shaping the insert with the sanding drum and belt sander.
  • I glued the insert to another 1/2 inch piece of poplar.
  • I rough cut the outside shape.
  • I taped the lid to the rings.
  • I shaped the lid on the router table with the flush trim bit.

Step 5: Make the Bottom

  • I traced the outside shape on another piece of polar.
  • I rough cut it with the jigsaw.
  • I glued it to the rings.
  • I finished the bottom with the flush trim bit.

Step 6: Final Shape and Finishing

  • I rounded the top and bottom with a rounding bit.
  • I used a chamfer bit in the underside of the lid and the top of the box.
  • I finished the box with a few coats of Danish oil.

Step 7: Complete

Now you have a box that looks like it was made on a bandsaw. Would it be easier to make with a bandsaw? Probably, but I didn't have one at the time.

I just learned how to use power tools and hand tools this last month and I do not have bandsaw so this was perfect. This is my first ever finished project. :-)
<p>Awesome! That looks great!! Nice build.</p>
<p>Nice one! You have my vote ;)</p>
Thanks, dude!
<p>well done, very well done for your ingenuity...I love it...it's fab...xxx</p>
<p>What a beautiful box! I love the idea of building it up layer by layer. Great way to make a box with limited tools. </p>
What a great way to do this! Your box turned out great. Thanks for sharing
Nice! I like the technique. I can think of several other projects it could be adapted to!
<p>Hi Ken, I relly like how nice it came out, great method.</p><p>One liitle tip to use masking tape and superglue instead of double sided one, here Ben describes the advantages of it. Easy, cheap, clear, accurate, really works.</p><p><a>Masking tape and superglue trick by Ben.</a></p>
I'll have to check that out.
<p>And voted of course. :)</p>

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