In this Instructable you will learn how to unblock cmd at your school or workplace and become the administrator. Sounds impossible but its not

What you need for this Instructable:

-Time (You don't a lot but you still it lol)
- A computer, Windows XP is recommended although this can work on Vista if your administrator doesn't think much about computer security
- limited user account or guest account (Obviously you won't be trying this if your already the Administrator. . .)

NOTICE: If your CMD is already unblocked skip to step 4
Disclaimer: I will not take resposablility for any damage this Instructable might cause. If you follow me correctly nothing should happen but you never no. . .proceed at your own risk lol

Step 1: Unblocking CMD, your gateway into becoming the administrator, 2 ways

OK, at most school and even workplaces CMD(.exe) I usually blocked. CMD stands for something called Command Prompt. This is your gateway as I like to call it into becoming the administrator. There are two versions I know of, the newest is called CMD.exe and the older one is called Comand.com. Both are useful, it's just that you can do more in general on CMD.exe. OK, way#1 to unblock your computer's command prompt.
1. Open 'Notepad' (Windows Run "Notepad" or Open up your start menu -> Accessories-> Notepad) thats all I can think of for now but there's probably more ways. . .
2. Write inside the notepad file exactly what you see here (paste this if you want):


that probably won't work because your administrator probably atleast knows something as simple as that so let get a 'little more complicated':

@echo off

That last one probably won't work on vista though. . .
If these two possibilities don't work then, sorry I'm out of ideas. . .These two though are the only two that I've used and tried at schools and they seem to work the best. . .Remember either of these works! Do not include both commands in the same notepad file. . .

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Wished this worked, have a feeling it would work except that at my school the admins disabled CMD. lol thanx for the tips and pointers though!
<p>Look at my post. It may help. Powershell isn't usually blocked</p>
<p>Look at my post. It may help. Powershell isn't usually blocked</p>
<p>Dude, Just look at the first steps until four, it will unblock CMD</p><p>hopefully this helped</p>
<p>Doesn't work because they disable .Bat files thank you though for your help. :3</p>
<p>What about .cmd files?</p>
<p>at my shool admin CMD is blocked, but when I opened it it ran as admin</p>
<p>I just need admin access to get every kids password at my shool</p>
<p>I wish it worked like that lol. You'd have to have domain admin access and even then you'd only be able to change the passwords of others, not view their current ones.</p>
Ok actually I'm going to help everyone out a bit. This method works on EVERY SINGLE windows computer, without fail if you do it right. Only do up to step 10 for this, step 11 and up didn't work right for me and I'm pretty sure it won't for you either. <br><br>http://m.imgur.com/gallery/H8obU<br><br>(I give full credit to the guy that made this)<br><br>Now, once you get cmd, you type in &quot;net user USERNAME PASSWORD /add&quot;. Keep in mind you CAN NOT use cmd in a account. You have to be logged out and in the login screen, or elseit will just tell you that system error 5 had occured. Now, your password (maybe even user name too) most likely has a certain rule about it that the school set. For example, at my school you have to have an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, symbol, and at least an 8 characters long password. So, if your school sets these rules, you're not going to be able to type in any username and password. It must follow the rules. <br><br>Alright, once you have made that account, you need type in cmd &quot;net localgroup administrators USERNAME /add&quot; and if you feel like it you can also do &quot;net users USERNAME /delete&quot;. You don't really need to though. <br><br>You now have an admin account! But don't think it's over just yet. To actually log into it, you would have to type &quot;.\USERNAME&quot; in the login for your username. (remember to actually use your username for the account you just created, don't actually type username). The &quot;.\ &quot; in front of your username is telling the computer that this is a local account, not a network account. Remember that the slash you're putting before your username isn't the regular one you would normally use, it's the awkward cousin of that one, located in between backspace and enter. <br><br>You can put in your password exactly how you made it, without anything extra. <br><br>That's it! If you did it right you should taste the beautiful freedom of being admin! Keep in mind you may or may not be able to do EVERYTHING as admin. Not sure about your school, but at mine admin is only 3rd in command. At my school they have 2 groups ABOVE admin, called trustedinstaller and USER OWNER (which would probably make you more or less of a god) I'm currently working on trying to get those. <br><br>Please don't be an idiot with admin. Don't even THINK about going on any bad sites(aka p0rn). I guaruntee they have a website monitoring service, and just because your admin doesn't mean they still can't monitor your activity. My school even has a program that shows the teacher all of our screens, and she can also take complete control of our computers. Don't draw attention to yourself and you won't get noticed. The day you get caught will also be the day they decide to figure out how you are playing blocked games on their computers. <br><br>Sorry for typing a whole entire book about this, but I've never done this before and wanted to be clear to you guys and tell you what I have learned myself. Good luck guys, may GabeN be with you.
<p>Also this is kind of the long way around, and extremely noticeable method of the accessibility exploit. The only reason why you have to access the files in System32 via recovery is because of the permissions on the files while the OS is running. A better solution is one that does not directly modify the files, but the way they are executed. This is where I was a few years ago though, so I wouldn't expect the alternate method to be common knowledge for another few months, by which time Microsoft may have it fixed in Windows 10.</p>
<p>This is good information. If you're still looking into gaining permissions above those of the usual admin account, you may be interested in gaining SYSTEM level permissions through admin tools. PM me if you need a hint in the right direction.</p>
Amazing, worked on my laptop at home...I'll go try it at school some other time. My school's administrator accounts are the god, only the principal and higher get access. They store all the account passwords in the locked files. I have one question though, is this anonymous? You're doing it from outside an account so I think so...just wondering. Thanks btw this is awesome
<p>Brilliant this guy is Thumbs up bro</p>
<p>Some schools go so far as to restrict/block access to numerous programs and system tools, including run, task manager, and of course command prompt. They can even hide the C: drive from standard user access. What I would do in this situation is similar to the steps above, except that I would simply use notepad to create a batch file that executes powershell, as this is usually not something schools would think about blocking, which is strange given it offers way more access than command prompt. You now have an open shell. Now here's the interesting, and in my opinion, the fun part. If you are using a guest computer that is part of a domain, with the account currently being used a guest or restricted account either on the local machine or AD, and you were provided a login by the school that is one other than the account in use, you're set. Just type the following into powershell: &quot;Get-WmiObjectWin32_ComputerSystem&quot; This provides you with the name of the domain the computer is currently associated with. Next run &quot;runas /noprofile /env /user:[Domain name learned above]\[your school-provided username] [program you want to run i.e. cmd, taskmgr, etc.] You can than use either the command prompt you launch or the task manager to create new tasks on the computer with less, and sometimes completely unrestricted accounts. Hope this helps!</p>
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<p>This does not work for domain admin, but will only get you local admin. <br>Local admin's can modify Active Directory Domain Admin group but will <br>need an elevated prompt, with domain credentials that have admin right <br>already. However, this exceptionally noisy and clunky way to break into <br>your schools network. I highly advise you use the schools property as <br>you need, and save your exploring for when you get home. Besides its a <br>1000 times more fun to create your &quot;Security Lab&quot; with a few friends and<br> learn. (BTW, I am a systems/ network admin for a school)</p>
<p>I managed to get local admin access(only on the computer that I was working on) at my college using an ubuntu live cd and the chntpw tool. Basically, I just deleted the admin password and got right into win 7. I would like to gain domain access. Is there any method that you would suggest? I am not going to do anything evil. I just want to show the admin that he has loopholes.</p>
<p>Unblock CMD at School &amp; Unblock Blocked Websites Also-<a href="http://www.tophackingtricks.com/how-to-unblock-blocked-websites-on-pc/" rel="nofollow">Click Here To Unblock</a></p>
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<p>It says access is denied when i ran it</p>
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<p>wtf i doesnt work on school computers</p>
This might have worked... Years ago. If you are actually serious about getting admin, I advise you to use this method: http://m.imgur.com/gallery/H8obU
<p>still get System error 5 has occurred.</p><p>Any help ??</p>
<p>C:\Users\te222jb\Desktop&gt;start</p><p>'command' is not recognized as an internal or external command,</p><p>operable program or batch file.</p><p>'command.com' is not recognized as an internal or external command,</p><p>operable program or batch file.</p><p>Press any key to continue . . .</p><p>Help?</p><p>I did all the steps but this keeps happening</p>
<p>cmd unlocked, but acces denied lol. we have windows 10 and a smart cookie tech guy</p>
<p>my school has .bat commands blocked</p>
<p>try .cmd files then...</p>
I thought it was not possible to create an account with administrator privileges from a guest / user account. In fact, I think the best way of doing this is the method in which you kill explorer.exe permanently and then use the schedule command 'at'??? to start it again in say a minute. Seeing as 'at' is a system process, when it starts explorer, it starts it with system privileges. In a way, this is even better than being an administrator, because 'SYSTEM' isn't an account that can be deleted / disabled. This also has the advantage of looking like you're running a desktop session rather than in a command prompt. Please don't ask me how to do this because I really can't remember because I haven't used Windoze in a long time.
That's strange. . .
Task manager is blocked at our school.
<p>tried right-clicking tthe Windows bar at the bottom of the screen??</p>
If you have a flash drive, download Portable Apps. They have a few apps with task manager type abilities. It's untraceable. All data is saved on your flash drive rather than the hard drive.
Try getting the program CommandLine, its a version of task.mgr you can download from the internet
<p>Can you download stuff if you do this??? Like, w/o needing the administrator password?</p>
&quot;is not a recognize as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file&quot; The problem for that is because you messed up in your code. Your code has;<br>@echo off<br>command<br>comand.com<br>pause<br><br>You forgot the 2nd &quot;m&quot; in command.com. but after I had fixed that, I got a different message. &quot;The system can not execute the specified program&quot; Please find a way around that for me as I need to hack these damn school computers :)
see if you can get to any network drives, or navigate around your computer, you're looking for a folder probably called system32, although they could have moed command.com elsewhere.<br><br>also, you might try it with just <br><br>@echo off<br>command.com<br>pause<br><br>the &quot;command&quot; by itself doesnt really do anything.
No offence but if they're smart enough to block CMD then they are probably amart enough to stop you from getting into the system32 folder.
<p>Then my school is not smart... They have not blocked CMD or System32... They have only hidden the C:\ drive :P I can't do so much in CMD thou... :'(</p>
You can still access the folder from explorer. Just type &quot;C:System32&quot; in the browser bar and it opens it up. You can then access cmd from there as administrator.

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