Picture of Unblock CMD at school and become the administrator!
In this Instructable you will learn how to unblock cmd at your school or workplace and become the administrator. Sounds impossible but its not

What you need for this Instructable:

-Time (You don't a lot but you still it lol)
- A computer, Windows XP is recommended although this can work on Vista if your administrator doesn't think much about computer security
- limited user account or guest account (Obviously you won't be trying this if your already the Administrator. . .)

NOTICE: If your CMD is already unblocked skip to step 4
Disclaimer: I will not take resposablility for any damage this Instructable might cause. If you follow me correctly nothing should happen but you never no. . .proceed at your own risk lol
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Step 1: Unblocking CMD, your gateway into becoming the administrator, 2 ways

Picture of Unblocking CMD, your gateway into becoming the administrator, 2 ways
OK, at most school and even workplaces CMD(.exe) I usually blocked. CMD stands for something called Command Prompt. This is your gateway as I like to call it into becoming the administrator. There are two versions I know of, the newest is called CMD.exe and the older one is called Both are useful, it's just that you can do more in general on CMD.exe. OK, way#1 to unblock your computer's command prompt.
1. Open 'Notepad' (Windows Run "Notepad" or Open up your start menu -> Accessories-> Notepad) thats all I can think of for now but there's probably more ways. . .
2. Write inside the notepad file exactly what you see here (paste this if you want):


that probably won't work because your administrator probably atleast knows something as simple as that so let get a 'little more complicated':

@echo off

That last one probably won't work on vista though. . .
If these two possibilities don't work then, sorry I'm out of ideas. . .These two though are the only two that I've used and tried at schools and they seem to work the best. . .Remember either of these works! Do not include both commands in the same notepad file. . .

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JUDES29 days ago

this is legal right?

ThomasC214 days ago

System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

Press any key to continue . . . _

soccerluva821 days ago

i am thinking of doing this at school to gain admin rights but i am just curious, is it possible for other admins (teachers at my school) to see that there has been a new account created with admin privileges? if someone can et back to me that would be great!

I need to unblock parental controls on my computer, but every time I try a .bat file, it says parental controls has blocked that file. So I can only assume that batch files are blocked as well. How do I unblock them?

offsetfiend2 months ago

To access command prompt at school it would be easier to download this right click on the unhook and install it. then open reg edit. all the settings in the registry have been pre configured and should unblock most things such as changing background CMD group policy and control panel if it doesnt work i havent got a clue wat to do :D

u wont be the admin though

tvu242 months ago

i got

system error

Rhea1014 months ago

I reeeeeeaaaaaalllllllllly need administrator rights on my computer at home so that I can download software but my mom refuses to do so. And I tried this but it gave me this...:

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! ASAP!!!!! :)

Paul R Rhea1012 months ago

I have already posted a comment on how to do this.

Hold in your power button once your computer has started.

Reboot your computer, it should ask you if you want to start in serveral different safe modes. Select 'Safe Mode with Command Prompt'

Once you have done this, log in and it should open a elevated (administrator) command prompt. Enter the same commands as the instructions say into the cmd.

Paul R2 months ago

There is also another way to do this:

First thing you have to be using Windows 7.

Once W7 has started, hold in the power button until the computer turns off.

Reboot the computer and it should ask if you want to start in Safe Mode, select Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Log into your normal account and then an elevated CMD should start. Type into CMD:


net localgroup Administrators USERNAME /add

Go back and change the USERNAME to your desired username and the PASSWORD to your desired password!

And Voila! You have your Admin account. Log out of your normal account and log back into your administrator account! Enjoy!!

lclar1832 months ago


apache7893 months ago

look my administrators or it have blocked my cmd and I need it to run state of decay and make servers can someone help me

imsoF.U.N1 year ago
By notepad does he mean cmd becouse notepad is just to write things

no type it in notepad and save it as a .bat file. It will then run what you typed into that notepad doc though cmd. It's basically the same as typing all the text into cmd.

dont know how anyone could not understand these instructions to that extent........

youno00 imsoF.U.N4 months ago

Nope, you can make html files out of notepad, make a batch files, and much more things

Ok ok ok that is where u r wrong. NOTEPAD IS A BASIC EDITING PROGRAM and you can creat batch files with notepad as long as u save it as .bat SO SUCK ON THAT
werockyou123 months ago

"System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

Press any key to continue..."

I did this on windows 7 anyone know how to fix this? thx

ehart64 months ago
How can you hide becoming an admin from the teachers or IT managers

well if you make it from an account that isn't yours and made the admin account name something like ihackedu then theirs no evidence that it was you and therefore your safe allso dont login to it constantly or thew may start whatching what you do or find out that u have admin

Ok thanks
youno00 ehart64 months ago

I wish I knew that also... try using nickname for the username, at least you won't get in trouble if you get caught.

m4573rdum84554 months ago

i know of a program that can unblock ALL systems for use and then when your done click exit and it turns on all security again so there is no evidence i cant find it but im working on a new one that will hopefully work the same....hopefully i have no idea how he did it lawl

I thought it was not possible to create an account with administrator privileges from a guest / user account. In fact, I think the best way of doing this is the method in which you kill explorer.exe permanently and then use the schedule command 'at'??? to start it again in say a minute. Seeing as 'at' is a system process, when it starts explorer, it starts it with system privileges. In a way, this is even better than being an administrator, because 'SYSTEM' isn't an account that can be deleted / disabled. This also has the advantage of looking like you're running a desktop session rather than in a command prompt. Please don't ask me how to do this because I really can't remember because I haven't used Windoze in a long time.

Can you download stuff if you do this??? Like, w/o needing the administrator password?

That's strange. . .
Task manager is blocked at our school.
Sparkythehappygirafe (author)  cyrozap5 years ago
Try getting the program CommandLine, its a version of task.mgr you can download from the internet
mustangdrew410 months ago
Wished this worked, have a feeling it would work except that at my school the admins disabled CMD. lol thanx for the tips and pointers though!

Dude, Just look at the first steps until four, it will unblock CMD

hopefully this helped

Doesn't work because they disable .Bat files thank you though for your help. :3

mine says access denied error 5 occerd
hmmmmm then this means your admin actually knows something about computer security xD ummmmm try typing gpedit.msc in notepad and save it with the extenstion .bat and try going from there. There's not much you can do if your administrator actually knows a thing or two on computer sequrity soo, i wish you luck lol
I guess this wont work for a High school then considering we have a pretty up to date Administrator who knew that I was using CMD to access his files and other stuff leading me to Computer Management from here we could edit anything on our network :P ..except unblock Websites and Unprotected sites.. You have to be the administrator to get that to work so maybe this might help me play games at school... Yes my school blocks games and any other site which includes fun stuff AKA Youtube. A site was blocked for the Purpose of E-Learning. Wow. Apparently we arn't allowed to Learn at school ¬_¬

type if you want youtube and for any other site instead of / type /

I have a program that i can go on blocked sites and if you say the admin knows everything then shut down his computer by going to cmd and type shutdown -i and press enter and a lite windows pops up and press browse and choose a computer and press okay and choose a reason and press okay. if you want you can shutdown all the computers in the school who is using the network. (Dont use your account because you might get caught. That why i used this random kid account.
wait, what exactly do you do from gpedit.msc? im not sure what comes before and after that
tdead clondan11 year ago
in the first or second step, you need to create a notepad text program, and what Sparkythehappygirafe is trying to say, is that instead of start, or one of the other things, you could try typing in: gpedit.msc, and then save the program as a ".bat" file, and so on!
im through to the "local group policy editor" but what do i do from there?
HungaryDude5 months ago

Also, this is not gonna actually get you admin. It's gonna say "System error 5 access denied." (Like some people already said). You can't just create admin out of no admin. That's not how security works.

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