In this Instructable you will learn how to unblock cmd at your school or workplace and become the administrator. Sounds impossible but its not

What you need for this Instructable:

-Time (You don't a lot but you still it lol)
- A computer, Windows XP is recommended although this can work on Vista if your administrator doesn't think much about computer security
- limited user account or guest account (Obviously you won't be trying this if your already the Administrator. . .)

NOTICE: If your CMD is already unblocked skip to step 4
Disclaimer: I will not take resposablility for any damage this Instructable might cause. If you follow me correctly nothing should happen but you never no. . .proceed at your own risk lol

Step 1: Unblocking CMD, your gateway into becoming the administrator, 2 ways

OK, at most school and even workplaces CMD(.exe) I usually blocked. CMD stands for something called Command Prompt. This is your gateway as I like to call it into becoming the administrator. There are two versions I know of, the newest is called CMD.exe and the older one is called Comand.com. Both are useful, it's just that you can do more in general on CMD.exe. OK, way#1 to unblock your computer's command prompt.
1. Open 'Notepad' (Windows Run "Notepad" or Open up your start menu -> Accessories-> Notepad) thats all I can think of for now but there's probably more ways. . .
2. Write inside the notepad file exactly what you see here (paste this if you want):


that probably won't work because your administrator probably atleast knows something as simple as that so let get a 'little more complicated':

@echo off

That last one probably won't work on vista though. . .
If these two possibilities don't work then, sorry I'm out of ideas. . .These two though are the only two that I've used and tried at schools and they seem to work the best. . .Remember either of these works! Do not include both commands in the same notepad file. . .

<p>I cant save this to my desktop on the school computer...does this work on school computers or do you have to have your own laptop to use this????</p>
<p>save it to your local student number &quot;folder&quot; the spot where your student id shows up click and save it there </p>
<p>I did this and got system 5 error. Please fix</p>
<p>me to </p>
<p>me to </p>
<p>me to </p>
<p>me to </p>
<p>me to </p>
<p>what if the computer is a dell cause my school has those REALLY OLD dell computers</p>
<p>I want to know why you think that this would work on any system where any one of the IT guys knows ANYTHING about computer security.</p>
<p>so awnser this pls when I put cmdopen.bat it says I cant put it there why.</p>
<p>I still don't understand though can someone please explain!!</p>
But will the school notice??!?!? We got really high security here!! I dont want to be caught ;)<br><br>Pls somebody answer<br><br>:)
<p>this will allow you to run .exe files if their blocked on your school computer</p><p>add this to a .bat file</p><p>cmd /min /C &quot;set __COMPAT_LAYER=RUNASINVOKER &amp;&amp; start &quot;&quot; &quot;%1&quot;</p><p>it works i have used it to run halo and stuff</p>
<p>It says Access Denied :(</p>

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