Introduction: Unblock Blocked Sites Easily

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We daily get hundred of sites that are blocked in our country, school, offices, so to unblock and access those sites I am writing this tutorials, it will help you to unblock any blocked site easily.

Step 1: Use Google Translate to Access Blocked Sites

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You can access any blocked site with the help of Google, just go to google translate, paste site URL in translate option and click on URL in translated box and it will work as proxy server to show you respective website.

Step 2: Use Free Proxy Sites

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As we all know proxies help us to unblock blocked sites but there are many other reasons too that lead us to use proxies, proxies can hide your internet connection from ISP and your office boss so they won't what really you are browsing nor they can access the content you have visited, so proxies are amazing to use in your office, home and college to stay safe and protected.

Here are some best proxies you can use for unblocking:

  1. Proxy1122 : is one of most trusted proxy in town.
  2. : Another good proxy.
  3. : is good one.

Step 3: Use VPNs

VPN also are the best way to access blocked sites, here are some popular VPNs to be used:

  • Hotspot shield
  • NetFlux
  • CyberGhost

They can help you to access any site of your choice.

Step 4: Use Browser Extensions

Here are some best free browser extension to be used:

  • Dot VPN: Available for both chrome and Firefox
  • Zenmate: Available for both chrome and Firefox


KaS3 Coder (author)2017-02-24

my school blocked google translate

TylerR87 (author)KaS3 Coder2017-12-13

not me but when i use it it does not let me play anything

TylerR87 (author)2017-12-13

thank you the proxy server works finally there is something

80750 (author)2017-12-06

None of these work.

EmilieC11 (author)2016-10-06

there are many people who want secure VPN service but they don't want to use premium VPN service because of money so its a good news for then now they can be secure in free of cost

tomatoskins (author)2016-08-10

Cool info!

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