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 We will now put this time my acking (I think you call it so) of a small hand pump for watering the plants with pesticides, turned into a pressure pump to Unclog a drain, for example of a sink, which might clog.
Of course exists on the market this type of professional pump, but this is an amateur realisation "do-it-yourself" that has a good efficacy: tried by me personally as a last resort before you call the plumber, with unloading of the sink that was completely clogged.
Result: FREE exhaust!!!!!! After just one "leaked".

Step 1: The Ball

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The focal point of the realization is, in my opinion the seal, as it is the key element of the entire system.
In fact, if this seal does not present sufficient pressure tightness strong enough and snapshot that is created at the time of issue of the tube, the "RAM" that you need to remove the blockage is not effective or is insufficient.
To achieve this seal or Cap-mouth, I used a simple rubber ball bouncing ones, commonly called from our parts "magic ball" or "bouncy ball".
Holding her back with a tool adapted so as not to hurt me, I practiced at its center, with a cordless drill, a hole to insert the tube, practicing concentric holes, increasingly large down to size in order to allow the tube to fatigue and strength.
To improve the tightness I also rolled a layer of teflon tape around the pipe then I inserted into the ball.
After that I used the duct tape to reinforce mechanically the junction point.
I finally stuffed, so to say, the ball using a piece of bicycle air-chamber to create a seal even softer and adaptable to any roughness of the pipe by "attack" 

Step 2:

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 In the first picture you can see the pump before transformation.
I started with the original tube removed leaving only the mouthpiece attached to the tank.
I then adapted the tube (which is a rubber piece to water the garden) at the mouth on the tank.
I used a piece of pipe about 1.5 metres.
On the other side I put the same tube the ball firmly and using, as I said, a matter of teflon to seal the junction and I covered the same junction with insulating tape.
Finally I used a piece of rubber air Chamber's bike to make it airtight and soft the contact point between the tool and the person responsible for the treatment.
I didn't have much time to find a better solution to the valve to create the pressure so I opted for the most dismissive: rubo folded to "throttle", it won't be an elegant solution, but is equally effective, at least in my case it was.

Step 3:

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 This is the end result.
I could see immediately the effectiveness in the pipe is clogged in my kitchen:
After removing all the various pipes and connecting pipes of the sink and after freeing the mouth of the tube to unlock from any impurities I did these things in order:
1) I throttled the pump hose at one point I decided
2) the pump is empty, or filled only by air; I uploaded as much as I could the pump with the pump pipe blocked
3) always with the pump pipe blocked I supported the ball from unblock and, after pressing firmly against it ...
4) I let go as fast as you can the faucet-smothering by me previously created to get the pressure.
5) a powerful internal blow pipe gave me a sign that something had definitely changed .... and indeed,
After you have reinstalled all the accessories of the sink I slid and water .... the discharge was perfectly free.
Of course, no guarantee anyone the success I've had I (could I have had much luck) and it is still a tool DIY, but given the ease of build think holds the penis try no?
A cordial greeting to all my estimators and thanks for your attention by torx instructableman from Italy


ArtisanEclectic (author)2012-06-29

This is brilliant! I did something similar once with a 10 oz. tomato paste can. I punched a hole in the bottom and inserted the tip of my airbrush. Turned on the compressor and hit the trigger. Whoosh!! clog gone!
It's just a matter of using what you have on hand.

torx (author)ArtisanEclectic2012-06-30

Wow!!! Really: you're too forward!!
I fully agree: the best ideas come when you don't have the right tool to do one thing and that is something that has another function to get our solution: the real innovative ideas: I would be to say: "W poverty" ...
Thank you for compliments!!

killerjackalope (author)2012-06-26

May just take the ball notion and a hose, got a few clogged drains in tricky spots at the studio, nice job on this :)

torx (author)killerjackalope2012-06-26

Thanks for the compliments ... you mean, as I understand that just the ball hose connected to running water, right?

killerjackalope (author)torx2012-06-26

Yep, they're not too badly blocked, enough to be a problem but the main reason is It's hard to get at the drain itself... I reckon the attachment idea on to a normal hose should knock it clear easily...

killerjackalope (author)torx2012-06-26

Yep, they're not too badly blocked, enough to be a problem but the main reason is It's hard to get at the drain itself... I reckon the attachment idea on to a normal hose should knock it clear easily...

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