Picture of Unblock CMD at school and become the administrator!
In this Instructable you will learn how to unblock cmd at your school or workplace and become the administrator. Sounds impossible but its not

What you need for this Instructable:

-Time (You don't a lot but you still it lol)
- A computer, Windows XP is recommended although this can work on Vista if your administrator doesn't think much about computer security
- limited user account or guest account (Obviously you won't be trying this if your already the Administrator. . .)

NOTICE: If your CMD is already unblocked skip to step 4
Disclaimer: I will not take resposablility for any damage this Instructable might cause. If you follow me correctly nothing should happen but you never no. . .proceed at your own risk lol
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Step 1: Unblocking CMD, your gateway into becoming the administrator, 2 ways

Picture of Unblocking CMD, your gateway into becoming the administrator, 2 ways
OK, at most school and even workplaces CMD(.exe) I usually blocked. CMD stands for something called Command Prompt. This is your gateway as I like to call it into becoming the administrator. There are two versions I know of, the newest is called CMD.exe and the older one is called Both are useful, it's just that you can do more in general on CMD.exe. OK, way#1 to unblock your computer's command prompt.
1. Open 'Notepad' (Windows Run "Notepad" or Open up your start menu -> Accessories-> Notepad) thats all I can think of for now but there's probably more ways. . .
2. Write inside the notepad file exactly what you see here (paste this if you want):


that probably won't work because your administrator probably atleast knows something as simple as that so let get a 'little more complicated':

@echo off

That last one probably won't work on vista though. . .
If these two possibilities don't work then, sorry I'm out of ideas. . .These two though are the only two that I've used and tried at schools and they seem to work the best. . .Remember either of these works! Do not include both commands in the same notepad file. . .

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it didn't work I couldn't open the adminhack

bibie31 year ago
i get:
system error 5
acces denied

what do i do?
Nalsomel bibie31 month ago

run as administrator

How when your not admin?!?

Gamertrong6 days ago

hey all how do you do the part for the admin answer asap need to know but cmd is working plz answer

RahulG822 days ago

system 5 error


AshtonW10 days ago

System error 5

access denied.

What happened? CMD was umblocked but when I reopen adminhack it came up with access denied.

JacobV213 days ago

the reason it wont work of people becuase the batch file is block on the computer

ponchob19 days ago

I'm trying it at school right now too and it doesn't work

ChrisH2119 days ago

Time to get ruining my schools network... Some girl in my class saw me trying it today, and she asks 'Do you know how to use the computer properly?' I mean, does she think I come from a third world country or something...?

chua.hui.751 month ago

accessed cmd using this thanks!

isaiahh11 month ago

Nice! Do you guys have any books I can look at with this kind of stuff!

TaehuiK11 month ago

How do you command?

RyanN31 month ago

create a batchfile with the fallowing

@echo off




echo what color would you like?


echo green

echo blue

echo red

echo pink


set /p c=

if %c%==green color a

if %c%==blue color b

if %c%==red color c

if %c%==pink color d

if %c%==green goto start

if %c%==blue goto start

if %c%==red goto start

if %c%==pink goto start

goto color


set /p cmd=


goto start

mastermun1 month ago

At step three CMD pops up and reads:

CMD has been disabled by your administrator.

Click any button to continue...

Help pls

offsetfiend8 months ago

To access command prompt at school it would be easier to download this right click on the unhook and install it. then open reg edit. all the settings in the registry have been pre configured and should unblock most things such as changing background CMD group policy and control panel if it doesnt work i havent got a clue wat to do :D

damn my school security system is complex... your file was denied.

u wont be the admin though

i was denied access for part 5

I really just want to download games to this computer, I my friend had stole this computer, and then tried to give it to me, I took it back up there to the school he stole it from, since this computer was stolen so many years ago, they had gotten updated versions, and litterally didn't want it anymore, so they basically handed it over to me. And now, I'm just trying to download stuff that I need, like stuff for my job, and some games here and there, I followed the steps correctly, but at the very end, it said,





And that was that, anyone enlighten me on what had happend?

if the administratore user is not active (meaning there not loged into your computer) you cant do it

Watch this. It works. (Works best on a PC)

It means you are not running it as administrator. If you run the CMD as admin the acces won't be denied.

Net user "insert account name" * "insert password"

JelleB JelleB2 months ago

In case you aren't the admin and you can't become the admin:

- Insert a windows install CD or windows bootable USB with the install iso on it. Once started hit Shift + F10. It will open the CMD and through that you can bypass all the admin bullshit :)

jacobgilder1 month ago

You get the SYSTEM 5 ERROR POPUP because you need to be an administrator to change accounts and give administrative privileges.

jumpingzebra2 months ago

"System error 5 has occured.

Acces is denied." How to bypass this?


I had this problem to, you just need to run it as an admin for it to work.

BrendenB2 months ago

if I know an admins account info can I use this script to delete their account if I replace /add to /delete

JamesBCopley2 months ago

I only need admin access for a short time, and then i need to change it back. The computer I use is monitored by the school and they will be able to tell if I am using admin. How do I switch back to the old account, or how do I find out the password right now so i can fill it in later?

write it out again but chanfe /add to /delete
drake200120152 months ago

Do this instead...

@echo on


set /p command=COMMAND:


goto top

AncoGameplayN2 months ago

its says system error 5 no permisons

varun.susarla3 months ago

guys some of you are here for internet blockage:that is http unix client so download chrome and get browsec extension

Browsec is now blocked by the schools.

JamesBCopley2 months ago

Once you have made a new admin account, how would you wipe it and put in the old one once you were done? I don't need admin for that long, and my school's tech lab people will check the admin. How do I delete my new admin and replace it with the old one so it looks like i didn't do anything?

ShaunB33 months ago

In school I can't save my file as .bat as it is blocked Need an answer to help me!!!!

You can write the file on a home computer, bring it in on a flash drive, and try to run it like that
ahjamil01 ShaunB32 months ago

Its not possible

xRootKit2 years ago
would this work if i have to sign in to my regular account on network?
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