neat. i shall have to remember this for when i get kids :P
i think theres a blue light special going on at k-mart...
They sell kids at k-mart now? O_o teehee :D
Wow! I never knew that! :D
wait till they're free... XD
I think you get the good ones at sears and ikea
The ones at sears are the best.
the ones at future shop are more techno
I heard that the ikea ones also speak Swedish
bahah. you, sir, win a whole internets :D
just wanted to add to the huge list of replys :D<br />
woaahhhhhhh this is sick such a long list of replys
O= I'm at the bottom.
i made this account like years ago and i randomly got a email saying that someone commented on my post, then i was like whats insructables.<br><br>took my a minute but i remember now<br><br>lol<br>O=&lt; im at the bottom
no i am
i got lost in ikea once. those magic arrows dont freaking work!!!
I looked at some once, but they were all too expensive....
Calvin &amp; Hobbes?
for some reason whenever i try the video, it doesn't work, on metacafe it jst skips to another trailer, after that trailer comes another one -_-;
Centimeters! Really! Most people use inches.&nbsp;&nbsp; :T<br />
Actually, most people in the world use centimetres, hence the name &quot;Standard unit of Measurement&quot; the United States is one of the few perplexing countries that uses the imperial system. The Metric system is used because of it's easy comversion, centi-, milli, and kilo- are all &quot;modifiers&quot; or sorts, so one centimetre, is 1/100 of a meter, where as a kilometre is 1000 meters.
errmm..... most of the world uses centimeters if im not mistaken.....&nbsp; Its called the metric system, lol<br />
yep.. its just north america... making everything hard with inches and such! lol
ok, the UK uses both systems.
As does the US.
the US hardly uses it. we dont have meter sticks, except in science class. we usually use a YARD stick.
Although, a lot of the YARD sticks are actually meter sticks. They are just called yard sticks. :)
Then the mesurements are off, because a meter is bigger than a yard, right?
i like the metric system. easier to memerize how many in each. like 100 centi. in a meter. its based on 10!
&nbsp;exactly nick!
actually, just us americans use it. everywhere else they use centimeters, and frankly, i wish we did to. they are way easier to use and remember. like do u know how many feet in a mile? how about how many centimeters in a meter? thats 100 centimeters. easier to remember than 3,000 some other numbers!
Ok If your so smart (I'm from america) exactly how many meters are in a Kilometer? 1000 right?
Ok, i'm right!
not only americans. also some country in africa and some 3rd world country <br>lol
No, just North America and Britan. Cintemeters are morwe precise, however.
Maybe most people in North America
THIS IS TOTALY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
it looks like you used oak tag would just regular paper be fine it looks fun
now that was awesome!
i love you.....i mean.....*cough* akward<br/>
that awesome
this was awesome
thats very cool
Does not work!!!!
in inches what is the paper width/diametere
Would somebody please post a outline? Im sorry wolf but your outline isnt quite clear for me.
I need one too! i could work out that its 3x8 so i spose that i doesn't REEALLY matter as long as it looks the same and they are all identical... I'm being optermistic

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