Super tricky toy, look easy but most people take longer than 3 mins, I show you how to make one with A4 paper.

1. Divide your paper into 3 rows of 5 equal columns (each 5 x 5 cm)
2. cut them into 3 pieces
3. glue it on the "X" area
4. combine them together
5. try to make a 6 faces dice (most people unable to make it in 3 mins)
6. now try to make all the face blank, most people fail..what about you?

it doesnt load!!!!
all you need to due is divide a paper in fourths like a hamburger then into thirds like a hot dog then cut on the thirds then fold on the fourths line all the same way then tape one end of one strip(that should be divided into fourths)to the other end to make kind of cube with the center cut out... repeat, but interlace the strips before you tape them... remember to make sure two of the strips are wrapped around the other, otherwise the puzzle is messed up... i have no idea how to do the dots and the blanks and stuff because i didn't see the video but i looked at the picture of the instructables and figured all that out... :D Take note i'm 11 :P<br />
ok figured out how to make number and blank puzzle<br /> make the cube<br /> make it look like a dice or whatever<br /> undo the cube and make a blank cube<br /> <br />
can u make a written version cos the videos been removed from metacafe
they took it off sucks man eye wnted 2 make this to make my mind work reaaly hrd that sucks more
wow.. amazing
I did the cube in 3 mins.<br/>did the # puzzle in 1min. (only because the cubes were a little off so I had to wedge it together by force)<br/>did the blank puzzle in a little under a minute too. (again, because the cubes didn't fit too well)<br/><br/>I love it. its easy. the # puzzle is just the opposite of the blank &amp; you have to make your mind to look @ it that way when you're making the puzzle. (kind of like when u read upside down.<br/><br/>i have to agree that this DOES NOT have good intructions. But i am a visual learner. People are different. Even thou the video goes fast u can always pause it. I will post GOOD instructions on how to make this when i get a chance =)<br/>
what size of feakin paper do u nead
A4 paper, its 11<em> x 8.5</em><br/>
<strong>HOW SO STRAIT!!!!!</strong><br/>
when my friends saw this, they could not even seprate the cube
This is many puzzles in one: Making the cube, no pattern Taking apart the cube Making the cube, numbers Making the cube, blanks
No duh, you worded it completely wrong. You mean 6 Rows of 4 colomns. Don't count the lines, count the spaces. And by the way you turned the paper, you meant 6 ROWS (Horizantal) of 4 Colomns (Vertical).
Can someone help me? I can't divide it into 5 :(
SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! i shall try this in the morning
And about half a minute for turning the blanks on the outside
It took me about 10 seconds!
If you cut the corners of it works better and if use stiff paper
nice sweatband
i made a baby one
Video is kind of too fast....a step by step part would help.
I'm sorry I simply cant believe this
Yay, got it :D<br/>But it wasn't easy to get it into a cube because it didn't fit very well<sup></sup><br/>
Wicked. *+1*
dang , at first i was like what?? haha

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