Unbelievable (?) Camera Service


Introduction: Unbelievable (?) Camera Service

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Over the years my old digital camera has accumulated dirt in hard to reach places. The worst of which being in front of the lens. The best practical way to fix this was to take it apart, and this video shows the process.
I went about this in a rather "cack-handed" way and in the video you will see me being electrocuted twice by the flash circuit, and I got stung once more putting it back together.
Yet the camera still works.
Remember this next time someone is advocating the use of anti-static wrist straps...
Here's to the Fuji FinePix 2300 - at the moment all my pictures are taken with this.

(I thought the video camera was recording while putting this back together, but it wasn't.)



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    Fyi, while taking apart an aging (8mp?) Sony for the experience and possibly of salvage,I too was surprised by that stored energy. In my case a screwdriver "grounded" the charge through nearby components on the board.
    Wish it had been me.

    Good video, i watched it twice, mainly for the funny unexpected zaps, i love playing with zap circuits, made one from a cheap disposable camera.
    That'll teach the kids for snooping around.

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    I have an old digital good-in-it's-time Nikon shaped like yours, but the batteries don't last - They die in ~12 shots !
    Anybody know if there's anything I could do? a tip? Anything because for now it's not worth using it.

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    I used 4x NiMH 1500 mAh, what do you use? The screen tends to drain them a lot.


    i hv had a similar problem in my olympus c750 UZ which is a high end camera.
    i had four sets of nimh batteries, and had same problem with all.
    before blaming camera  i tried out sony precharged batteries which dont discharge even after months.

    Yes i charge them now once in a month, and y camera is always availble.

    Check if this is problem with yr cam?

    Well if you're using rechargables, try either a different set or some regular disposables.  Make sure you turn it off when you're not using it, and take the batteries out after turning it off.  See how many shots you can get in one sitting off of a full charge.

    What sort of batteries and how many? I've got 4 NiMH, and I try to avoid using the LCD, it lasts a long time.


    Well if you ever take it apart, you've been warned...


    I was experimenting with a tooth-pick. Cut it in the end, not a good shape.


    lol like a finger nail tooth pick?!? haha...ha......huh.....why didnt i think of that....lol actaully sounds like a pretty good idea.

    Such naughty language.

    I thought you knew better than to get shocked.

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    No I didn't... There you go, we both learned something.


    Haha! I got myself shocked with flash circuits several times. Feels awful!.. :-) K.

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    Orco? Why did you choose that character out of interest? L

    Orco, hmm, maybe to stay young?  :-)


    It'd make a good Halloween costume?